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my precious child listen closely to these words for they hold the power to

reshape your entire existence before you truly knew me you

felt lost constantly struggling against invisible chains that seemed impossible

to break but my love for you burns brighter than a thousand

suns the moment you welcomed me into your heart your whole world shifted the

chains that held you back Crum led into dust I placed a special power inside you

the strength to stand against any challenge that comes your way wherever your journey takes you an invisible

shield surrounds you forged by the ultimate Act of love that took place on the

cross always remember that the obstacles in your path are tiny compared to the vast power that lives within

you when fear Creeps in and tries to make you doubt Whispering that pain and sadness are waiting around the corner

just think of this truth my love wraps around you like an unbreakable

Fortress I am the rock beneath your feet keeping you steady no matter what storms

may come with me by your side Victory is always Within Reach not because of

anything you do but because my spirit flows through every part of you even in those moments when you trip and fall

it’s never the end of your adventure each breath is is a chance to start fresh to grab hold of the amazing

future I’ve lovingly created just for you just like when you first believed

keep walking forward with trust in your heart I will never let you down I will

always be there to show you the way and give you strength your life is a precious treasure to me before you even

took your first breath I knew every wonderful thing about you carefully weaving together each unique part of Who

You Are in a world that often feels shadowy and full of cracks let your spirit Shine

Like the Sun let thankfulness fill your heart until it overflows becoming a

bright light that guides others to find Hope in me when questions start to spin in your

mind dive into my word and let it fill you with unshakable truth every moment spent seeking me is

like planting a seed that will grow into a strong tree of peace and wisdom helping you face whatever comes your

way each day when you wake up come to me with a humble heart this will be your

secret weapon giving you the strength to take on any battle the day may bring

when life gets tough and the weight of the world feels heavy my word will keep you from sinking you’ll stand tall and

strong ready to weather any storm no matter what tries to come against you

you are always safe with me my name is like a powerful seal that gives your prayers unbeatable strength the enemy’s

attacks can never win because I’ve already defeated sin and death once and for all this win is like a special gift

that’s just waiting for you to reach out and take hold of it today take Brave steps forward wrapped in the certainty

of my NeverEnding love my love is like a blanket that’s always around you I

Delight in watching you grow and I will never ever leave your side in every

happy moment and every tough challenge I am right there with you making sure that it all works out for your good in the

end you are my one-of-a-kind creation made to shine with the dazzling light of

my glory live out the incredible purpose I dreamed up for you be brave be

Fearless be someone who makes the world a better place wherever you go speak

words of life and Truth remembering that my spirit is always with you you closer than your next

heartbeat when you can’t see the road ahead trust that I will guide you

perfectly I will lead you to places of rest and refresh your soul let my love

soak into your heart until you know beyond any doubt that you are mine I will keep you safe holding you gently in

my strong hands as you travel through this Grand Adventure called life always

remember that the best is yet to come live with heaven in your thoughts

knowing that it’s your true home each morning when you wake up choose to focus on faith instead of fear

let my peace be the master of your heart I have amazing surprises and

exciting Journeys planned for you bigger and better than you can even imagine you

are a shining Light Of Hope in a world full of hurt let my love pour through

you like a river bringing healing and new life to the broken give forgiveness

and kindness freely remembering how I’ve given those same gifts to you without limit be someone who spreads the good

news of my love everywhere you go helping others find the forever life that I offer to everyone my love for you

is a fire that cannot be put out it’s a love that will never give up on you no matter what rest in that truth and let

it fill your heart with joy that can’t be contained so walk through your days with your head held high knowing that my

promises are like a strong suit of armor protecting you because of my love you are more than just someone who wins

battles you are completely unstoppable my precious child I am always here always speaking to you even

when you don’t see it I’m using the world around you to get your attention I know you may not always get

what I’m saying right away and that’s okay I will help you understand in my perfect

timing for now I just want you to be ready ready for me to talk to you in new ways

ready to know me better than ever before things are always changing and so

is how I reach out to you I’m always starting something brand new always

pulling you closer to my heart there is so much more waiting for you more of my

light more of my power more of my closeness I want to bring you deeper

still dare to explore the Deep deepest places with me the spiritual Wonders

that are part of everyday life the special Secrets I share with my children not everyone is ready for these

