ALERT ???? “I’ FORGIVE YOU BUT…” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | I LOVE JESUS |

my child do not be dismayed when the

timing of my promises does not align

with your

expectations for my ways are higher than

your ways I am the Alpha and Omega the

beginning and end of all things this day

when flames of frustration rage around

you my spirit Whispers this delay shall

protect you While others seee and spit

venom your heart remains calm you

discern the deeper forces are at place

delay and you are right my child what

man deems delays I decree is

development every detour is an

opportunity to cultivate patience Grace


Trust will you learn my lessons here

while you wait or will you stubbornly

stamp your foot demanding things change

in an

instant haven’t I called you to walk by

faith not sight to trust in my infinite

Vision though yours remains

limited every delay allows me to secure

protections for you along the path you

cannot see will you relinquish control

and refrain from questioning my timing

what if I desire to shift you to another

situation entirely to spare you


turbulence will you yield to my signals

or stubbornly insist on your current

path my beloved take heart haven’t I

said my plans will surely come to pass

and will not

delay what promise of mine has failed to

reach its appointed time yet in your

Earthly existence I understand how time

moves slowly when anticipation runs high

how a day can feel like a decade when

your heart yearns

intensely you’re unable to conceive of

the intricate behind the scenes activity

during times of

delay when I delay a promise unseen to

Mortal eyes foundations are fortified to

properly sustain Monumental blessings

soon to arrive during delays resources

Mass to fuel bold Kingdom Visions delays

provide intervals to fasten my

protective armor securely around you

before launching into enemy

territory delays development

breakthrough such is my process

predictable as the seasons a seed must

crack open under Winter’s chill before


germination caterpillars must enter

cramped cocoons before emerging radiant

butterflies precious metals are pure

ified by fiery trials and so too must My

Children Of Promise endure necessary

delays designed to cultivate character

faith and

power for divine assignments require


Messengers messages of Hope shine

brighter conveyed through Broken Vessels

mended by Mercy’s Golden Light listen

and understand the greater the pending

promise the deeper its roots must reach

to Anchor its towering height deep calls

to deep power calls to power fruitful

Visions require expansive spiritual

infrastructure to flourish and so when I

delay a dream I amplify its foundations

I widen your wells of resources I

broaden your borders of influence I

strengthen strategic connections I

ignite holy passions and rally angels to

your cause behind curtain delays my

glory is at work though invisible Realms

May confuse you take comfort that I see

I guide and I equip in secret have I not

said I will never leave you stranded

trust in my timing I do not delay my

promises I prepare my profits I do not

stall my plans I will expand your

proportions I do not inhibit my Visions

I incubate your

destiny can you conceive of my Majestic

workings transpiring while you wait and

wonder why nothing is happening

but so very much is happening precious

one reams of Revelation and wisdom pour

forth equipping you richly to Steward

accelerating blessings at the appointed

hour battalions of angels hone

strategies to clear obstacles from your

path mountains of unmar favor stack High

to thrust you into Realms of

increase streams of Living Water Bubble

Up from Deep Wells I dig in your soul

prayers amass into veritable storm cloud

clouds pregnant with power do you see do

you understand when you feel I’m not

doing anything I’m doing everything to

promote you just because you can’t

discern my hidden activity doesn’t mean

that absolutely nothing is

happening Divine Ultra activity surges

powerfully on your behalf and so when I

delay a dream’s departure I direct your

gaze to

Revelation I anchor your mind not in

what is being delayed externally but

what is being being developed

internally character trust power these

require time and testing to

Blossom but how beautiful is the outcome

emerging from fiery Seasons shining like

gold heart abounding with compassion

Spirit resilient with

wisdom delay produces depth and Beauty

if you let it don’t demand justification

for delays for often reasons remain

shrouded in mystery

instead pray for grace growth and

Trust the delay taught you much did it

not my

child how people reveal their private

worlds through public

trials some hearts overflow with Grace

While others choke on bitterness when

frustrated yours remains a sanctuary of

peace and perspective allowing higher

thoughts to take root and grow you

welcome my whisper and discern my

protective purpose in a perplexing delay

others spew hostility demonstrating how

quickly Comfort corrodes without me yes

