God is saying to you

today my child today I’m here to give

you the blessing and Miracle you’ve been


for get up wipe away your tears and go

to the door because I’m calling

you open it and I’ll take your hand and

lead you to a place of success that I’ve

made just for you type yes heavenly

father if you believe

listen up I’m giving you super strength

like never

before I’m showering you with so many

blessings that your enemies won’t even

be able to touch

you no more feeling embarrassed or put

down by

anyone I’m opening a huge door for you

and you won’t believe all the good

things coming your

way you might even cry happy tears when

you feel the power of my Holy Spirit in


life type yes God if you

believe so stop crying get out of the

house and face life like a

winner today I’m telling you straight up

that my blessings are on

you keep moving forward on your path

without giving

up stay alert because soon I’ll show you

something amazing and Make You Feel My

Love like never

before get ready for a new beginning

filled with

blessings and always remember I’ve got


back type amen if you

believe I’m like your best friend always

looking out for

you I’ll make sure you have everything

you need and

more if you’re feeling down or hurt I’ll

be there to make you feel

better and don’t worry I’ll always keep

you safe and

protected when things get tough just

remember that I’ve got your

back even when it seems like things are

impossible just trust me and let me take

care of

everything in the past people may have

treated you badly and made you feel like

you weren’t good

enough but I’m here to show you love

forgiveness and

kindness type

if you

believe so don’t be afraid I’ll always

be by your side guiding you through

whatever comes your

way just believe in me and let me show

you all the amazing things I have in

store for

you don’t worry or

hesitate just trust me no matter what

comes your way

you’re going to succeed in everything

you do

forever I care about you a

lot remember when you prayed really hard


something well I’m here to tell you that

your Miracle is on its

way even though today might be tough I’m

here to make you

stronger get ready to cry happy tears

because your prayers are about to be

answered those dreams you’ve been


for they’re finally going to come

true you’ve been patient and prepared

for this

moment your prayers have been heard loud


clear I am making things happen for you

setting up situations to go your

way I will make your biggest wishes come

true get rid of your annoyances and take

care of all your needs and your family

too I will make you healthy and fix any

sickness you

have your belief in me is growing and

you will see some amazing changes

soon you will understand how important

you are to

me even though there were times when you

felt sad and like I didn’t care about

you today you will feel my love in your

heart I have decided it and it will


it is meant to be and what I say to you

will come

true no one who tries to stop you will

be able

to I will give you peace and happiness

you will have lots of good things happen


you be happy and walk with confidence

show the world how joyful you

are stick to your path don’t give

up listen to what I say so you don’t

lose your

way my love for you will never end my

peace will always be there and I will

give you the strength to face any

problem I won’t leave you and you know

that believe in me say you trust

me type yes God to affirm your

trust in a world fought with uncertainty

and upheaval it is easy to succumb to

fear and anxiety

yet in the face of such challenges Trust

In The Guiding hand of the

Divine resist the temptation to join the

clamor of the Frantic masses for theirs

is a path fraught with disillusionment


despair instead anchor yourself in the

unwavering certainty of divine love

knowing that it will sustain you through

even the darkest of

times and should should you ever find

yourself a drift in life’s tempests know

that the Divine is always there to guide


home open your heart and let its wisdom

wash over you like a gentle breeze

Whispering words of Solace and

reassurance if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the

channel for in the end it is love that

surrounds you offering refuge in


Ary in a world filled with chaos and

confusion let me unfold you in this

radiant cloak of Happiness woven with

threads of love and

grace Embrace its warmth and light with

open arms for within its folds you are

cradled by Divine

Assurance I place my unwavering trust in

you believing in the strength of your

spirit let your heart whisper to me Lord

Hear My Call lend me your ear and know

that I am ever attentive to your every

plea stand Resolute and courageous my

cherished one for I walk beside you on

every step of your

journey fear not for my presence is a

shield against all

adversities your faithfulness is a

beacon that guides you through the

darkest of

nights and in return turn my love flows

abundantly into your

life you have forsaken the Allure of

Earthly Treasures instead choosing to

confront the trials and tribulations

that beset your loved ones with


resolve if you seek God’s special Grace

share this message with five

people I am confident that you will do

so Allowing God to extend his assistance

to you

I commend your tireless efforts your

unwavering integrity and your steadfast

patience in The Quiet Moments Of Dawn as

you seek my guidance I plant the seeds

of wisdom deep within your

soul with each passing day I strengthen

you with resilience and fortitude

ensuring that prosperity and growth

accompany your every

endeavor prepare yourself for the

blessings that overflow from my Divine

Wellspring shall inundate your life


measure you shall become a vessel of my

grace a Beacon of Hope to those around

you let humility and insight be your

constant companions for they are the

Hallmarks of true

greatness be bold be courageous and let

not the Spectre of fear deter you from

your chosen fren

path embrace the spiritual Rejuvenation

that envelopes you drawing strength from

its boundless

depths though obstacles May Loom large

before you know that they are but

fleeting shadows in the Brilliance of my

light Beyond them lie Treasures Untold

waiting to be discovered by the faithful

and The

Fearless so go forth my beloved and let

your heart be filled with the Assurance

of my

presence amen believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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