big truths and Mysteries many like to stay where it’s easier and they feel safer and that’s

all right but you my child You Were Made for More created to go deeper with me so

don’t be scared to step out further to ask me for greater things more wisdom

more insight a closer friendship with me my word is full of solid food that

satisfies the Soul’s hunger and I have Heavenly bread to give you too wonderful

things you haven’t even imagined yet look for me there search hard for these

Treasures jump in with me to find these Jewels I know most people stay on the easy crowded path but be brave and

follow me onto the narrow road the one that’s harder the one most people don’t get it’s full of amazing things the one

where we can talk honestly just you and me without worrying what anyone else

thinks here I’ll show you things that go beyond what seems reasonable or normal

things that are too big to fit in your human brain special things meant only for you Secrets only we share have you

seen any patterns or themes popping up again and again lately keep track of them write them down watch for how I can

affirm them I’m teaching you to know my voice to tell it apart from all the

other voices that are talking I show myself differently to every person speaking in ways that fit

their own unique heart and mind but in every heart that looks for me I wake up

their spiritual senses so they can connect with me I help them see hear and

understand spiritual things more and more clearly this lasts your whole life getting better and better as as we stay

close the more time you spend with me the better you’ll get at hearing my voice when you stay near me my power and

purpose start to rub off on you praying and worshiping with me stirs up the spiritual gifts I put inside you I fill

you with my spirit to make you ready for the amazing things I have planned being with me gets you ready to do great

things and to know me in powerful ways so be careful what voices you listen to

my child protect your heart and mind and be picky about who you let influence

you there are some wrong and hurtful beliefs that spread easily lies that can

take over your thoughts and trap your mind if you let them in spending time with people who pull you away from me

can weaken your spirit and confuse your heart even if they seem nice or fun but

wise friends who love me will make you stronger and better their spiritual maturity will help you grow too so think

carefully about the people in your life spend less time with anyone who is holding back your growth choose instead

to be around people whose hearts are on fire for me and who see the world the way I do look for friends who stick to

my word but are also open to my spirit leading them to new places my true

church is moving in power and Faith excited to follow me into unknown places

these are the kind of friends who will make your love for me burn brighter as you encourage each other they will make

you stronger just like iron sharpens iron being with them will give you new excitement for the adventures I have for

you yes you’ve seen how some friendships make it easier for you to hear my voice

and understand my messages right some people just seem to be tuned into my spirit the same way you are and when

you’re together it’s like you can understand truths together in a special way that most other people

Miss but my child remember not to make Heroes out of any anyone no matter how impressive their spiritual gifts seem I

should always be the one you depend on most be careful when you see my power flowing through

people even the most obedient and wise leaders can stumble if they don’t stay close to me so stay humble and small

before me needing my approval more than anyone else’s don’t let the good or bad things

people say about you change your mind about what I tell you is true I see

every hidden sacrifice you make for me every tear you cry when you pray I will

repay you with my glory for all you go through in my name so Stand Tall

confident in this promise not in the small piece of the picture that people can

see come be alone with me all the time in that secret place where we can talk freely where no human words can confuse

you this is where I your heavenly father can speak to you as my child wild

without anything getting in the way we can explore the spiritual Mysteries that

most people don’t understand no need to tiptoe around sensitive subjects or hold

back the powerful truths that go beyond normal thinking here you can finally relax and

be exactly who I made you to be we can talk about your dreams and Visions with

no worry about funny looks from people who can’t understand what you’re describing after all who can really

grasp the things of my spirit except those who walk closely with me my sheep

recognize my voice and my language they know when something lines up with my heart but those who don’t know me well

will miss the deeper meaning in these spiritual experiences so don’t share the precious

insights I give you with those who won’t value them guard our private time

together protect the spiritual understanding I place within you

my friendship is not just a nice thought or feeling it is a real opening of

Heaven A Supernatural outpouring of my presence into your world you may feel actual surges of

electricity weightlessness heat you’ll encounter truth so big they stretch your

mind Beyond its normal limits you’ll have dreams and visions that seem to break the rules of time and space the