delays expose human

hearts but rapturous is the sight of one

who keeps their lamp filled with oil

even as watching Through The Dark Night

tests their

patience blessed is the one who sings

songs in the fire while the clock ticks


slow peaceful is the one who breathes

prayers and poetry while windows fog and

feet grow numb with

waiting to endure delays with hope and

trust polished to a high shine this

showcas his deepest Devotion to

me and how I Rave over you my faithful

one your devoted heart gladdens mine

delays call for different responses at

shifting seasons of life this I

acknowledge as a youth filled with Zeal

you raced impatiently towards every

Endeavor later years mellowed your

momentum as experience taught the value

of careful

preparation now older wiser and more

worn you’ve learned delays can signify

imminent danger requiring

redirection yes at every age delays

demand fresh responses as contexts

change yet one constant remains delays

provide pods for my seeds of purpose to

safely germinate under your Soul’s


Care attend closely now are you

listening my beloved child so weary of

waiting here comes the wind of wisdom

Beneath Your

Wings regardless what stalls the

grounding of your long awaited

breakthrough while

stationary determine that increased

Glory shall germinate from its soil

allow a peaceful perspective to permeate

your gaze my delay delivers you from

unseen danger dot instead of bemoaning

its discomforts Delight in knowing I

protect strengthen and equip you power

in unseen

Realms will you perceive delays through

my loving

eyes will you trust in my infinite

Vision though yours remains

Earthbound take heart beloved child

rejoice and break through Revelations

that launch you higher once

more I am the voice in The Waiting

Whispering all will be

well I am the energy propelling you

towards promise despite perplexing

delays I am the endless reservoir of

power pouring purpose into your

pain I am the master artist shaping

Beauty from baress Destiny from

delays I am the light of the world

illuminating your next steps through the

fog I am the shepherd guiding his flock

on paths they’ve never traversed

before I am the cloud by day and Pillar

of Fire by Night leading Wanderers

home I do not delay my promises

I manifest them flawlessly in my perfect

timing I do not diminish my children’s

dreams I expand them exponentially by

continually increasing their spiritual

capacity to contain more of my

glory the completion of your character

the richness of your relationship with

me your Readiness to responsibly Steward


blessings all these increase intricately

during delays designed for your


oh precious child fret no more over


dreams only soak deeper into my love

until you discern the deeper workings at

play allow this respit to Open the Eyes

of your heart wider

still you say you want increased

Revelation wisdom favor and resources to

fulfill the callings on your life with

Excellence then Embrace delays as Rich

breakthroughs primed for future takeoff

into Realms of acceleration

my dearest child as the sun Faithfully

Rises each day so too does my unwavering

commitment to your ultimate

good in these moments of pause where

your soul aches for

fulfillment remember that I am the

sculptor of time and Circumstance do you

not see in the quiet in the Stillness

there is profound transformation taking

place within you consider the mightiest

of trees how they grow tall and strong

yet their strength is not gained in the

Swift sprouting of their branches but in

the slow steady deepening of their

Roots so too must your faith deepen

anchoring you firmly in the soil of

trust and

surrender you are being

transformed not into what you once were

but into something more

magnificent in these times of delay do

not despair look around and see the

beauty of the

present for in this pause there is life

to be lived joy to be found and lessons

to be

learned embrace the now for it too is a

gift a Sacred Space where wisdom is

gleaned and character

forged and know this my beloved that

when the time is right when your spirit

is ready when the story demands it the

next chapter will

unfold in an instant The Waiting will

cease the page will turn and you will

step into to the new with a spirit

matured a faith deepened a character

strengthened so hold on my child hold on

with a heart full of Faith eyes full of

expectancy and a spirit full of trust

for I am not just the god of the

fulfilled promise but also the god of

the journey towards it in me you will

find not only the Fulfillment of your

dreams but the strength to endure the


in me you will find not only the

destination but also the joy in the

journey rest in my love abide in my

peace and rejoice in the assurance that

I am with you in the waiting and in the

receiving for in my perfect timing all

things will come together for your good

for your growth For Your

Glory remember at Journey’s End the

delay will prove powerless to deny any

promise I have uttered over you not one

word of mine will fall void

