be patient with God today you may not

realize it but he is doing something

great in your life be open to New

Opportunities and possibilities God

knows which doors to open keep trusting

God even when the answer is no it’s the

forgiving of all my sins and loving me

unconditionally that does it for me

thank you Jesus always pray to have eyes

that see the best in people a heart That

Forgives the worst a mind that forgets

the bad and a soul that never loses

faith in God the deack on you proof that

you’re pral too God sometimes God lets

you hit rock bottom so that you realize

that God is the rock at the bottom the

devil wants you too worry about what’s

next and not what’s now the devil is a

liar stop worrying always focus on God

and enjoy every single day he has given

if you kneel before God you can stand up

to anything sometimes God puts you in

place is alone because he needs you to

realize you do not need anyone but him

many people reject Jesus because of bad

experiences U religious people Lord

please prepare me for what I have been

praying for TS scenes that Satan goai WT

even hide and St l d c he dear Lord I’m

not asking for anything today I just

want to say thank you amen have patience

with God isn’t finished quite yet

whoever is reading this that is battling

the devil in this world right now keep

your faith in God and keep fighting the

cloudy days make the sunny ones that

much better not once into the Bible does

it say too worry about it stress over it

or figure it out but over and over it

says to trust God

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