gifts of my spirit will flow through you showing up right when they’re needed have you had even a small taste of these

things my child I have so much more waiting for you if you’ll walk with me in a faith that’s fearless and not held

back by human logic more signs and wonders more unusual spiritual

experiences and insight that you’ve never heard of before a much stronger

ability to tell what’s really going on in the spiritual realm greater power to

shift atmospheres and open up space for my glory to fill I’m calling you to go

even further with me into a lifestyle of Supernatural experiences with your

living God beyond the limits of this world I have big dreams for you that

haven’t even started yet plans that are waiting for you to step into them I need

someone willing to stretch their faith as far as it will go until they actually see my promises come true and I see that

bold Hunger for More of me inside you but as you go watch for the sign posts

I’ll send to show you the right way forward have you already noticed some messages and themes that keep showing up

to guide you deeper these point to the adventures I’m preparing for you the

promises that are ready for you to grow into so figure out what I’m saying through these little signs listen for

clues about the spiritual breakthrough that’s on its way you can already feel its power pulling you toward your

destiny line up your faith with the direction they’re pointing you in let them build your confidence and focus

until you see them come true in the right season only the thinnest curtain stands

between the everyday world and Heavenly truth so break through it my child

uncover the Mysteries hiding behind all these signs step into the adventures

waiting on the other side doesn’t your spirit get excited about exploring the

unknown doesn’t your heart long to figure figure out the secret messages that most people around you don’t

see you were made to take paths that most people Overlook to spot the subtle

ways I guide you to deeper wisdom in unexpected places follow in the footsteps of those brave ones who walk

this narrow road ahead of you the ones who saw the world differently and wrote about it who weren’t afraid to discover

new truths with me when you have Quiet Moments think

about the trails they blazed these World Changers who carried my wonders dive back into their stories of

Daring faith and find new courage for today remember the Bold trust they put

in who I am and what I could do in their lives your journey might start small

unnoticed by crowds but imagine the incredible Legacy you can leave by

staying close to my side think about how your little acts of faith like theirs

can move mountains from my glory welcome the chance to do what looks silly to

others to believe that one person in step with me can change everything this

is how you’ll win big it’s not about starting with something huge it’s about going deep in faith and friendship with

me that’s what will shape the mark you make on the world I place the lonely in families

lift up my unlikely ones from hidden places to shining Destinies in an instant my power shines bright as

through the smallest and weakest my dearest child I want you to know the depth of my love for you it’s a

love that knows no bounds a love that is constant and unwavering no matter what

you face in this life I am always here right beside you guiding your every

step even when the path seems unclear and the challenges feel overwhelming my

presence remains I will never leave you or forsake you one of the things that brings me the

greatest joy is when you put your complete trust in me that kind of faith

that unwavering belief in my goodness and my plans for you is a powerful force

it enables you to do extraordinary things things that may seem Impossible by the world’s

standards but with me nothing is impossible when we work together when

you allow me to work through you there is no limit to what can be accomplished your future is bright and

filled with purpose in this unique and special time I am entrusting my chosen ones like you

with a significant and important Mission you are called to Stand Tall

against the Giants of this world you have the power to help others see that

with me there is always a reason to Hope always a reason to believe that better

days are ahead I will guide you every step of the way showing you how to make a difference my

hand will direct your path as you work to change the world in beautiful and transformative ways get ready to witness

Miracles unfold before your very eyes I have so many incredible surprises

in store for you surprises that will leave people in awe and wonder my dreams

for this world my plans for Redemption and restoration are coming to fruition and you have the amazing

privilege of being a part of it all I know that the world can feel shaky

and uncertain at times like everything you once knew is Shifting beneath your feet but remember I am your strong tower

your unshakable foundation when you build your life upon my love when you root yourself in my

truth nothing can knock you down you will stand tall and strong

like a mighty tree that weathers every storm your faith in me will keep you

anchored no matter what comes your way as you journey through life learn to

listen for my voice above all others my voice brings peace in the midst of chaos

Clarity in the face of confusion it will guide you along the right path showing

you which way to go keep seeking me keep learning from my wisdom as you do I will

fill you with a wisdom and courage that comes from above in the days ahead I

will raise up leaders who are committed to me and to doing what is right these

individuals will be equipped with the wisdom and the strength to tackle the challenges that will come they will be

problem solvers and differen makers and it will all be because they have chosen

to put their trust in me get ready for change on a scale

beyond what you can imagine I’m about to do something new something

so big and so wonderful that it will leave you in awe those who have waited patiently

those who have held on to their faith even when it seemed like the promises were slow in coming will suddenly find

themselves catapulted into a new season of influence and impact it will be a time of accelerated