Steward The Waiting process with Grace


expectation fortifying your foundations

for increased

influence allow me to prepare and

position you strategically for even

greater impact through every

detour lean into me trusting in my

infinite Vision soon enough you’ll soar

majestically on Winds of holy purpose

towards lands of

promise for now keep building and

believe my child come and sit with me a


I have seen your struggles and your

questions your doubts and your

pains I know the burdens you carry feel

heavy I see the winding road behind you

and the unclear path

ahead take comfort and find rest here in


presence let me remind you precious one

that you are chosen selected appointed

and anointed by

me before you were formed in your

mother’s womb I knew you and set you

apart for for Divine

Purpose I do not make mistakes I created

you in my image intricately and

wonderfully made filled with talents and

gifts I wo into the fiber of your being

you bear my fingerprint upon your

soul as long as breath fills your lungs

you have purpose rooted in

me know that I love you as your father

with an affection that overwhelms with a

devotion that pursues you in your

wandering I am the goodness and mercy

that follows you the protective love

that hovers near even when you try to

hide or pull

away My Embrace surrounds you my eyes

never leave

you sit with me here and feel my delight

in you there is no need to strain or

strive for my approval no duty to

perform no debt to

repay simply receive all that I freely

give let it sink deep into your soul you

are loved perfectly ly intricately known


pursued in days gone by your steps

wandered far lured by false promises of

purpose and Pleasures the world claimed


offer in distant lands seeds of regret

took root your eyes saw only Darkness

but from Heaven’s Throne my vision was

not impaired I saw the child captured

enslaved imprisoned by forces Beyond his

control or comprehension my heart was

moved to action and so in the fullness

of time I entered the prison to set the

captives free I took your chains upon

myself and canel the curses that bound

you I absorbed every consequence of

wrong suffered every wound of

Injustice no cost was too high no burden

too heavy to win your freedom and clear

the way

home the three nails that pierced my

hands and feet proc claimed my unending

unfailing love for you come out now from

the Shadows my son my daughter there is

light and life awaiting you leave behind

regret and shame disappointment and

anger I heal what is broken I restore

what is lost I redeem what seems ruined

Beyond repair take the hand I extend to

you and

see the dawn breaks on the horizon

banishing the

night a new day filled with promise and

purpose Rises to greet

you the past can no longer Define or

confine you you have been made

new my plans for you are good bidding

you toward a future of

Hope in me you are no longer slave to

sin but heir to my kingdom my spirit

rests upon you as a friend and counselor

instructor and guide I will teach you

all things and illuminate truths I have

penned for you in my word I will lead

you each step of this this journey we

will walk together listen for my gentle

whisper learn the sound of my voice

calling you to rise to walk to soar the

fields are ready for Harvest many yet

grope in darkness weighed down by chains

as you once were but you know the way

out you bear the scars of one delivered

so with compassion born of experience

tell your

story let it be a light along the path

for other weary tra travelers to follow

back home when opposition comes and it

will do not be

afraid I am the defender who goes before

you have I not said goodness and mercy

will pursue you all the days of your

life you cannot outrun the love that


you there is no place so lost I cannot

find you free you bring you home to

me my precious child you have endured

much on this long road behind

you scattered seeds of questions and

doubts speak of a deep longing not yet

filled let them take root in this Holy

Ground where you now stand at Journey’s

End let them grow into wisdom as we

cultivate understanding

together my word shall be a lamp to

light your way my spirit shall nourish

and sustain you in due season you will

reap a Bountiful Harvest of purpose

realized questions answered faith

strengthened and one day the last

lingering doubts will melt away like

Morning Mist in sunlight for now rest

here with your hand safe in mine let me

shoulder the weight of this world so you

can walk

unencumbered together we will Forge the

path ahead step by step until you cross

the finish line into

eternity and you will find it is not the

end after all but only the

beginning the starting line of a race

with no finish adventures with no end

and joy that

overflows my child I see you seeking

struggling straining to understand the

mysteries of Life unfolding around you

the world offers many voices shouting

Solutions but true wisdom comes in quiet

Whispers so hush now the Restless

