heavenly father is saying to you

today my dear child the Satan is

fighting you so difficult because you

are at the verge of a step forward stand

firm stand on my word don’t surrender

don’t get

distracted I’ve already worked matters

out for you the devil is defeated

regardless of what it seems like be

sturdy speak the phrase great things are

coming I know things had been difficult

however recollect there is not anything

to hard for me you may not see it

recognize but the whole lot will

exercise s session in the long run you

do not have to realize how you simply

need to agree with me and consider that

it will in the Bible verse Hebrews

speak by religion Sarah herself also

obtained power to conceive seed and she

or ibor infant whilst she became past

the age due to the fact she judged him

faithful who had

promised watch this video all the way

through to the

end greetings my child I will come up

with the expertise and the knowledge to

make the right choices and moves I will

direct your steps and your paths I will

educate you and train you within the

manner you need to

move you are my baby and also you belong

to me you have been created by me and

for me you have been made in my photo

and likeness you had been endowed with

my mind and my spirit you have been

given a heart and a soul you had been

blessed with intelligence and

creativity you had been gifted with

abilities and abilities you were

empowered with authority and

responsibility you have a cause and a

calling you have a vision and a

intention you have a dream and a destiny

you have ability and a promise you have

a venture and a reward you have a hassle

and a solution you have a query and an

answer you don’t have anything to doubt

and not anything to worry you have

everything to accept as true within the

entirety to accept as true with you have

get admission to my word and my

will you have the steering of my spirit

and the suggest of my son you have the

assist of my angels and the fellowship

of my

Saints God declares share this video and

bless others

people my little kids I am your lord

seek me as friend and lover of your soul

however don’t forget that I am also King

of Kings as you gaze into the day that

stretches out earlier than you that you

want to hold the one’s plans tentatively

anticipating that I might might also

produce other ideas the maximum

important thing to decide is what to do

proper now instead of scanning The

Horizon of your life looking for things

that need to be accomplished deal with

the mission before you and the one who

by no means leaves your aspect let the

whole thing else Fade Into The

Heritage this will unclutter your

thoughts permit in me to occupy

Sovereign overall you could make a few

plans more and more of your

Consciousness trust me to reveal you

what to do if you have completed what

you’re doing now I will guide you step

by step as you bend your will to mine

thus you live near me the root of

Peace understanding will never bring you

peace that’s why I even have advised you

to trust me no longer in your

understanding human beings have a

voracious appetite for seeking to figure

matters out so that you can Advantage a

sense of Mastery over their

lives but the sector presents you with

an infinite collection of problems as

soon as you master one set any other

pops up to undertaking you the remedy

you had predicted is brief lived soon

thoughts as gearing up once more

searching for no how story in preference

to seeking me your master the wisest of

all men Solomon ought to never suppose

is Manner through to peace his enormous

recognizing resulted in feelings of

futility as opposed to in

fulfillment finally he lost his way and

succumbed to the will of as other has by

worshiping Idols my peace is not an

elusive intention hidden on the middle

of a few complex

maze actually you are always enveloped

in peace that’s inherent in my presence

as you look to me you gain attention of

this treasured piece write yes if you

accept and share this video with

individuals who Trust Lord listen to the

love song that I am continually making a

song to you I take first straight

pleasure in you I have fun over you was

singing the voices of the world are a

cacophony of chaos pulling you this

manner and that don’t listen to those

voices assignment them with my word

learn to take many break from the global

finding an area to be nonetheless in my

presence and listen to my voice there is

giant hidden treasure to be located

through listening to me though I pour

out benefits upon you continually a

number of my richest advantages should

be actively

sought I love to expose myself to you

and sure looking for coronary heart

opens you up to obtain more of my

disclosure ask scan it will likely be

given to you searching for and you will

find knock and the door can be opened to

you right Jesus’s Supreme

King listen up now show me the next step

helps me maintain transferring forward

once I don’t know what to do during the

On’s instances and Lifestyles once I’m

stuck asking God for direction comes

from his friend phase and in a myriad of


approaches sometimes a textual content

from a pow will spur me onward different

instances promptings from God’s spirit

circulate me ahead and sometimes God

gives me a mindblowing sign we might not

get hold of it if we don’t ask God for

path like highways have signs and

symptoms to help us attain our

destination we now and again need

personalized instructions from above ask

God for a sign then ask him not to will

let you leave out it Lord is aware of I

pass over the symptoms occasionally but

thank God he by no means stops directing

like any Journey on occasion we need to

make you turns to get again on song God

is going to shift things for your prefer

he is getting things all coated up what

you could not make take place on your

personal God goes to motive you to

accomplish it’s going to be bigger than

you idea it will occur quicker than you

imagined and it’ll be more profitable

than you ever dreamed of your part is to

stay in faith preserve affirming that

God is at painting

keep believing that he is turning things

around your right remember this is the

year of God’s choose and you are just

one shift away from each blessing he has

in store for you typow man if you

believe in Jesus

Christ Jesus said to her I am the

resurrection and the existence the one

who believes in me will stay even though

they die and whoever lives by using

believing in me Will by no means die do

you accept it is true with this John

dear listener join this faithful prayer

with me and repeat after me oh Lord once

I see how the sector is changing

occasionally I begin to experience

uncertain please please assist me now

not to include something this is

forbidden by means of you however to

measure all things through your divine

yard stick what used to be common fact

is frowned upon and new requirements air

being espoused standards that you did

now not set out for

us let me follow best your way let me

listen only your voice voice no longer

the voices of individuals who do not

accept as true within your teachings let

me rejoice and rejoice with individuals

who do agree within you help me to stand

company always and gain my power through

religion prayer observe of your word and

worship let me turn my head from things

that spoil or weaken me let may say no

to the Forbidden that lasts for a quick

second in time looking in advance to the

pleasures you have got anticipating all

who follow your course to Everlasting

Glory thank you Lord for the wisdom to

mention no demands constant converting a

existence that scar borrow me far from

you keep my eyes constant on you I ask

this in the call your son Jesus Christ

amen I appreciate you taking the time to

view this video and spend your valuable

time with me this message should make

you feel better Additionally you can use

super thanks to donate to us if you’d


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