Destiny of seeing dreams become reality in ways that will leave you breathless with

excitement even now I am imparting to you insights and Revelations that the wise men and women

of old long to know you are part of a generation that will go deeper in your understanding of

who I am and what I am capable of it will be like standing on the shoulders

of giants seeing further and clearer than ever before the Mysteries that were once

hidden will be revealed and you will be filled with a a sense of wonder and awe at the vastness of my love and my

plans throughout your journey I will speak to you in special and personal ways through signs and wonders that are

tailored just for you these messages will remind you of my constant presence

and my unending affection they will fill you with a sense of anticipation a

knowing that I am always up to something good in your life I don’t want you to get sidetracked or distracted by the

things of this world I want you to stay focused on me to keep your heart and

your passion aimed at the Amazing Story we are writing together stay alert and

pay attention because my love and my blessings are all around you you’ll find

them in the People You Meet the places you go the opportunities that come your

way every detail of your life is infused with my goodness put in place to help

you grow and flourish my words to you are life and nourishment Like A Feast for your soul

the more you take them in the more you will grow in wisdom and strength as you

feed on my truth as you let it sink deep into your heart you will begin to understand the height and depth and

width of my love for you it’s a love that surpasses knowledge a love that will fill you to

overflowing as You Follow My Lead you will start to see the unique and wonderful plan I have for your life

unfold you’re not here by accident I created you with a purpose with Big

Dreams and important work to do work that will bring me joy and bring hope to

others this is not just a nice idea or a far-off fantasy it’s real and it’s

happening now your life is a gift and every day is an opportunity to unwrap a

little more of the amazing future I have in store when you trust my leading and walk

in my ways you will find doors of opportunity opening up before you favor

and blessing will Mark your path you will discover the Hidden Treasures I have been preparing for you all along

step by step you will become the person I destined you to be from the very

beginning my precious child you are on a journey a path that winds through the

valleys and Soares to the mountaintops each step you take is a testament to your faith a reflection of

your unwavering trust in me as you navigate this everchanging

landscape know that I am with you always guiding your footsteps and Illuminating

The Way Forward trust in the process even when the picture seems

unclear for I am creating something far greater than you can imagine your growth and transformation

are not confined to a single moment or experience rather they are a continuous

unfolding a gradual revelation of the person I have created you to be as you open your heart to my love and

wisdom you will find yourself blossoming in ways you never thought possible

discovering strengths and gifts that have Lain dormant within you the world may try to Define You by

its own standards but I see you through the lens of my grace when doubts and

insecurities creep in remember that your worth is not determined by the opinions of others but by the love I have for you

a love that knows no bounds as you journey through life you will encounter

challenges and obstacles moments when the path ahead seems unclear in these

times remember that I am your constant companion your unwavering support lean on me and I will give you

the strength and courage to face whatever lies ahead my love will be your

Shield my grace your anchor and my wisdom your guide

there will be moments when you stumble when you feel as though you have lost your way but even in your darkest hours