busyness filling your mind shut out the

deafening noise for just a moment and

listen to The Silence That Remains

I am here I have always been here before

the foundations of the world were laid I

am you need not work to find me nor

strive to attain my approval Simply Be

Still simply receive what I freely

give all I have belongs already to those

I love and I love you intensely

perfectly Without End my delight is over

you my song of Joy Rises as I I consider

you simply abide in my love I see

questions etched on your face carving

lines around your eyes and across your


brow where can answers be found to

satisfy such hunger in your

soul my word is a feast laid out to

nourish you

beloved come and dine here at this

table the fair I serve opens eyes once

blind men’s Brokenness revives faint

Spirit sustains the Journey of ah head

do not just taste but learn to Feast to

Revel in the abundance I have prepared

for you my holy presence is open wide to

you learn the discipline of waiting here

attentive and

still that which seems complicated will

unfold and simplify before your

eyes Mysteries become

Revelations doubts dissolve in certain

knowing a quiet Joy will emerge and

begin to flourish within you cultivate

awareness of my presence Above All Else


child make communion with me your

highest aim your deepest

satisfaction as you practice living

loved the clamor of chaos around you

will grow strangely

dim answers to questions that plague you

will pour forth from Secret Springs

within washing Over You In Waves of

Wonder keep seeking struggling

pressing in but know that what you truly

seek has already found you has already

laid claim to you has already determined

to Lavish you with abundant life cease

your striving precious one be still be

held in the grip of my goodness be

filled with the fullness of who I am the

path stretches out before us and the way

may sometimes seem

unclear but fear not I go ahead to light

your way the Shadows May cling to your

feet but lift your eyes see the first

rays of Dawn breaking brightly on the

horizon the night is fading the glory of

a new day

approaches I know the weight of

weariness presses heavily on shoulders

never meant to Bear such burdens

alone you were created for Freedom not

chains for joyful purpose not endless

striving so leave behind false gods that

Demand yet never

satisfy stop endlessly chasing mirages

that disappear when you draw

near as you walk this path with me take

my yoke which is easy and light learn

from me The rhythms of Grace effortless


energizing we will carry the weights of

Glory together as you find your stride

nestled close to my

heart yes questions will arise along the

journey doubt May sometimes be your

unwanted companion but true wisdom comes

not from having every question fully

answered in the moment but from knowing

me as the faithful

answerer my word my spirit these unlock

understanding as you walk the path of

seeking like Spears of Morning Light

piercing the darkness illuminated truths

will Dawn within your

spirit strong confidence will emerge and

become an anchoring

root you will come to rest in my

character more than having every detail

mapped out clearly before

you let your questions and doubts drive

you deeper Still Into My

Embrace allow the not yet understood

portions of your journey to bind you

tighter to my side to increase Reliance

on my goodness and

faithfulness as you walk together with

me I Infuse your soul with meaning

purpose strength renew

though the way may wind through

difficult terrain you have all you need

because here you are loved perfectly

provided for abundantly and protected

eternally the call of my spirit bids you

higher dear one to SAR as you were

designed but do not only seek to fly

farther faster learn also the joy of

hovering here with me to cease from

striving in plans and busyness to

breathe in the rarified air of my

presence as Earthly clamor Falls silent

below turn slowly attune your ear to

Heaven’s Symphony resounding all

around my spirit sings over you let this

be the soundtrack of your days do not

fear the changes coming my child the old

order passes away behold I make all

things new what seems uncertain from

your view remains firmly grasped within

my strong Steady Hand of in intentional

purpose trust the goodness that

relentlessly pursues you the mercy that

will not let you go the love that

transforms even wounds and Brokenness

into sources of life-giving healing for

many walk with your hand in mind small

steps or great leaps becoming easier as

old shackles fall

free whatever your questions my purpose

holds true I am making Beauty from Ash

life from from Death All Things New

until the story I craft with your life

brings me Glory this is true wisdom to

know me as enough in every

moment so walk on Beloved the father who

loves you perfectly is very near this I

promise you my beloved I will never

leave you my love will never fail you

you are safe here you are known you are

home amen

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