CAME DIRECTLY TO YOU, FAITHFUL CHILD! ????️ god message, god message today

god’s message my precious child, do I have a special, timeless message for you right


Well, get ready, because what you’re about to hear could change your life forever.

This isn’t just another motivational message or random Bible passage.

No, what you’re about to experience is a direct and powerful communication from God himself,

channeled especially for the moment you’re living right now.

Follow every word carefully, because it’s as if the Creator is leaning in to whisper

in your ear exactly what you most need to hear.

This message from God to you today has the potential to bring clarity, hope and divine

direction to your journey.

So put away all distractions and open your heart and mind.

god says Right now, I want your eyes to be opened to an immutable truth the challenges

and tribulations you face on your path are dissipating, because the assistance you so

fervently seek is on its way.

The support you need is being provided right now, because my love for you is immense and

is manifesting tangibly on this journey.

You have cried out for help, and I have responded; I am here to present you with divine promises,

which you must welcome with faith and an open heart.

My words are your shelter and the promise I make is the rock beneath your feet.

The victory that is to come is direct and certain, coming from the highest heaven.

Wait, for you will soon reap the rewards of your perseverance the prize for your courage,

recognition for your resilience, the Crown of Life, and a cascade of endless blessings.

Declare with conviction and believe deeply that these rewards will be yours.

Even if you feel exhausted today, fear not; I am by your side to give you the strength

you need, to stabilize your steps, to speed up your movements and lift your spirit.

Declare with faith My strength comes from on high, and in God I find my refuge.

Be aware that my presence is always with you, illuminating your faith, and within your heart,

there is a divine spark eager to become a vibrant flame.

This spark incites an extraordinary will to rise up and embrace life fully.

Beloved child, my concern for you is deep and true.

It pains me to see you downcast, carrying the weight of discouragement and hopelessness.

I don’t want to see you like this.

So, when night falls and you close your eyes, allow me to take care of your rest.

Visit your dreams, whispering words of comfort, making sure you rest in peace.

At dawn, I’ll be there to stroke your hair and prepare your spirit for the new day, endowing

you with determination and joy.

Wonderful blessings are on their way, promising to reunite your family and introduce you to

new souls with pure intentions.

Your journey is far from over; it’s time to leave the past and the tears behind.

I am here to free you from any chains that bind you, offering you true freedom.

Embrace this blessing and make a promise to cherish it forever.

Comment with gratitude I receive divine blessings with a grateful heart and promise to cherish

them every day.

Know that your value is inestimable, and your courage is being strengthened.

You have always been brave and I am tremendously proud of your kind heart, your unwavering

faith and your tireless work to improve your surroundings.

When you witness success and feel my blessings flooding your life with joy, remember to turn

to me every day.

Even if you feel strong and brave, you will remain my precious child, and I wish for you

to remain close to me, to experience my unconditional love.

You will always have a special place in my heart, as I am aware of every challenge, every

tear and every act of resilience you have shown in facing life’s adversities.

child, this moment is sacred.

Feel the divine presence warming your hearts as these words envelop you.

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At every moment of your existence, when despair seems to embrace you and loneliness seems

your only companion, I want you to remember one unshakeable truth you are never alone.

Make this thought your armor, my child, and no opposing force will have the power to harm


I will surround you with my peace, which will become the driving force behind your every

decision, guiding you along the paths meant for you.

Know that my love for you is eternal; I am your Father, your guardian and guide.

Trust that no evil will touch you, for I am constantly by your side, listening to your

every prayer.

In the face of your struggles, I promise to restore what rightfully belongs to you.

I observe your character with satisfaction, even if it has been tested by adversity and


Know that these hardships are not deserved, and it is my will to cover you with an abundance

of blessings.

Accept them freely.

I wish that, with each passing day, you feel uplifted, strengthened until even those who

once opposed you come seeking to learn from me through you.

There is a great promise waiting for you ahead; keep firm in your faith and loyalty, for I

will be with you every day.

Type with faith I am always under divine protection, and God’s love strengthens me.

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My beloved, know that your requests have been heard countless times, and I have spoken to

you, allowing your spiritual perception to deepen.

Now you can see and feel for yourself the immense love I have for you.

In my holy book, your name is inscribed, and all your cries are recorded.

Be strong and courageous, because my timing is the very definition of perfection, never

too late or too early.

Today, I have a special message for you keep trusting in my constant presence and unconditional


Declare My heart opens to today’s divine message, ready to inspire my journey.

In times of distress, I am your refuge; in times of danger, I am your shield; in every

need, I am by your side.

Grant you my eternal support, extending my blessings not only to you, but to your entire


Dedicate a moment of your day to me, seek my face and prepare your soul to receive the

fullness of happiness.

Speak to me sincerely, continuing to place your trust in my faithfulness.

Never give up, even on the days when tiredness seems insurmountable.

Remember, the fire of my love is always around you, reminding you of my constant presence.

