my dear child I want you to know that I have called you for a special

purpose over the past months I’ve been revealing myself to you in new ways

allowing you to explore the depths of who I am as my spirit searches the Deep

places within you I’ve brought you to a point where my timing and your purpose

are about to converge propelling you into your destiny remember those things that bring

you joy and excitement the passions that stir your heart and the topics you could

discuss endlessly these are the desires I’ve placed within you and now I’m bringing

them to the Forefront of your life with greater clarity as I rebuild this nation I’m

starting with you I’ve laid a strong foundation in your life and now I’m going to build you up and Elevate you to

walk into the greatest days you’ve ever known don’t overthink finding your

purpose or calling it’s not meant to be confusing simply pursue the things you love doing

whether it’s helping children serving others or raising up people the way I’m raising you up as you walk with me and

we become one you’ll naturally live out the desires I’ve placed within you my

Holy Spirit Will equip you with Supernatural gifts through my grace providing you with the tools you need to

serve and Empower others just as I did during my Earthly Ministry I trained up

the disciples and apostles filled them with the power and fire of my spirit and

sent them out in the same way I’m purifying and preparing you for your mission I know

the process hasn’t been easy but my hand has always been upon you guiding and leading

you as you commit your ways to me and acknowledge me in all your paths I cause

you to prosper and make your path straight you’re closer to your

breakthrough than you realize far from the wilderness and dry lands you once

knew every time you praise me think of me or pray without ceasing I draw closer

to you like the father of the prodigal son I see you from afar and run to

embrace you clothing you with my righteousness as I increase the

blessings favor and glory in your life go out and do good works in my

name my goodness leads you to repentance causing you to turn from the ways of the

world and draw closer to me arise and shine for my glory has risen upon you

and my story is about to shine through you as you bring glory to my name here on Earth my kingdom is within you around

you and in the community where I send you I have healed you and now you will

go forth with accuracy piercing the darkness your presence will cause demons

to flee and your words will breathe breathe life into dead situations just as Ezekiel prophesied to

the dry bones I’m calling you forth Lazarus to take off your grave clothes

and let me unwrap you go and Shine for there is no more stench of death on you

you are glorious and victorious triumphing in all things through me

every good and perfect gift in your life comes from me the father of Heaven I

have seated you in Heavenly places and given you a Heavenly perspective grow in the things of the spirit for your life

is no longer limited to the Physical Realm you will walk in Supernatural abundance healing and the fire of my

power causing all who see you to glorify me remember to enjoy life for laughter

is medicine to your soul as you rejoice I’m gathering you to a remnant of people

who haven’t bowed their knees to the world or its kingdoms come and sh with me reside with me as I bring you into

the greatest level and calling of your life Destiny is upon you and I’m

bringing you Kingdom connections and helpers to position you exactly where you belong congratulations my child you

have matured ready to spread my word throughout the Earth and bring my fruit to the Nations raise your voice and lift

your head high for I am behind you going before you and surrounding you on every

side died no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that

rises against you in condemnation and accusation you shall prove wrong my

beloved child as you step into this new season of your life know that I am with

you every step of the way I have seen your faithfulness and your dedication to

seeking me and I am pleased the desires I have placed Within You Are Not Mere whims or passing

fancies but a refle ction of the unique purpose I have ordained for you since the beginning of

time do not be afraid to pursue those things that bring you Joy and

fulfillment for they are often the very things I have called you to do whether it’s serving the less

fortunate mentoring the Next Generation or using your gifts to uplift

others trust that I have equipped you with all you need to make a difference in this

world as you walk in obedience to my will you will find that doors will open

that you never thought possible opportunities will arise that align perfectly with the passions I have

instilled in you there will be times when the path ahead seems unclear and you may feel like you’ve lost your way

in those moments trust in my guidance and know that I am always leading you towards your ultimate

