Angels want you to know this urgently! You are seeing this message because of divine power.

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said Dear Son as I address you today my

heart is heavy but filled with a sense

of urgency in this moment open your

heart and mind to receive my words and

guidance do not ignore this message

watch it until the end if you believe in

me when problems seem overwhelming

understand that I am in control I will

neither leave you nor forsake you trust

me have faith that I will lead you

through this challenging time pray with

all your heart and soul for my presence

and protection over your life seek my

guidance and wisdom and I will guide you

on the right path do not let fear or

doubt consume you instead turn to me in

prayer finding peace and strength in my

love and grace remember I am the only

almighty God and nothing is impossible

for me do not lose hope cling to my

promises and Trust in my perfect plan

for your life I am with you my son pray

to me with all your heart I assure you

that I will answer your prayers I love

you and I will never abandon you your

loving father God my son your turn

turnaround is near your needs are being

provided for the healing you prayed for

is on its way and the right person

you’ve been waiting for is entering your

life the peace you seek is also on the

horizon seek me first and all these

things will be added to you I understand

your mind is filled with various

thoughts and pressures and it seems like

the weight increases each day you may be

exhausted but let go and let me handle

your problems trust me I will help you

do not worry I am with you if you

believe that February will be a

significant month for you full of

consecutive victories healing unexpected

blessings Financial Freedom and

spiritual growth I declare that nothing

in your life will remain the same you

will receive everything you’ve waited

and prayed for throughout the year

unexpected blessings good news and

Mir Miracles will be constant in your

life you will experience happiness

healing growth and finally find peace

you deserve it I love you and I am

making all things new I want you to know

that all things are working together for

your good you have not been forgotten or

abandoned by me I heard your prayers

keep your eyes on me and do not listen

to the voices of discouragement you are

on the verge of a turnaround I am the

god of patience and perfect timing trust

in my Divine timing even when it seems

late or different from your

expectations be assured that I am

working all things for your good when

you pass through deep Waters I will be

with you when you pass through rivers of

difficulty you will not be drowned when

you walk through the fire of Oppression

you will not be burned the Flames will

not consume you I am the forgiving God

and no no sin is too great for my grace

to cover come to me with a repentant

heart and I will extend my mercy and

forgiveness embrace the freedom and

restoration that come through my

forgiveness my way is better than yours

my plan is greater than yours the dream

I have for your life is more rewarding

fulfilling and better than anything you

have ever dreamed in times of

uncertainty it’s easy to worry about the

unknown don’t let your mind wander

aimlessly any longer find comfort in

this truth God goes before you so

there’s no need to worry about the

future everything is in his hands

entrust your concerns to him and

transform your anxieties into Faith see

how things begin to unfold in your life

I am about to send a blessing like never

before into your life trust me when

things seem cloudy hold on to Hope like

an Unbreakable thread God is Whispering

that better days are coming your hope

mixed with a bit of faith will

illuminate even the darkest paths

remember I will always be working in

your life turning even the smallest

glimmers of Hope into beacons of joy and

peace for every tear you shed for every

sleepless night there is a blessing on

the way the pain you are feeling will

not compare to the joy that is coming

angels have been sent to PVE the way for

you the weeping may endure for a night

but joy comes in the morning my dear

child lift your head stop blaming others

for what

happened understand that this world is

imperfect look forward because blessings

with your name on them are waiting your

blessings are renewed every morning I

love you and everything will be all

right things will get better your life

will be better than ever this struggle

is temporary

and there is a light at the end of the

tunnel hold on to your faith because

healing peace and blessings are on the

way you can count on God he will make a

way for you you don’t need to worry

everything is in his hands type yes to

claim this they face challenges but

believe that God would answer their

prayers at the right time God never

disappointed them he blessed them with

stored up blessings at the right moment

God knows that you believe in him he

will never let you down type yes to

affirm your faith be grateful for not

being where you used to be you have

grown and survived the impossible

becoming a better person keep going and

don’t give up knowing that I am proud of

you a bright future is ahead and you

will succeed I love you my dear child

receive these words with love guidance

and encouragement be aware that my

presence is constant by your side take

time for intense prayer opening your

heart to my guidance trust in my plan as

I am orchestrating every detail for your

good keep the flame of Hope Alive

because better days are ahead of you

recognize and embrace your own power for

you are stronger than you imagine move

forward with faith and you will witness

the amazing transformation in your life

my blessings flow abundantly upon you

and I am guiding you firmly toward

Victory with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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