I am there ready to catch you and set you back on your feet my forgiveness is

without limit my compassion Without End no matter how far you may wander my love

will always be there to welcome you home as you grow in your relationship with me you will find yourself becoming

more attuned to my voice more sensitive to the gentle promptings of my

spirit this is a sacred connection a Divine dialogue that transcends the

limitations of human understanding through prayer and quiet reflection you will learn to discern my will for your

life to trust in the plans I have for you your journey is not meant to be taken alone for I have placed people in

your life who will walk alongside you encouraging and supporting you every step of the way

cherish these relationships for they are a reflection of my love made manifest in the

world as you pour into others you will find yourself being filled in return

your heart overflowing with the joy and peace that comes from living a life of purpose remember my child that you are

never alone never forgotten my love for you is a constant presence a steadfast

anchor in the midst of life’s storms trust in me and I will lead you to a

place of true fulfillment a place where your deepest longings are met and your

greatest dreams are realized in the quietness of your soul listen for my

still Small Voice Whispering words of love and encouragement Let My Words Be the

foundation upon which you build your life the Bedrock that anchors you in times of

uncertainty as you meditate on my truths you will find yourself growing in wisdom and understanding your heart expanding

to embrace the fullness of my love there will be times when the world tries to pull you away from me when the noise and

Chaos of Life threaten to drown out my voice in these moments remember to pause

and seek my presence to carve out Sacred Space where you can reconnect with

me it is in These Quiet Moments of reflection that you will find the strength and Clarity you need to

navigate the challenges of life as you walk with me you will find yourself being transformed From the Inside Out

Your Heart being molded and shaped into a reflection of my own this is a gradual

process a gentle unfolding of the person I have created you to be embrace the journey even when it

feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar trusting that I am at work in you perfecting you in

love as you grow in your understanding of who I am and who you are in me you

will find yourself walking in a newfound confidence a deep assurance that comes from knowing you were loved and

cherished beyond measure let this knowledge be the foundation upon which you build your life the anchor that

holds you steady in the midst of Life storms embrace the journey my child for

it is in the process of becoming that you will find true fulfillment let your life be a Living

testament to my love a shining example of what it means to walk in faith and

trust as you do you will find yourself being transformed into the person I have always intended you to be a reflection

of my love and grace in the world in the Stillness of your heart listen for my

voice Whispering words of love and encouragement Let My Words Be the

foundation upon which you build your life the Bedrock that anchors you in times of uncertainty as you meditate on

my truth you will find yourself growing in wisdom and understanding your heart expanding to embrace the fullness of my

love ahead you will find tests of courage and resolve that cannot be

avoided the fire that tempers steel is never easy to endure but you shall

emerge renewed made better and stronger for having passed through the

Flames anyone can choose easy when hard beckons so have pride in your medal I

will never ask more of you than I know in my heart you can give and I will be

near to lift and guide you when you falter you need only reach out your hand

this too shall be our work together nurturing courage and kindling

conviction when adversity arises you must face it with square shoulders and

head held high the world may seek to make you feel small at times people will question and

doubt you they may even actively work against you out of jealousy or misplaced Vengeance but their words lose all power

if you refuse to let them in no one defines your worth but me remember that

always I want you to hold your head high through trials I want joy and

fulfillment to permeate your days laughter warmth light these should fill

up your life yet they often feel Out Of Reach when basic needs go unmet when the

future remains uncertain my friend this too I shall help you address in my own

way and on my own time for I have seen the truth in The Quiet Moments When you

think yourself unobserved and Beyond judgment I have witnessed the kindness

and generosity you demonstrate when you expect nothing in return the care you

take patching up those you find hurting and lost speaks to your own painful Road

you seek for others what the world has not given you and that is a special thing indeed know I have beheld the

beauty courage and compassion within you and found it Divine We Begin by peeling back the

layers of untruths foisted upon you by those Unworthy of your trust only those

capable of recognizing true worth possess Judgment of any value so many have failed even to see you let alone

appreciate your light do not carry the misconceptions of others a moment longer ER allow me to renew your mind so it

more perfectly reflects your reality for you have endured a purification by fire

intended to burn away all that held you back from Transcendence but you perceive only the

destructive heat of the Flames not the radiant light emerging from the forge my friend you dwell in the fire

but are not consumed and what remains has been honed to Great purpose this too we shall

discuss when you have regained more of your Vigor there is important work ahead I

have need of your unique talents and perspective my beloved know that I shall never abandon nor forsake you no matter

how profound the loneliness or difficult of the road I am ever by your side

sometimes carried within sometimes walking beside you you have only to reach out and I am there ready to share

every joy and ease every sorrow I will help shoulder your heaviest burdens so that your way forward stands

clear have faith and hope you shall never walk alone

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