Attention; You Have To Choose Your God? ‼️

God says

my cherished child you will face a

challenge in life that no person can

avoid in this world but if you have a

lot of faith in me I can also tie you

how to overcome it however you are

choosing to reject my warning at this


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the way through to the end God is

telling you today release the burden of

your past Anne let go of regrets

concerning your present circumstances

trust that you are exactly where I want

you to be according to my will

remember the story of the Israelites

when they stood before the Red Sea and

grumbled against me wishing they had

stayed in Egypt

they allowed their present challenges to

overshadow the fact that I the same one

who led them to the Red Sea was also the

one who made a way through it they lost

sight of my promises because they were

fixated on their immediate struggles

helped me to reach

Divine subscriber

likewise your present situation might

tap you to regret past decisions and

question the path you’ve taken but

remember I have a plan and a purpose for

everything just as I guided the

Israelites through the Red Sea towards

the promised land I am leading you

toward your blessings instead of

dwelling on worries and regrets choose

to place your trust in me

by doing so you’ll find peace in knowing

that I am in control and that your

future is secure in my hands embrace the

journey I have set before you confident

that I will guide you every step of the


trust in my promises for they are

steadfast and my love for you is

unwavering walk with faith and you will

witness the unfolding of my divine plan

for your life

God says type y-e-s if you want to

follow my will five Bible verses always

speak it loudly one Isaiah – yet

those who put their hope in the eloh are

D will find new strength they will soar

on wings like eagles they will run and

not grow weary they will walk and not be

faint to Joshua – have I not given you

this command be Resolute and strong do

not fear do not be disheartened for the

Lord your God is with you wherever you



Psalm to seek your joy in the Lord

and He will grant you the desires of

your heart

for Philippians I am empowered to

do all things through Christ who

strengthens me


– for I am aware of the plans I have

for you declares the Lord plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a promising future

listen up carefully staying true to your

god-given purpose is undoubtedly

challenging along your journey you will

face numerous obstacles hurdles potholes

walls and even giant-sized attacks

yet with God’s help you will find the

strength to conquer endure rise again

and persevere one of the most subtle

dangers you’ll encounter is the

temptation to succumb to distractions

which can present themselves in

countless ways it’s essential to

recognize that seemingly good and

important detours can often lead to

derailment you must remain Vigilant to

stay on the path God has designated for


this means grappling with various

internal struggles like your ego the

desire for approval anger bitterness

offense longing for acceptance yearning

for Comfort

need for recognition and securities

fears doubts loneliness

self-righteousness and the pursuit of

personal desires

taipao man if you believe

remember God’s path is narrow and it

won’t be easy but it is the path that

leads to a life of fulfillment

fruitfulness joy and peace it might be a

challenging Journey but staying on track

is unquestionably worth it trust in

God’s plan and he will guide you though

your purpose

man if you’re looking for me guidance

God is speaking to you today at times I

will guide you through certain

circumstances to teach you valuable

lessons and to help you recognize the

areas where you need to strengthen your

faith in me

just as I allowed Peter to walk on the

water knowing that he would falter when

he heard the storms around him

I did so to teach him and make him aware

of the depth of Faith he needed despite

knowing he would stumble I still made

him take those steps

similarly in your life I may lead you

through specific situations to impart

wisdom and show you the importance of

having unwavering Faith especially in

times of worry and doubt

I have a purpose for everything that

happens in your life and through these

experiences you will learn and grow if

you are a Greek comment how men

therefore trust in me and have faith

knowing that I am always with you

instead of letting fear and worry

consume you anchor yourself in the

assurance that I have a plan and that

all things work together for good for

those who love me

Embrace each challenge as an opportunity

to deepen your faith and Reliance on me

just as I cared for Peter when he

faltered I will be there for you too

guiding you and strengthening you

through every trial have faith and you

will find the courage and strength to

overcome any obstacle that comes your

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God has spoken take a moment to observe

the birds of the air they don’t sow or

reap or store away in Barns yet I

provide for them notice how the

wildflowers grow they don’t tall to make

their clothes yet I clothed them in

Beauty if I can care for all of them

don’t you believe that you as my

precious creation are worth so much more

rest assured I will provide for your

needs not necessarily the things you

think you want but exactly what you

truly need trust in me and I shall take

care of you

I see and understand that you have been

feeling misunderstood forgotten and

overlooked but I want you to know that I

truly understand you and I will never

forget about you

my love for you is constant and

unconditional you are incredibly special

to me

thanks for watching till the end and

type amen if you like my guidance my

dear child I want you to watch my next

message Matt especially For You hear my

words and receive my love abound and

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