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world God said my dear son amidst the

pages of existence where the light of my

Divinity shines incessantly I manifest

myself as your Eternal Helper and

Liberator this relationship surpassing

any Earthly Bond transcends the

dimensions of time and space today I

want to speak to you through words

inspired divinely so you may grasp the

depth of my love for you in moments of

darkness when your heart cries out for

Relief I respond with a Grace that

transcends human understanding my Divine

arms envelop you offering comfort in

times of Affliction and inspiration in

the Luminous mornings like a loving

father responding to his child’s call I

answer your summon seeking the sincerity

of your heart my presence is like a

beacon in the darkness a light that

illuminates the darkest corners of your

journey Psalm declares the Lord is

your light and your salvation Whom Shall

you fear the lord is the stronghold of

your life of whom shall you be afraid in

hours when the weight of existence seems

overwhelming find refuge in my loving

arms I your Supreme Liberator not only

redeem from Earthly afflictions but

elevate your soul above the chains of

ego and illusion guiding you toward the

true Freedom that resides in Your Divine

Consciousness understand my son that my

love for you is comparable to an ocean

without Shores vast and unfathomable in

my Infinite Wisdom I comprehend your

struggles and triumphs I am the Divine

architect shaping Your Existence with

perfection trust in me with all your

heart as written in Proverbs and

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding

in all your ways submit to him and he

will make your path straight every

challenge every joy every tear and

laughter are interwoven into the

tapestry of your life forming a unique

pattern reflecting your personal Journey

the Rel relationship between us is

described in scriptures as complete

trust a surrender that surpasses human

wisdom in the Stillness of meditation

when your mind has quieted and your

heart opens to the Divine you realize I

am not merely a distant Observer but an

active participant in each Precious

Moment the pages of the book of your

life are written in Divine collaboration

where every act of kindness every

Triumph and every lesson learned are

co-created between us Faith Like a seed

planted in the fertile soil of your

heart grows with the Waters of devotion

and surrender I the celestial cultivator

nourish this Faith with my ceaseless

love as expressed by Jesus in Matthew

truly I tell you if you have faith

as small as a mustard seed you can say

to this mountain move from here to there

and it will move nothing will be

impossible for you in moments of Joy I

celebrate by your side sharing in the

unfolding happiness like petals of a

radiant flower in moments of sadness I

unold you in my comforting Embrace

offering the promise that even in the

shadows the light of my presence never

extinguishes your spiritual journey is

an uphill climb full of challenges and

Crossroads but my promise Echoes as an

eternal refrain

every step toward the mountain of Truth

is sustained by my Divine hand guiding

by the grace empowering and by the love

inspiring I the Supreme artist paint the

landscape of your existence with vibrant

colors and infinite nuances each

experience whether gentle or tumultuous

contributes to the Masterpiece that is

your life each chapter of your journey

reveals more about my divine nature and

the depth of love love permeating all

creation contemplating the Grandeur of

creation Marvel at the complexity and

beauty of the divine plan Every Creature

every leaf Dancing In The Wind every

Star adorning the firmament is a

tangible expression of my love I am the

conductor orchestrating the Symphony of

Life inviting you to actively

participate in this Divine Concert your

spiritual journey is an ongoing Quest

For Truth a search that reveals my face

in increasingly profound ways my love

for you is not merely an external Force

but the essence pulsating With Every

Beat of your heart in the intimate

communion with me you discover there is

no real separation only the illusion of

distance my presence is like the air

permeating all spaces invisible yet

essential for life I am the breath

animating your being the heartbeat

echoing the rhythm of existence istance

thus your journey with me is an epic of

love a saga unfolding Through Time and

Eternity my promise of assistance

resounds as a sacred Mantra reminding

you that in every Circumstance the

heavenly father is by your side may this

truth be engraved in your heart guiding

you through the joys and challenges of

your journey until you reach the Eternal

Abode of my Divine love with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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