“A Heart Breaking Incident is about to happen..”

Almighty Lord is saying to you

today my lovely kids I need you to

really stay centered within the coming

days I am going to bless you quickly

with what you have been patiently

waiting for and the enemy knows this the

enemy goes to use people that you

recognize to distract you with pettiness

don’t reply to that continue to quietly

go about your

and equipped for the

blessing like this video if your faith

is strong for

God my sweet child I have heard your

prayer for bodly recuperation and

restoration and I even have no longer

forgotten you I even have a plan and a

reason for your Lifestyles and I will

work all things collectively in your top

I will never go away you nor forsake you

and I will come up with the strength and

the grace to undergo this

trial you are precious and precious to

me and I love you greater than you could

imagine you are my toddler and nothing

can separate you from my love you have a

desire and a Destiny and I will satisfy

the guarantees I actually have made to

you do not be afraid afid for I am with

you do no longer be discouraged for I am

your God I will make stronger you and

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous proper hand trust in me with

all of your heart and lean no longer for

your very own expertise and all of your

methods renowned me and I will make your


directly I am the Lord your healer

I am the god of All Flesh is something

to difficult for me by my strip you’re

healed I will repair Health to you and

heal you of your wounds I will heal you

and screen to you the abundance of peace

and fact God claims write y yes if you

seek my present

guidance in the Bible versus Chronicles

to always says be Rob robust and

courageous and do the work do now not be

afraid or discouraged forth Lord God my

God is with you affirm with me I am

precisely wherein I am intended to be

right now my Lifestyles is unfolding

simply as it must be I am trusting the

universe and myself fully I realize that

I am at the the right course and

shifting in the proper route I launch

the need to understand how matters are

Co to unfold due to the fact I

understand that the whole thing will

work out for me type I Love You Lord to

affirm problems are part of life they


inescapable woven into the very material

of this Fallen World you tend to go into

trouble solving mode all too easily

performing as if you have the capacity

to Restoration the whole lot this is a

recurring response so

computerized that it bypasses your aware

questioning not most effective does this

dependency frustrate you it also

distances you from me do not allow

solving matters be your Pinnacle

priority you are ever so limited in your

capability to correct all that is

incorrect in the global around you don’t

weigh yourself down with

responsibilities that are not your very

own instead make your relationship with

me your primary difficulty talk with me

approximately anything is on your

thoughts and search of my angle on the

situation rather than seeking to fix the

whole l that involves your interest ask

me to reveal you what is absolutely

vital remember that you are end path to

heaven and allow your issues fade within

the light of

Eternity thankfulness takes the agot of

adversity that is why I even have

instructed you to provide thanks for the

whole lot there is an element of mystery

in this transaction you provide me thank

you regardless of your emotions and I

provide you with joy regardless of your

circumstances this is a spiritual Act of

obedience at instances blind obedience

to folks that do not know me in detail

it can seem irrational or even

impossible to thank me for heart-rending

hardships nonetheless people who obey me

in this way are cont continually blessed

despite the fact that difficulties May

additionally remain thankfulness open

your coronary heart to my presence and

your mind to my mind you can also

nonetheless be inside the equal location

with the same set of instances but it is

as if a light has been switched on

permitting you to see from my

perspective it is that this light of my

presence that eliminates The Edge from

adversity type yes to claim this

blessing me within the midst of the

Maelstrom find sometimes occasions whirl

around you so Speedy that they come to

be a blur whisper my name and popularity

that I am still with you without

skipping a beat in the sports that

occupy you you discover strength and

peace via praying my name

later whilst the happenings have run

their course you may talk with me more

absolutely accept every day just because

it comes to you do you no longer waste

some time and power wishing for a unique

set of

occasions instead consider me enough to

yield to my layout and functions

remember that nothing can separate you

from my loving presence you are my mine

if you agree Lord words then share this

video who is closest to your heart

listen carefully I awaken this morning

with a profound feel of the presence of

God I recognize he is constantly with us

however there are times while we will

sense his presence in an almost palpable

manner this become one of those times I

felt a clean surge of Godly self-belief

energy boldness and braveness I’m

sharing this because I need someone to

recognize the winds are transferring

there’s a new day coming in Christ we

are able to take authority over worry


intimidation the enemy desires to

silence you and will use situations

disappointments past disas ERS or human

beings sometimes those closest to you to

make you dodge yourself second bet

yourself or query your very calling it’s

time to forall listening to the lies of

the enemy and get back to go for walks

your race it’s time to forget about what

lies at the back of stress in the

direction of what is in advance in

person for the prize you’re now not

achie it’s not over God is with you and

for you typ PS if you trust Jesus

remember my beloved child there needs to

be an alternate today do you no longer

move back to the manner things have been

in order to exchange you ought to start

changing it all starts proper now at

this very second I’m guiding you down

the proper path I will order your steps

but you need to circulate your fit I by

no means set a existence could be easy

in case you comply with me but I do

promise that I’ll constantly be through

your aspect we’ll get through everything

together it’s not going to be clean

however we will come out

triumphant never Overlook I am always

with you in precise instances and in

horrific instances on mountaintops and

in valleys in joy and in tears and

advantages and in Trials whatever you

are going through I am right there

beside you every day every night time

every step of the manner I love you and

I might not depart you trust me to

attend to you and be trustworthy to you

in each season that you stroll through

type thank you God if you love Almighty

father so we are saying with confidence

the Lord is my helper I will now not be

afraid what can mere mortals do to me


dear listeners join me in prayer

and speak loudly dear heavenly Lord

today we bear in mind how your son gave

his life for us at the move for our sake

he endured betrayal humiliation and mock

for our transgressions he changed into

overwhelmed and wounded he turned into

topped with thorns and crucified for our

Salvation as we remember his sufferings

our hearts are unhappy though we’re sad

today we can take solace within the hope

hope that his dying and Resurrection

furnished us we get the gift of

everlasting life due to the fact he die

we realize we’re more than conquerors

due to the fact he overcame demise thank

you Father in your excellent display of

love thank you for giving us Eternal

existen is our present thank you for

pardoning our transgressions through

Jesus Christ our Lord and savior

amen you may access a wealth of

information that will guide you through

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