Destiny even when you can’t see the way I am directing your steps and preparing

the way before you as you continue to seek me and prioritize our

relationship you will find that my presence becomes more and more tangible in your life you will experience a depth

of intimacy with me that surpasses anything you’ve ever known my love for you is unending and my

desire is for you to walk in the fullness of all that I have for you as you walk in obedience and

surrender to my will you will see my hand moving in powerful ways in your

life Miracles will become commonplace and you will witness The Impossible

becoming possible before your very eyes your faith will grow stronger with

each passing day remember my child that you are never alone I am always with you

and I have given you the gift of my holy spirit to guide you comfort you and Empower you to live a life that brings

glory to my name as you continue on this journey know know that I am proud of you

in the person you are becoming you are a reflection of my love and grace to the world around you and your life has the

power to impact countless others for eternity keep pressing forward keep seeking my face and know that I am

always working behind the scenes to bring about my perfect plan for your life I have called you by name and you

are mine you are precious in my sight and I have great plans for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you you plans to give you hope and a future trust in my goodness trust in my

faithfulness and know that I will never leave you or forsake you my beloved child think back on the

countless moments throughout your life when someone tried to share eye-opening insights with you or when you

encountered something that seemed to gain traction and offer a potential path forward yet for various reasons you

dismissed it choosing not to investigate further or pursue it wholeheartedly this decision stemmed

from an incomplete understanding you didn’t grasp the full picture or have

access to the entire Revelation your perspective was limited

but fear not for when I unveil something new to you it unlocks fresh

possibilities you begin to see with renewed Clarity even if the situation

remains unchanged I may bring the same circumstances back around but this time

you perceive them differently suddenly the pieces will fall into place and you comprehend what I have been trying to

show you all along the path becomes crystal clear and you recognize where I have been guiding

you this newfound understanding arises from the Revelation I have imparted to

you these Revelations will transform your perspectives on relationships

finances and health ultimately reshaping your life as you know it when Revelation Dawns it’s as if a

long awaited Epiphany occurs something that previously eluded you suddenly makes perfect

sense as a result you find yourself accomplishing more without expending as much energy as

before what once drained you becomes effortless as it aligns seamlessly with

your new way of life there is no turning back for you realize this is the only

way to be this is what happens when I Elevate you to a higher level operating at this new

level you recognize that there is no other way you desire to live returning

to your former way of life would be akin to dwelling in a realm devoid of Life once I reveal something to you it

empowers you to live differently because your world viw has been transformed you

perceive reality through a new lens when I I pour out Revelation into your life I

encourage you to treasure it within your heart the Holy Spirit who leads you into all truth is the one who imparts divine

revelation as a result you adopt a different worldview and approach life in a new way if someone hasn’t yet attained

that level of Truth or hasn’t received the Revelation from the spirit it may not make sense to them they haven’t

caught the Revelation yet it’s crucial to understand that having revelation

doesn’t necessarily equate to full comprehension I may show you something

causing you to see it differently but you may still lack complete understanding this is how people can

experience Miracles and operate at an extraordinary level yet when asked how

they did it they cannot offer a precise explanation the Revelation you receive

is a gift from me empowering you to live and thrive in ways that defy Earthly

logic as you continue to seek me and allow my spirit to guide you I will

unveil New Revelations tailored specifically to your journey these Revelations will shape

your thoughts actions and decisions aligning them with my purpose for your life embrace the process of Revelation

knowing that it is an ongoing conversation between you and me remember my child that Revelation is not meant to

be hoarded or boasted about it is a sacred Trust a Divine Insight granted to you for the

purpose of growth transformation and fulfillment of your god-given

destiny Steward these Revelations with humility and gratitude allowing them to

shape you into the person I have created you to be as you walk in the light of

Revelation you will find that your life takes on new meaning and purpose you

will experience a deeper sense of connection with me and a clearer understanding of your role in my eternal

plan the revelations I Give You Are Not Mere intellectual knowledge but

life-altering truths that penetrate your heart and soul so my beloved embrace the

revelations I bring your way allow them to wash over you like a refreshing rain

cleansing away old mindsets and limitations let them illuminate your path guiding you into the Abundant Life

