my beloved child I the Lord yearn to connect with you

deeply I long for you to recognize my presence without hesitation to discern

my voice with unwavering certainty I am God dwelling within you

and working through you it is by my grace that you are equipped and empowered to exercise your unique gifts

and talents wisdom knowledge all gifts flow from me in the book of Acts it was

my power at work in and through Believers enabling them to overcome timidity break free from their

limitations and boldly proclaim the gospel to the world I am the voice that Whispers

between your thoughts the Insight you could not conjure on your own I am the wisdom guiding you in

unfamiliar tasks the knowledge beyond your natural understanding as your everpresent

comforter I accompany you wherever you go preparing the way ahead and

supporting you from behind attune your heart to my still Small

Voice learn to recognize the signs and wonders I use to communicate with you

the peace and joy I impart Focus your thoughts on what is excellent kind

praiseworthy and admirable for that is where you will find me if a thought or

impression lacks these qualities it does not originate from me allow me to be the

guiding force in your life training you in the way you should go it is I who enables you to walk in

prosperity and health delivering you from hardship and fulfilling my plans I yearn for you to invite me into

every aspect of your being every corner of your heart mind and body that you

have yet to surrender when you find yourself in distress I am the one who leads you out

and into the promised land encompassing your spirit soul and Body in times of

struggle and heartbreak I draw near to comfort you when you cry out to me for

help I am the one who answers I am just as close to you on the

Mountaintop as I am in the valley it is your role to execute my

plans and purposes on the earth I will dispatch angels to surround you protect

you and deliver messages of strength I constantly call out to you drawing you

closer to me the world may not recognize me because they do not know me but you

my child have the privilege of knowing me intimately allow my heart to beat in

unison with yours my thoughts to intertwine with your own you have been

given the mind of Christ granting you access to these thoughts and plans of

mine I Am With You Always even to the end of the age and I will never Lead You

astray or deceive you many may know of the father and the son Jesus Christ but few truly

understand me however you are called to have a deep understanding of who I am I

was present at the beginning hovering over the formless void before creation I am grieved by the lies and

misconceptions perpetuated by the world about me or the lack of understanding about my

nature but you my child have been raised up for such a time as this to help

manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth I have equipped you for the calling I have placed on your

life now I invite you to cooperate with me to learn all you can about my

character and ways I am gentle loving and faithful bringing peace and

self-control the fruit of the spirit you exhibit is a result of my work in you

allow me to cultivate and mature your spiritual fruit when you find yourself in a

challenging season trust that I am with you and that you are seated with me in

Heavenly places possessing my very thoughts purposes and

intentions you are a chosen Warrior raised up for the last days equip

Yourself by learning to operate in the Supernatural until it becomes natural for

you my beloved child from the moment I formed y

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