my beloved child I am well aware of the trials and tribulations you have faced along your

Earthly journey in the depths of your struggles there were moments when your trust in

your own abilities faltered reflect upon the precise instance when doubt crept into your

heart perhaps it was amidst the agony of a shattered relationship the weight of a

challenging decision the confusion of losing your way or the sting of harsh

words from those you hold dear it was in those moments that your belief in your own potential

waned but fear not for I am here to remind you that within you lies a Divine

spark a reflection of my love and grace through me you are capable of

overcoming any obstacle and achieving greatness beyond measure rekindle the flame of Faith

within your soul for with my guidance you shall soar to Heights

unimaginable know this my beloved that it is your steadfast belief that stands

as the sole barrier between you and the Abundant Blessings and new season that

await you in my divine plan there exist no hindrance or obstruction on my part rather it is your

own hesitations and uncertainties that prevent you from embracing the path I have ordained for

you those who seek to undermine you who seow seeds of doubt and attempt to

manipulate your course do so out of fear and envy even before you recognize the

radiance of your own potential others perceive it shining brightly within

you those who are content in their own stagnation will endeavor to extinguish your light driven by their own

insecurities and jealousy it Grieves me deeply when those closest to you even kin betray your

trust exploit your kindness and strive to impede your progress yet I permit

such trials to reveal their true nature for I cannot bestow my blessings upon you nor Elevate you while you remain

entangled with those who Harbor ill intentions when I lavish my favor upon

you all that is connected to you partakes in that divine grace I refuse to pour forth my

blessings upon those who have proven themselves to be serpents cons sealed within your

midst that’s why I take you through times of testing and pruning it’s not to

punish you but to reveal the character of those around you many get angry or

frustrated when I remove people from their lives not realizing it is for their own protection and

growth sometimes it’s the family members you trusted most who turn out to be the ones holding you back out of their own

jealousy and unwillingness to heal they may be content to stay stuck in

dysfunction ignoring the pain and Trauma that needs to be addressed they would rather sweep it all

under the rug than do the hard work of facing it but when you choose to follow me to

believe me despite what others say and step into the new version of yourself

the truth will always come to light so don’t be afraid to speak your truth to

share your story and your struggles I know you fear judgment but I am with you

I will never leave you or forsake you and I will bring the right people alongside you to support you and cheer

you on as you become everything I created you to be your worth is not defined by your

past your lowest moments your value comes from being a child of the most high God and I am not finished with you

yet I am still writing your story I am still working all things together for

your good but I need you to trust me to believe in the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you to give you hope and a future I need you to fix your eyes on me and tune out the chatter

of those who are not in alignment with

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