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my beloved child I am always by your

side do not let fear or anxiety

overwhelm you for I promise to bring you

peace you have been shadowed by fear for

far too long held back by the trials of


past but now the moment Has Come For

Liberation I will dispel this pervasive

fear and forever free you from its

grasp fear has sparked panic and anxiety

and anger within you yet remember these

feelings do not reflect my

Essence my perfect love is powerful

enough to banish all fear my love

liberates it does not cause anguish I’m

here to heal not to punish the origins

of your fear stem from untruths that

have lingered in your life misleading

narratives that have been difficult to

shake but you possess the strength to

transcend this Legacy of distress at

this very moment my spirit is active

eradicating the falsehoods that fuel

your fear this journey may bring

discomfort but I will guide you with

wisdom and compassion every step of the

way this path to Freedom will be direct

and Swift keep your eyes on me as

falsehoods are Stripped Away my love

will fill the voids enveloping your mind


heart you have yearned for a love of

this mag mag itude now embrace it let

wave upon wave of my unmar grace refresh

your spirit let it penetrate every

broken part of you mending you

completely with untruths dispelled and

my love anchoring your heart fear will

lose its

foothold as misconceptions are brought

into the light fear dwindles and

dies my perfect love casts light into

the darkest corners eliminating fear

thoroughly and

permanently then abundant Revelation

knowledge will come Insight will build

upon insight as I reveal myself to you

in deeper ways the spirit of counsel

understanding and discernment is being

poured out so you can Steward this new

revelation well these gifts help prevent

distraction so you can remain attentive

to me and those around you breakthrough

is also coming in overwhelmed and heavy

areas of your life

freedom from weariness enables you to

joyfully rest in my presence I am moving

you from striving Works into the

completed work of my

son as you cease from self- efforts my

power goes to work mix this rest with

faith the measure I’ve already given you

let Hope arise for a better

tomorrow the title Deeds to your future

promises are here waiting to be

unwrapped Wells of vibrant Living Faith

now spring up within you for Faith

grasps the reality of unseen things the

substance behind the evidence confidence

in your flesh fails but confident hope

in me will never disappoint you there

were Seasons you felt unable to focus on

me or access my power but now my delight

rests upon you gracing you to prosper in

our relationship once more I establish

the timing of breakthrough

my favor surrounds you at just the right

time the seeds of past prayers will

Spring forth your latter days Wilderness

will become a

garden though storms still rage without

a supernatural strength Rises up on the

inside even when chaos swirls through

the Nations my peace guards your heart

in my inescapable presence the blast of

my spirit breathes new life into weary

Souls receive receive deep breaths of

refreshing right now I am Reviving and

empowering you for the days ahead this

Divine empowerment will bear you up for

years to come hope will float because I

lift the load I make streams in the

Wasteland new mercies ever await you run

to me and drink your fill come Feast on

my goodness there is plenty for all do

not neglect meeting together with fellow

Believers link arms as I link yours with

mine encourage each other with words

that reflect our unshakable kingdom the

prayers and support of others can

accomplish more than lonely Faith

together we will see captives set free

now rise up in boldness transformed by

Mercy shine brilliantly so those groping

in darkness catch a glimpse of my

heart for you are my showcase the

exhibit of what I can do in a humble

life submitted fully to

me the master artist will paint Beauty

from your Brokenness

so do not fear my

beloved the future is secure for I hold

you firmly by the hand we will Blaze a

trail of blessing through every desert

place trust me to loose Every Chain I

crush the curse and raise up the humble

we walk this journey handin hand my

child you have endured great hardship

but now a new day is Dawning the light

of my love blazes through the darkest

night let its Radiance flood your soul

and set you free no longer submit to the

tyranny of fear that ruthless

Taskmaster his Reign Over Your Mind ends

today for I gently lift your downcast

chin until our eyes meet do you see

compassion flowing there fathomless

Grace awaits to heal every hidden

wound pain compelled you to build walls

around your heart but true relationship


vulnerability Brick by Brick I will help

you dismantle those barriers as you open

yourself to receive more of my intimate

affection false identities rooted in

fear lose their grip you gain the

courage to stand exposed and transparent

before me in the light of my countenance

Shadows of condemnation shrink back

perfectionistic voices that demand you

earn love through tireless effort

finally go silent cease the fruitless

striving you fiercely pursue a prize

already attained how I yearn to shower

you with blessings that overflow

effortlessly from our unbreakable bond

this bond holds fast in your weakest

moment and highest Glory I am for you

not against you beside you as your

fiercest friend no matter where you

wander I patiently await your return my

heart ever Cries Out come home beloved

child let your striving cease In My


as my loving gaze lifts you up false

mental constructs lose shape and

definition voices of anxiety and anger

hold less sway healing streams down to

nourish parched places as you receive

more of my unconditional acceptance feel

layers of tension uncoil from your mind

emotions and

body neglected parts of yourself revive

like a flower after a storm you gain

energy to invest in wholesome

connections that replenish your soul let

healthy Community stabilize and ground

you the family I designed you to dwell

among is a balm that protects against

regression into Old patterns learn to

give and receive freely in an atmosphere


trust here your true self emerges

unhindered Love’s light reveals the path

ahead with inner Liberty comes authority

to challenge voices of fear no longer

cower as a powerless victim but rise up

as an empowered Force for good wield

love as a sharp sword to sever

generational bonds of

pain my heart is to end cycles that

torment transform ugly patterns into

testimonies displaying my healing

Grace show the world that light shines

brightest in those who Embrace their

weakness rely fully on my loving might

and courage

awakens receive all I have spoken deep

into the fertile soil of your inner

being May every word birth Liberation

rise up in the authority I now vest

Within You by the power of my spirit go

forth as a blazing torch in the darkness

bold and

unafraid the things I have whispered in

secret shout from the housetops into a

world desperate for hope my healing

words upon your lips release fountains

in the Wasteland now now is the time for

my glory revealed through you my beloved

do not lose heart when the journey

becomes difficult I have not abandoned

you so let not fear overwhelm as you

navigate the challenges of life even in

the darkest Valley you can lift up your

eyes to find me walking beside you ready

to comfort and guide each faltering

step when anxiety constricts and

uncertainty abounds pause to listen for

the Gent Whisper of my spirit let my

voice slice through racing thoughts and

swirling confusion quieting your

mind though chaos surrounds there is

calm Within Reach drink deeply from

Still Waters I lovingly provide in times

of inner

turmoil here your soul finds rest and

perspective returns in moments when

loneliness descends like a heavy fog

obscuring all light remember you have

constant companionship in me I

understand the ache for meaningful

connection because I built that yearning

into the fabric of your being but even

if Earthly relationships fail your

Eternal place in my family stands

unshakable you belong to me always when

weariness leaves you sapped of all

motivation let my passion stir your

stale heart to Fresh purpose my vibrant

life transfusing your veins revitalizes

From the Inside Out strength is

rediscovered not through self striving

but as a gift received from Union with

me abide in the shelter of my wings

until Wonder awakens and spiritual

Vitality is restored my beloved child

light piercing the darkness signals Dawn


Breaking this new day blossoming holds

inestimable Treasures if you walk it out

with me by your side but Beyond the

Horizon of each day that Dawns most

radiant awaits the unfading day star of

Eternity where endless adventures

together unfold in the golden warmth of

my presence the richest blessings are

yet to come so lift up your eyes in

expectation of all I have prepared

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