my dear child today I want to speak to

you clearly and simply but with a deep

and unending

love your Eternal salvation is one of

the greatest gifts I can

offer but there’s also my unfailing love

for you a love that is constant

unwavering and always

present in your toughest moments through

Joys and Sorrows on sunny days and cold

nights whether you feel uplifted or down

I am there I extend my hand to you

reminding you of my love and offering

you comfort remember I created you with

my own hands in my

image you are uniquely special and


blessed I have placed gifts talents and

abilities within you that Define who you

are a marvelous creation meant to bring

light to a world filled with

conflict you are not an accident you are

filled with purpose every day of your

life life is woven with Divine intention

a mission that gives meaning and

direction to your

existence in this journey you will find

true happiness though it may sometimes

be hard to

reach you may face enemies and obstacles

that try to block your path but remember

this you are never

alone my protection is always with you

like a father who watches over his

children in me you will find safety and

peace even during the toughest times

I can calm the storms and quiet the

winds that threaten to engulf you in

darkness My Love Is Your steadfast

Refuge a place where you can always find

help and comforting

words I am always ready to lift you up

when you fall to strengthen you when you

are weak my power is perfect in your

Frailty always available and

Limitless I also offer you my wisdom and

guidance in this confusing and uncertain


my word is a lamp to your feet guiding

you on the right path helping you make


decisions in return for your

faithfulness I promise to bless you

richly I will provide for you give you

strength and fill your life with

joy one of the greatest gifts I give is

my forgiveness and the opportunity for a


beginning your past mistakes cannot

overcome my grace which is freely given

through my love

I offer you a new start filled with hope

and new

possibilities but I ask for your genuine

repentance your recognition of your

mistakes and your commitment to leave


behind this journey is serious because

beyond the trials and victories the

sleepless nights and joyful mornings I

promise you something even more

incredible eternal

life this blessing goes beyond Earthly

limits offering hope that lasts

forever in me you will find the promise

of an eternity filled with joy and peace

a wonderful future waiting for

you however remember this while I look

forward to our reunion your actions here

on Earth have eternal

consequences stay faithful Until the End

hold on to my teachings and put me first

in your life your family and your home

show kindness to others offer Mercy to

those in need and forgive those who hurt

you stay away from harmful

influences remembering that you are

never alone in this world I am a

constant blessing in your life I am

always with you in every moment with

Every Breath You Take whether in times

of happiness or hardship under clear

skies or during stormy

nights my love envelops you sustaining

you now I urge you Proclaim it write it

down shout it to the world with all your

heart say aloud my God I love you I am

ready to fulfill all the prayers you

have lifted up seeking your well-being

your freedom your prosperity and your

joy let peace and Harmony return to your

family healing the hurts of the past you

have faced much from your childhood and

as you grew grew let down by those who

should have cared for and protected

you I have seen your tears and they have

deeply touched

me my angels and I have cried with you

as you have navigated through life

protecting you from danger and even from

Death I have placed you exactly where

you need to be preparing you for the

wonderful blessings that are soon to

unfold I have given you a spirit of love

and power aligning your emotions with

with your

faith right now your Eternal salvation

your healing and your emotional

stability are within reach reach for my

hand in the morning throughout your day

and when you come home

exhausted talk to me because I am

listening tell me how much you need me

and just by saying these words you will

feel a sweet and profound peace

surrounding you when you express

gratitude Divine oil is poured upon your

spirit filling you with comfort and

courage when you call on me sincerely


Faithfully you are freed from

distress if you are feeling burdened

tired sad or discouraged come to me I

will replace your despair with rest and

your sorrow with

joy I am your closest friend and you are


alone turn to my word when you feel

lonely you will be okay

you will

overcome secure In My Embrace and

wrapped in my love you will never fail

when you profess your love for me and

commit to me do not worry your blessing

is close continue praying your answer is

near listen closely to my words until

the end letting each one deeply impact


soul on days when you feel weary and

heavy laden know that I am here to

listen I will not judge you

I aim to relieve your burdens provide

you with rest and restore your strength

both spiritually and physically so you

can stand tall and press

on after you’ve aired the best action is


reflect spend time in prayer and


repent presenting your troubles before

me I want to assist you in straightening

out your life to walk a pure path free

from frustrations

and to help you avoid causing harm to

your family with harsh words or

actions I desire for your home to be a

Wellspring of Peace where words of

gratitude and healing abound be patient

strive to understand each other and

emulate my example of Love support and

service bring every issue every family

matter to me now and leave it in my care

share everything with me and as you do

you will be liberated from anxiety iety

tension insecurity frustration and anger

don’t fret about anything Embrace these

words of healing warmly come and find

Solace under the Embrace of your loving

father who contends for you your Victory

is certain prepare yourself to receive a


Miracle the fiercest and most painful

battle was already one many years

ago today you have the right to let my

Holy Spirit fill your heart with

Joy salvation and eternal life are

yours the enemy tried to Rise Against

you to accuse and destroy you but he was

defeated and the records of your sins

were nailed to the

cross no one can accuse you anymore you

don’t have to run

away don’t miss the chance to be

free come to me you don’t need to wander

through this world thinking I don’t care


you the enemy tries to convince the

world that there is no forgiveness

restoration or hope many have believed

his lies lost in their sins thinking

there is no way out but I have come to

bring life to all who dare to

believe you are in a process

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