Don’t base your faith or hope on human fallibility; free your spirit to depend only on my affection

and approval.

Comment with gratitude With each new day, my spirit is renewed by trust in divine love.

Record these words in your heart, and they will resound in your soul every morning, bringing

renewal and strength.

The chains that bound you are broken, and all the curses that surrounded your existence

have been dispersed.

Receive my word, accept it with deep faith, and make it the foundation of your life.

Can you feel it?

The energy of these eternal truths flowing through your veins, rekindling the flame of


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Keep a piece of paper with you, a bearer of a heavenly message, and place it inside your

Bible at the very beginning of Psalm .

Before the night’s rest falls upon you, let my words be the last thought, the key that

unlocks barriers and drives away lethargy.

Don’t allow the seed of doubt to take root and steal the vitality of your faith.

Your gifts and talents are on the verge of a spectacular flowering.

Imagine yourself in a divine garden here on Earth; this is exactly where you are needed


You are much more than a mere flower; you are a leafy tree whose shade welcomes those

who seek me.

It is through you that I wish to bless countless others, express love to your family, reach

out to help the suffering.

By sharing your blessings, an unprecedented abundance will fall upon you and your home.

Get ready for this transformative awakening.

Declare In God, my strength is renewed; my faith knows no barriers.

There was a time when your strength seemed to run out, a challenging period that called

you to understand your own limitations.

It was through your prayer, charged with faith and sincerity, that brought me to you, ready

to free you and your family from the clutches of a cruel desert, where isolation fades hope

and your soul yearns for genuine love against the contempt of the world.

The journey has been arduous, with every step over the heat of the stones making your soul

cry out for relief.

Recognize, then, that your strength alone has limits, but united with mine, it becomes

an invincible power.

With faith and the word of hope I offer you, your fragility is overcome.

Proclaim with confidence “Through the Lord, I am strengthened!”

and walk towards hope, without ever hesitating or wavering, towards the mountain where I

eagerly await you.

This is the pinnacle where your most audacious dreams can come true, the precise moment to

embrace the plan I have for you.

Type with faith With God, every step brings the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Your journey so far has not been easy, but your unwavering faith has kept you resilient

even in the face of the most severe challenges.

From now on, I promise a future of more prosperous and joyful days.

I will restore your smile and everyone will see the magnificent way in which I have renewed

your strength and wisdom to guide you through the obstacles you have encountered.

After enduring the aridity and loneliness of your journey, feeling exhausted, relief

is imminent.

Your faith and love for me and your family have given you the strength to rise again.

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theory or strategy.

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the abundant life you deserve.

The darkness of the night and the light of the sun were designed to guide you through

the shadows and bathe you in an aura of warmth, respectively, as constant reminders of my

immense love for you.

Feel this love grow each night before rest, renewing itself with each awakening, ready

to face a new day.

So get involved in my secrets, but proceed with caution, knowing who to trust.

Comment with gratitude Divine love guides and renews me with each dawn and at the end

of each day.

At this very moment, the Lord is extending his loving hands to envelop you in a comforting


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The adversary, with an avid gaze and a heart full of malice, vaguely looks for chinks in

your armor, eager to entangle you in webs of deceit and falsehood.

His aim is to extinguish the light of your faith, for he fears the divine radiance that

resides in you.

Be aware that the envious gaze of some is fixed on the blessings I have showered on


However, don’t despair, because the journey I have mapped out for your life is marked

by countless wonders and experiences that transcend the ordinary.

The trials that seem to surround you today are merely fleeting, and the heaviness you

feel in your heart will soon dissipate.

Trusting in me is the key to not being carried away by the currents of lies that seek to

divert you from the enlightened path I have prepared for you.

Always remember your true identity you are my precious child, my creation, a unique work

of art, made by my own hands.

By grounding yourself in the truth and light that emanate from my teachings, you will find

shelter and guidance in my unceasing love.

Declare firmly In God, my trust is unshakeable and my faith remains immune to the lies of

the adversary.

I want the best for you, I’m constantly seeking your happiness and I’m always around to guide

you and protect you from the enemy’s cunning schemes.

When evil voices try to plant the seeds of doubt in your heart, repel them with determination.

Find peace and consolation in prayers and in my teachings which, like a bond of trust,

guarantee that your supplications will be answered.

To all who honor me and depend on me, I assure my blessings without measure.

Just as my words are eternally imprinted on your heart, allow your life to flourish in

fertile soil, deeply rooted in my love and justice.

Practice kindness, defend the truth, bring hope to the hopeless, proclaim freedom to

the captives, heal the brokenhearted, open the eyes of the unseeing and liberate the


This is the divine call; don’t forget that, in all circumstances, I am with you, wanting

you to shine brightly.

Comment with gratitude I am eternally grateful that God considers me precious!

I understand your longings, your fears and your innermost dreams.

Even at times when you feel abandoned, I assure you that your prayers are never ignored; I

am always secretly working on your behalf.