I have prepared for you you trust in the process of Revelation knowing that I am

always at work in your life revealing myself to you in new and exciting ways

as you seek me with an open and receptive heart I will continue to pour out my spirit upon you imparting wisdom

understanding and divine Insight walk confidently in the revelations I have given you knowing

that they are a precious gift from your heavenly father allow them to transform you from the inside out shaping you into

a vessel of Honor fit for my use remember my child that Revelation is

not a onetime event but a lifelong journey of Discovery and growth my

beloved child I want you to know that I have given you a special gift the

ability to see the world in a whole new way this gift comes from my spirit

working within you revealing truths that may be hidden from others

as you grow in your relationship with me your perspective will continue to change and

evolve when you accepted me into your heart it was a lifting of a fog that allowed you to see into a different

realm no longer are you limited by what your physical eyes can perceive now you

have spiritual Insight that transcends the natural world this new way of seeing

things will become an integral part of who you are and how you live your life

you may find that suddenly things just click into place for you truths that

once seemed obscure or confusing will become clear and obvious you’ll realize

that there’s no other way to live than in alignment with my will and purpose for your life my disciples grew in their

understanding during the time they spent on Earth at first they didn’t fully grasp

the power of mine or their own authority as believers they still struggled at times but as they continued to walk with

me and witness my Miracles their faith and understanding grew they began to

catch glimpses of Revelation that transformed their perspective the same promise is for you

my child when the Holy Spirit comes upon you you will receive power power to live

a transformed life and be a bold witness for me this power is inseparable from the

presence of my my spirit within you and as the spirit reveals truth to you your

perspective will change things that once seemed important will fade into the background while

Kingdom priorities will take Center Stage your life will begin to revolve

around fulfilling the purpose I have for you this is why Revelation is so

important it’s not just acquiring knowledge but a heart change that rewrites your very reality when I reveal

something to you it’s like a torch being lit in a dark room suddenly you see

everything more clearly and you can’t imagine going back to the way you saw things

before your capacity to understand and receive from me will increase as you

spend time in my presence and my word things that once seem too difficult

or even impossible will become achievable by my spirit at work within you revelation will Elevate you to a new

level of living as you walk in this revelatory light you’ll find that your life looks

different from those around you your priorities your perspective your purpose

they’ll all be shaped by the truths I’ve revealed to you while others may be chasing after temporary things you’ll be

building my eternal Kingdom this is the kind of life I desire for you A life of

ever increasing Revelation and intimacy with me a life where my spirit is

continually teaching guiding and empowering you a life that shines brightly in a dark World leading others

to the hope that is only found in me my beloved child I have poured out my

spirit upon you like a Refreshing Spring of Living Water this outpouring is a

special kind of anointing one that brings Revelation and understanding just

as oil was poured over the heads of Kings and Priests in ancient times times so too do I anoint you with the oil of

my spirit when my spirit comes to you it illuminates the hidden things the

Mysteries that were once veiled from your sight this anointing is not given to all but to those who are ready to

carry its weight and responsibility it is the same anointing that I bestowed upon my Faithful

Servants Moses Paul and John Moses received my Commandments on

the mountain inscribed on tablets of stone through this he brought my law and

instructions to the people Paul once a persecutor of my church was transformed

he carried this anointing to the Gentiles unveiling The Mystery of the Gospel that had been hidden for

ages John my beloved disciple was caught up in the spirit and shown the things that were to come and now my child I am

pouring out this same anointing upon you it may come in a sudden Moment of clarity a moment where everything clicks

into place suddenly you see things from A New Perspective and what was once difficult

becomes easy perhaps you have struggled with maintaining your health but now

with this revelatory anointing you understand the importance of caring for the body I have given you it becomes a

way of life no longer a burden but a joyful act of worship or maybe you have

wrestled with Financial challenges but through this anointing you gain wisdom and stewarding the

resources I have entrusted to you you begin to see money not as an end in

itself but as a tool to advance my kingdom and bless others in your

relationships this anointing brings healing and restoration where once there was Discord

and misunderstanding now there is Grace and unity you learn to love as I have loved

you with patience kindness and forgiveness as you walk in this anointing your life will be

transformed what was once impossible becomes possible through the power of my spirit at work within you you will break

free from generational curses remember my child that this anointing is not for

your own Glory but for mine so come up higher my beloved come into my presence

and wait upon me I will give you the Revelation and understanding you you need to fulfill the purpose I have for

you just as I instructed Moses to come up the mountain to receive my

Commandments I invite you to ascend into the Heavenly Realms through prayer and worship as you do I will open your eyes

to see things from my perspective what was once hidden will be revealed and you will gain insight into

the mysteries of my kingdom this revelation will not only transform your life but will also flow

