A Very Serious Decision Is Made In “Haven” about you..”

today you have a strong message from

Lord my little one I recognize what you

are suffering difficult right now I know

your budget or tight I understand you

are tapping heart to address all of the

matters that existence is throwing at

you I realize you feel like giving up

sometimes but I need you to lean on me I

will show you the way due to the fact

Back Time The Manor I actually have a

blessing with your name on it don’t

surrender earlier than the blessing

comes like this video if you are

experiencing positive thoughts in your

life in the Bible vers Proverbs

– always says trust in the Lord with

all your heart and lean now not in your

personal knowhow in all your methods

published to to him and he’ll make your


instantly my kids I need you to

recognize what you are cherished and

value simply as you are you are not

defined by using your errors or

shortcomings but through the goodness on

your heart you are worth of forgiveness

and charm and I am right here to provide

it to you I understand that it is able

to be hard two let Cross of guilt and

disgrace however I need you to know that

it is feasible you do not ought to carry

this burden by myself you can release it

into my fingers and allow me to heal

your heart let pass of the Beyond and

attention on the present you have the

strength to make high quality changes in

your life and to move forward with

desire and confidence don’t let guilt or

disgrace keep you lower back from

dwelling the lifestyles you

deserve remember that forgiveness isn’t

always just about letting pass of the

Beyond however also approximately making

amends and getting to know out of your

mistakes use this enjoy as an

opportunity for boom and self- mirrored

in image Lord claims type yes if you

need this

blessings daily affirmation today goes

to be a wonderful day I am going into

nowadays with a tremendous mindset and

and open thoughts L am ready to tackle

something this day has in store for me I


sturdy I am powerful I am confident I am

prepared for this stunning day no rely

what happens today I am going to stay

effective and

satisfied God says today I am working on

your behalf bring me all of your worries

inclusive of your desires talk with me

about everything letting the light of my

presence shine in your hopes and

plans spend time permitting my light to

infuse your dreams with lifestyles step

by step transforming them into reality

this is a realistic manner of taking

part with me I the creator of the

universe have dained to co-create with

you do now not attempt to hurry this

process if you need to work with me you

need to be given my time body hurry is

not in my nature Abraham and Sarah had

to wait many years for the success of my

promise a son how their lengthy weight

intensified their Leisure of this child

faith is the Assurance of things hoped

for receiving as actual truth what isn’t

always discovered to the

senses do not be surprised by using the

fiery attacks on your thoughts when you

conflict to find me and to live in my

peace do not let discouragement set in

you are engaged in massive war


talking the evil one uphor your

closeness to me and his demonic

underlings are determined to damage

intimacy when you discover yourself

inside the thick of conflict name upon

my name Jesus help me at that

immediately the war turn sento mine your

role is virtually to believe Mees I

fight for you my name while used has

unlimited power to bless and guard at

the End of Time Each Knee will bow in

heaven on the planet and beneath the

Earth while my name is proclaimed people

who’ve used Jesus as a shoty swear

phrase or giveway in Terror on that

Exquisite day but all those who have

drawn near me fire trustingly uttering

my name may be filled with inexpressible

and glorious Joy this is your fantas

squish as you watch for my return enter

I love dearly you father when things

Dante go as you would love be given the

State of Affairs right now if you

indulge in feelings of regret they are

able to

without difficulty spill over the line

into resentment remember that I am

Sovereign over your instances and humble

yourself under my strong

hand rejoice in what I am doing for your

life even though it is beyond your

expertise I am the way the truth and the

life in me you have the whole lot you

want each for this Lifestyles and for

the lifestyles yet to come don’t permit

the effect of the world shatter your

questioning or Draw you away from

focusing on me the closing Venture is to

maintain solving your eyes on me

irrespective of what is going on around

you when I am important in your

questioning you are able to view

circumstances from my angle write amen

if you receive this the scripture says

I’ve learned that during existence a few

people are peace Stealers they feel like

it is they calling to worsen you try to

make you appearance terrible and let you

know what you can’t do they’ll attempt

to bait you into a controversy too get

you disappointed aggravated and

frustrated but don’t take the bait

nothing is worth losing your peace PE

over they might imagine there getting

the fine of you however in the end God

can use that to take you

higher when human beings come towards

you take out to preserve your peace

choose to forgive pray for that person

due to the fact it truly is the way you

disarm the enemy in opposition to you

scripture says your struggle is not

against flesh and blood blood in others

words that person isn’t always your

enemy the accuser Satan is your enemy

he’s seeking to deliver department and

get you

disillusion but when you pick to

maintain peace when you preserve on foot

in love and maintain a smile in your

face you are overcoming his approaches

that’s the way you win today pick peace

take out to stroll in love and select

the victory God has prepared for you if

you’re convinced type to tut two today’s

message I’m no longer going to waste

something it’s all part of the method

the difficulties the delays the unfair

situations in case you keep the proper

mind set you will see that it’s running

together for your precise L larger and

stronger than something you are going

through if you are feeling overwhelmed

lay your burdens with me I’ve usually

been capable that will help you through

each scenario you’ve got ever confronted

do now not worry I have your again the

subsequent months are full of benefits


possibilities God is closing in antique

chapter S opening new ones expect growth

in your monetary Investments progressed

relationships health and monetary

situations Believers in God are blessed

with topnotch things comment God always

with me I know what it is to be in want

and I recognize what its miles to have

plenty I actually have learned the name

of the game of being content in any and

every situation I can do all this

through him who offers me energy

Philippians for attention listener

join this prayer with me and say it with

me dear Lord Jesus I thank you that you

made meth manner I am I understand that

my beginning changed into no longer an

twist of fate I had IAL SE in that you

made me achieve certain

dreams I want to know my path right now

I want

to understand which course I must take

next I want to be the exceptional

version of myself I pray on your

guidance and knowledge to know what my

next Direction ought to be I want to

stay to Delight you and be in tool in

your hand I do not want to be a

liability on this existence help me

locate the root so that it will result

in fulfillment keep me from choices on

the way to tarnish my photo and spoil my

existence help me understand each day

what my subsequent Adventure is going to

be let me be a symbol of courage and

positivity anywhere I find myself Show

Me Your Light ends of Darkness let me

pick proper on every

occasion let me live on the root you’ve

got set for me and allow me stay for

your eternal glory

amen type amen if you believe we pray to

Lord Jesus to give you strength to

easily overcome every difficulty that

comes in your life if you’re loving our

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