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dear listener so many people today are

looking for ways to be righteous or to

be in right standing with God the Bible

simply says that when we believe God

that’s righteousness the proof or

evidence of our faith in him is found in

our actions faith without works is dead

that means when we really believe

something our actions will support what

we believe because Abraham believed God

he obeyed his word and left his father’s

land even when didn’t know where he was

going in the same way when we believe

God we have to leave some things behind

in order to embrace the new life he has

in store as you let go of the old and by

faith Embrace God’s promises know that

he is leading you down Paths of

righteousness for his name’s sake keep

believing and keep stepping out knowing

that your best days are ahead of you a

prayer for today father today I choose

to accept and believe your word by faith

thank you for making me righteous and

help me to follow you all the days of my

life in Jesus name amen like if you

believe in


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