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world God said my dear son today my

intention is to immerse deeply into the

essence of your being with words that

flow from the core of my unfathomable

love for you every expression I share

with you is like a Celestial embrace

enveloping you in the unwavering

certainty that you are loved eternally

and absolutely

unconditionally as proclaimed in


I have loved you with an

everlasting love therefore I have

continued to extend faithful love to you

this affirmation transcends mere

promises it is the very essence of my

being my love for you surpasses temporal

limitations and fleeting circumstances

even before you existed my heart

pulsated with dedicated love for you an

unchanging love just as a loving father

draws his child with tenderness I your

heavenly father extend my arms to

embrace you covering you with my

abundant grace and endless mercy as you

navigate the intricate Paths of life I

acknowledge the challenges you will face

uncertainty will be your companion at

times but I want you to remember at at

every step I am by your side I reinforce

the wise words of Proverbs and

inviting you to trust in me trust in the

Lord with all your heart and do not lean

on your own understanding in all your

ways acknowledge Him and He will make

straight your paths the trust you place

in me is vital for the journey you

undertake amidst uncertainties I want

you to trust that the best is reserved

for you do not not rely solely on your

limited understanding but entrust every

aspect of your life into my hands in

doing so you will experience a peace

that surpasses all understanding as

promised in Philippians and the

peace of God which surpasses all

understanding will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus the peace I

offer is not the absence of challenges

but the certainty that even in adversity

you You are not alone this peace stems

from trusting in my sovereignty and my

unwavering love for you when you feel

the weight of the world on your

shoulders remember that you can cast all

your anxieties upon me as advised in

Peter ver casting all your anxieties

on him because he cares for you dear

child my promise is to be present in

every detail of your life your triumphs

will be shared with joy and your tears

will be wiped Away by the warmth of my

love in Romans and I reaffirm

that nothing can separate you from my

love for I am sure that neither death

nor life nor angels nor rulers nor

things present nor things to come nor

powers nor height nor depth nor anything

else in all creation will be able to

separate us from the love of God in

Christ Jesus our lord as you absorb

these words know that you are loved with

a love that transcends human

understanding this is the love that will

shape every chapter of your journey and

sustain every step of yours never forget

you are my beloved child and my love for

you is eternal in every chapter of your

life I will be there guiding loving and

holding your hand allow my presence to

be the light that illuminates your days

and the strength that propels you

forward keep trusting in me for through

my love you will find the peace joy and

purpose you seek with love God I hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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