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God said my dear son in the Serene

Embrace of profound Divine Tranquility

my heartfelt wish is for Celestial peace

to envelop every single cell of your

being as you immerse yourself in these

words overl flowing with an abundance of

love and gratitude in this sacred moment

my deepest yearning is to share with you

not only the boundless expanse of my

love but also the unfathomable depth of

my gratitude for having you as the

cherished Cornerstone of my existence

since the very Inception of time my love

has been the potent Force propelling

every Exquisite Act of Creation choosing

to accompany you on this Earthly Odyssey

I made the Del liberate choice to bestow

upon you the precious gift of life

encapsulated in the Redemptive Grace of

my beloved Son Jesus this Grace with its

Transcendent nature transcends all your

imperfections and shortcomings infolding

you in an eternal tenderness that no

obstacle or challenge can ever diminish

each New Dawn that unfolds Heralds a

fresh page in the grand Narrative of

your existence a masterpiece that we

hand in in hand continue to compose I

watch with unwavering attention every

stride you take every tear that Cascades

from your eyes and I am present in every

radiant smile that Graces your

countenance Your Existence shaped and

molded by my Divine Artistry stands as a

Living Testament and the gratitude that

resides within me for having you as my

son is as vast and profound as the

boundless oceans that I in my infinite

love have created I possess a complete

understanding of the intrinsic

challenges woven into the fabric of your

Human Condition the trials The

Temptations and the moments of

vulnerability are integral facets of

your Earthly sojourn yet I implore you

to Fathom that my grace is not merely

sufficient but surpassingly abundant for

you your Humanity far from diminishing

My Love Actually creates an expansive

canvas for my mercy and compassion to

radiate with even greater

Luminosity the spectacle of witnessing

your humility acknowledging your

mistakes and seeking Redemption fills my

Divine heart with boundless Joy

repentance in this Divine orchestration

becomes the portal that leads to a more

profound and intimate relationship with

me your willingness to return to the

shelter of My Embrace is an eloquent

expression of the wisdom and humility

that I hold in high regard much like the

psalmist extoling the beauty of giving

thanks I earnestly hope you grasp that

gratitude is a Celestial language every

instance you recognize my gifts my

unwavering faithfulness and my constant

presence in your life we collaboratively

compose a symphony of love that resounds

through the very heart of the heavens

your gratitude my son is a Timeless

Melody echoing through the ch coridor of

Eternity in moments of adversity my

deepest desire is for you to feel the

unwavering certainty that you are not

alone I stand beside you holding your

hand supporting you with the Embrace of

my unconditional love gratitude has the

power to Blossom even in the harshest

seasons for my Divine Light radiates

with undiminished Brilliance even in the

darkest Shadows place your trust in me

for I am the unyielding Rock and the

comforting Refuge you seek as you bask

in the warmth of my gratitude I

fervently hope you will become a conduit

a vessel overflowing with this Divine

Essence generously sharing the love I

have bestowed upon you and disseminating

the grace you have so graciously

received may you live a life steeped in

gratitude a beacon of light that

illuminates the Obscure Paths of others

offering them hope Solace and love as

they Traverse their own unique Journeys

my beloved Son my gratitude for you is

not confined by the constraints of time

it is eternal unceasing and immeasurable

much like my boundless love with each

breath you take consider it a constant

reminder of my generosity and with every

heartbeat Envision a symphony of Love

reverberating through the celestial

corridors never let doubt Cloud your

awareness of the profound love that

envel V opes you and always remember

that your life is an extraordinary

manifestation of my abundant grace with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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