through you to impact the lives of others do not be afraid of the weight of this anointing I have prepared you and

will continue to equip you for every good work trust in my strength not your

own and lean upon the guidance of my Holy Spirit in the pages of my word you will

find examples of those who have walked in this revelatory anointing before you

study their lives learn from their experiences and be encouraged by their

faithfulness above all remember that I am with you always I will never leave you or forsake

you as you step out in faith and obedience I will guide your every step

and Empower you to do the works that I have prepared for you so receive this anointing my child allow it to saturate

every area of your life bringing transformation and Revelation walk in the light of my truth

and let your life be a testimony to the the power of my spirit at work within you I love you with an everlasting love

and I have great plans for you trust in me and watch as I unfold the mysteries

of my kingdom before your very eyes You Are My Chosen vessel anointed and

appointed for such a time as this my precious child I want you to know the

depths of my love for you before the dawn of time I knew you and cherished

you I formed you in your mother’s womb with great care and intention every part of who you are your

personality your quirks your unique blend of strengths and weaknesses was

lovingly crafted by my hands you are not an accident or afterthought but a Priceless treasure to

me when I look at you I see beauty and wonder the world may only see your flaws

and shortcomings but I see the incredible potential I’ve placed within you I see

the kindness of your heart the creativity of your mind and the resilience of your spirit even on your

worst days I know the pain and Brokenness you’ve experienced in this Fallen World I’ve seen every tear you’ve

cried heard every doubt and fear whispered in your heart but know this your current

circumstances do not define you you are not the sum of your past mistakes and

failures first first and foremost you are mine dearly loved fully known

completely accepted I have engraved your name on the palms of my hands your very self is

intertwined with mine I hurt when you hurt I rejoice when you rejoice you are

never alone because I dwell within you my spirit empowers Comforts and guides

you when you are weak I am strong on your behalf lean into me and I will give you rest

when you stumble and fall run to me not from me I offer you unlimited Grace and

forgiveness there is no sin too shocking no failure too massive to separate you

from my Fierce love I will always welcome you back with open arms

celebrating your return my mercies are new Every Morning

each day is a fresh start as you travel through the Peaks and valleys of Life cling to me make me your firm foundation

and Center Point fix your eyes on things above saturate your mind with my word

which is living and active talk to me continually through prayer be still in

my presence and know that I am God surrender your plans to me for I know the path that is best for you I will

lead you step by step Illuminating The Way Forward trust me in the mystery when

more more is unknown than known I am always good always faithful always true

what I start I will complete both in the world and in you when fear grips you

meditate on my perfect love that casts out fear when despair closes in Fight

For Hope by remembering my unfailing faithfulness when others abandon you

take comfort in knowing that I will never leave your side I am your safe place your everpresent help in times of

trouble trouble I am working in you and through you even when you can’t perceive it little by little I am cultivating in

you love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control I want more for you than

mere survival I want you to thrive and flourish to live each day with passion

and purpose to savor every simple gift to walk in Freedom and Victory to leave

a legacy of faith for the generations after you press into all that I have for

you beloved if you remember one thing remember this there is nothing you can

do to make me love you more and nothing you can do to make me love you less my

love for you is perfect unconditional and everlasting it is not based on your

behavior but on my character and I am unchanging you are created Creed a new

to do the good works I prepared in advance for you walk in the security of belonging to me now and forever more my

cherished child I want to remind you of the incredible power of sewing seeds in

the lives of others just as a farmer carefully plants seeds in fertile soil

trusting in the Harvest to come so too can you invest in the lives around you

every act of kindness every word of encouragement every moment moment spent listening and caring these are all seeds

that you are planting you may not always see the immediate results of your sewing but

trust that I am working behind the scenes to bring forth growth and transformation the seeds you plant today

may take root and Blossom in ways you never imagined impacting lives for

generations to come remember the story of The Mustard Seed though it starts as the smallest of

seeds it grows into a mighty tree that provides shelter and nourishment for

many in the same way even your smallest acts of love and faith can have a

profound ripple effect in the world around you as you go about your daily life look for opportunities to sew Seeds

of Hope joy and Truth offer a smile to a stranger who looks

downcast take time to really listen to a friend who is struggling give generous ly of your