My longing is to see you achieve your goals and experience the miracle you so desire.

So today I speak directly to your heart all is well, for my love for you is vast and steadfast.

Rise up, confident in the hope I have reserved especially for you.

The miracle you long for is already on its way; keep the flame of faith burning in your

heart, because with me, the impossible does not exist.

Everything is fully possible for those who place their trust in me.

Type with faith By divine grace, I keep my faith strong!

The heavenly promises resound in your heart like a sacred mantra.

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I am here to fill your heart with hope and strength, constantly reminding you that my

unconditional love is greater than any challenge that may come your way.

I am symbolically by your side, enveloping you in my affection and illuminating your

steps with a powerful, shining light.

I want you to always try your hardest, run after your dreams with energy and fight with

all your might for your ideals.

Keep marching courageously, without letting criticism or the skepticism of others diminish

your value.

Discard spiteful comments and ignore idle chatter that adds nothing.

If you believe, comment with God, all things are possible.

Listen to my words and let my guidance be the compass that guides your journey.

Remember you are stronger than you think, and it is in this inner strength that you

will find the ability to transform adversity into opportunities for growth.

Don’t be discouraged in the face of obstacles; your determination and faith have the potential

to take you much further than you ever dreamed.

Have confidence in the ability you have been given to overcome the challenges that life


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Within you are unique gifts and abilities, but also an immense power that will pave your

path to enlightenment, even in the darkest moments.

Know that there is no force capable of destroying you, nor anyone who can take away the blessings

in store for you.

My grace walks by your side, causing prosperity in your life and success in everything your

hands touch.

Allow yourself to enter my presence, let me reignite your passion and energy to pursue

what you long for.

I am here to boost your morale, to strengthen your soul and to remind you that, with faith

in me, there is nothing unattainable.

Be brave and bold, don’t let fear or discouragement get you down, for I walk beside you, leading

the way with power and majesty.

Declare with faith I believe with all my heart in the transformations that God will

make in my life.

You will see the restitution of what was lost and you will achieve what you have been longing


Keep your faith resilient, because with faith everything is possible.

I am a God who keeps his promises; remember the miracles already performed, the lives

restored, and know that I am here to give you a full life.

Believe in my promises, hold on to them tightly, and you will find security.

Don’t allow worry, stress or fear to consume your being.

I have spoken many times to reassure your heart, to give you peace and confidence.

Letting anxieties dominate your thoughts can harm not only your health, but also the well-being

of your family.

Type with faith I cast all my worries on God, for he cares for me with everlasting


You are blessed to have ears to hear and hearts to receive this divine message.

Express your gratitude by liking it, radiating this blessing by sharing it, and staying on

this spiritual journey by subscribing to the channel.

The glory of the Lord awaits you.

When gloomy news tries to shake your faith and confidence, it’s essential to resist,

because that’s how you prevent defeat and despair from entering your life.

I want you to understand my intention is not to scold you or prepare a punishment for


It’s true that challenges are present and can seem endless, but I promise to turn every

adversity into a benefit, all because of the immense love I feel for you.

So don’t be afraid; a transforming love is all around you, capable of dispelling all

suffering and filling your being with undeniable joy.

As you listen to these words, allow yourself to feel this love deeply.

I am here to ease your worries, restore your spirits, dispel your anguish and completely

renew your heart.

You will see for yourself how I am present in every task you undertake, enveloping you

in my constant care as a Watchful Guardian.

It is my wish that you reflect my strength and power through your happiness and satisfaction,

for I am the only one capable of uplifting your spirit, expanding your horizons and multiplying

your joy.

Type with faith Even in times of distress, I recognize the steadfast love of God, who

never abandons me.

Remember even in the moments when you felt most alone and afflicted, believing you had

been abandoned, I was there to lift you up, demonstrating my deep love.

This persistent love has never ceased, so don’t allow doubt to settle in your heart

now, just when you are on the verge of great achievements.

In past difficult times, when affliction visited you, it was often because I had something

important to tell you, a necessary learning that anticipates the joy and satisfaction

to come.

After the storm, joy and pleasure will come with unimaginable intensity, because your

time of blessing has arrived.

You are ready to fully appreciate the gifts I will bestow on you.

All the obstacles you have faced so far have been forging your spirit for this glorious

moment, when the heavens open up to shower you with endless blessings during moments

of quiet reflection.

Comment with gratitude I am ready to receive God’s abundant blessings, knowing that God’s

peace always accompanies me.

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Always remember that moments of silence are precious.

They offer the peace needed to remember a fundamental truth the absence of someone

should not be a cause for sadness, because I am always by your side, ensuring that you

are never truly alone.

So keep the faith, weathering the storms with the certainty that my presence is constant

and my love an unwavering force in your life.

As these sacred words echo, a light inside you shines brighter.

Feed that glow by enjoying and sharing this flame with those thirsty for hope.

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