resources to those in need share your story of how I have worked in your life

planting seeds of faith in the hearts of others sometimes the seeds you sew will

land on Rocky or thorny ground and you may feel discouraged when you don’t see the results you hoped for but keep

sewing Faithfully trusting that I am at work even when you can’t see

it not every seed will take root but the ones that do can yield a mighty

Harvest as you sow in the lives of others I also want you to be attentive

to the seeds being sown in your own heart surround yourself with people who will speak life and Truth over you who

will encourage you in your faith Journey spend time in my word and in prayer

allowing my spirit to plant deep roots in your soul guard your heart against seeds of bitterness resentment and

unforgiveness which can take root and choke out the good seeds trying to grow when you face hurts and disappointments

bring them to me and allow me to heal and restore you forgive others as I have

forgiven you sowing seeds of Grace and Reconciliation I am so proud of the way

you have been Faithfully sowing and investing in others even when it hasn’t been

easy your faith and perseverance inspire me I see every Act of love and kindness

and they are precious to me in the same breath I wish to gently remind you of the sacredness of

rest in a world that often exalts the frenzy of activity it is simple to fall

into the belief that perpetual motion is necessary that constant sewing and

serving are the only paths to fulfillment yet I crafted you with

boundaries understanding the necessity of balance it is permissible to decline at

times to choose discernment over Relentless action ensure you carve out

moments to replenish and rejuvenate your spirit allowing it to overflow with abundance rather than

emptiness cherish moments of solitude and Tranquility with me permitting my

presence to revitalize your being engage in Endeavors that bring you pure delight

and renewal recognizing their profound significance alongside the labor you

undertake for my Divine Purpose remember that I am not in a hurry and I am not imp impressed by

frenetic activity I Delight in a slow steady faithfulness a deep abiding in me that

bears much fruit your worth is not found in how much you accomplish but in your identity

as my beloved child continue to sew those seeds of goodness but do so with a

mindful Pace that honors sustainability deliberately craft rhythms of Labor and Repose of planting

and pruning of generosity and acceptance entrust to me the responsibility of

fostering growth confident in my Divine timing and methods and on those

inevitable days when you feel like you’ve failed or fallen short remember that my love for you is never based on

your performance you are making more of a difference than you know my precious child keep walking in faithfulness and

Trust the seeds you are swing matter for eternity and one day we will rejoice

together over the beautiful Harvest that has come forth from your labors of love as you navigate through this day

remain vigilant for chances to seow seeds of kindness compassion and

optimism extend a comforting word to a soul burdened with worry convey

gratitude to those who have profoundly impacted your journey through a heartfelt note of

appreciation each of these seeds may seem small but they have the potential to grow and flourish in remarkable ways

you never know how a simple Act of love may change the course of someone’s life setting off a chain reaction of goodness

and transformation and as you sew into others remember to also cultivate the

soil of your own heart just as a gardener must continually water fertilize and tend to

their plants so too must you nourish your own soul spend time in worship and gratitude

meditating on my goodness and faithfulness surround yourself with uplifting influences and relationships

that challenge you to grow in your faith when the storms of life come and threaten to uproot the seeds you’ve

planted stand firm in the knowledge that I am with you I will not let you be

shaken or destroyed your roots go deep into my love and that is a foundation that

cannot be moved on the days when you’re tempted to get caught up in the chaos and noise of

the world take a step back and reconnect with me set aside moments in your day to

detach from distractions and bask in the Tranquility of my presence allow me to renew your outlook

and illuminate the essence of true significance I understand the incessant demands and pressures of existence the

sensation of being tugged in Myriad directions yet I beckon you to embrace

the Cadence of my grace trusting in the ease of my yoke and the lightness of my

burden there is no need to strive or validate your worth simply abide in me

and let my Essence flow through you remember dear one that the Journey

of Faith is not a Sprint but a marathon it’s not about swiftness but about steadfast

endurance fix your gaze upon me and Traverse the path laid out for you with unwavering perseverance knowing that I

am your source of fortitude and your ultimate reward so continue to seow to

abide to find solace in me have faith that I orchestrate all things for your

benefit and my glory even when growth remains concealed beneath the surface I am profoundly thankful for you

my devoted child Your Existence radiates the beauty of my love and grace and I am

privileged to claim you as my own amen

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