1⚠️God Says, Something Serious Is About To Happen….. ✝️God’s message

my dear child amidst the challenging

times you’re enduring know that ahead

lie extraordinary blessings I’m eager to

bestow upon you these hardships will

soon Fade Away replaced by the abundance

I have in store for

you you’ve shown resilience in facing

numerous trials and my unwavering love

has sustained you whenever you encounter

my words recognize that they carry

purpose and promise I’ve crafted a

steadfast plan for your life rooted in

truth and

certainty though tears may have flowed

and obstacles seemed

insurmountable my love has been a

constant source of comfort offering hope

even in moments of

Despair I Envision a life for you filled

with triumphs and victories and I urge

you you to leave the past behind

embracing the opportunities I present

before you fear not for the blessings I

bestow will not burden you but rather

they will bring prosperity and abundance


sorrow stay focused on the path I’ve

laid out for you disregarding

distractions and pessimism from others

trust in my promises for they are

unwavering amidst doubt turn to me with

confidence knowing that my love for you

is steadfast and

unyielding I understand your heart and I

am here to strengthen and support you

through life

storms when doubts creep in kneel and

reach out to me declaring your trust and

rest assured that help is on its way I

am committed to providing for your needs

so there’s no need to fear or dis spare

align yourself with me speak to me

confidently and bring me your


concerns I will fill you with peace

amidst life’s

challenges remember no one else hold

your future or can guide you through

your struggles like I can when

exhaustion weighs heavy and you feel

overwhelmed come directly to me for the

peace that surpasses all


though you may not see me with your

physical eyes through faith you can

sense my presence start each day by

remembering me inviting blessings to

fill your day and dispel negative

thoughts you’ve already shown great

strength by holding on to my promises

don’t falter

now despite challenges and adversaries

cling to the truth you’ve embraced for

your reward reward is near know that I

am with you always ready to lift you

from Despair and guide you forward with

love and

protection your journey is not one You

Walk Alone Together as companions we

will navigate life’s challenges with

your belief and trust in me met by my

faithful response and

blessings my cherished child as you read

the these words may you sense my

enveloping presence offering strength

sweetness and a profound peace release

your worries for I am in control and

will attend to all

matters trust in me like a child free

from doubt for I am here to bring

transformation to dispel loneliness and

to heal the wounds weighing heavy on

your heart the hurts that burden you are

not your fault cease dwelling on what

could have

been rest assured there will come a time

for ansers but for now focus on the

challenges ahead for they are

opportunities for growth and strength

entrust your pain to me do not bear it

alone dedicate moments of solitude to me

and I will reveal the depth of my love

and Perpetual Presence by your side

embrace the changes in your life for

they will bring freedom from tears and

protection from

adversaries my heavenly forces surround

you shielding you from harm as you walk

fearlessly among

dangers turn to my teachings spend time

in prayer and humbly come before me each

day in doing so you’ll receive my

blessings and those who oppose you will

recognize their wrongs and cease

troubling you stand firm unyielding to

fear or mockery for victory is already

yours live in peace free from worries

knowing that evil cannot approach you or

your loved ones rejoice in the abundance

that awaits you for the blessings you

have sown will soon be

harvested cherish each day for the gift

of life itself is your your greatest

blessing step into my presence daily

grow closer to me and absorb my

teachings for they will guide you on

your journey with wisdom and

patience grasp the fact that the design

I’ve bestowed upon you for this life

includes the joy of forgiveness the

invaluable Treasure of

Salvation cherish every moment of being

alive for it grants you the capacity to

to follow my decrees heed my teachings

and be liberated from Every curse or

threat to your joy your tears whether of

Joy or sorrow attest to Your

vitality approach me daily to cast aside

your burdens and share your tears I will

empathize and mourn alongside you trust

in me for I offer forgiveness eternal

life healing and Redemption

feel the tender presence enveloping you

knowing that a time of great blessings

is on the

horizon Embrace these words with faith

for your difficult days are behind you

and a season of Plenty and happiness is

near your thankfulness and humility

touch me deeply as does your commitment

to following my path and the Trust In

Your Eyes you have have the spirit of a

mighty warrior within you yet remember

that your strength comes from

me guard against Pride for I desire to

accomplish great things through you

clothe your heart in humility and Trust

for I will use you to perform Miracles

unseen by human eyes be courageous for

heaven’s doors are swinging wide open


you hold on On Tight To The Hope found

in my promises and believe with all your

heart for I will make my plan happen in

your life now is the time to see

yourself full of strength solid in your

beliefs and very

courageous don’t be scared of any

challenges for I can clear your path of

troubles and show you the way forward if

you follow my

teachings when I tell you not to quit

quit to keep going with boldness you’ll

be able to cross great divides and face

the enemy with solid

determination your happiness and

blessings rest in my hands and I want

you to grow stronger every day as you

walk in faith hold on to unshakable

faith secure in the knowledge that I

will arrive at the perfect time to

rescue you from conflicts and needs your

enemies will flee when they witness your

resilience and my word will be a holy

sword in your hands step through the

door to your blessings with Faith and

Hope For You Are Meant to thrive ignore

accusations and criticism and fill

yourself with joy peace hope faith and

courage blessings will come Prosperity

will fill your home and even lean times

will be guided by my wisdom treat

everyone with respect and kindness for

significant people will be introduced

into your life to lend a hand embrace my

blessings for a season of abundance

awaits you cherish the gift of Life

drawing Solace from forgiveness and

salvation shed tears if needed for they

remind you of life’s vitality and the

strength found in my Divine

Embrace Trust and my unwavering love for

each day brings forth the opportunity

for improvement and delightful

surprises close your eyes feel the love

I’m sending you and let these comforting

words fill your heart with Deep

Emotions Embrace a life full of

blessings leaving behind all troubles as

you step into a future Guided by Faith


Hope child never lose Hope on this

journey for it’s meant for the

brave I have chosen you deliberately to

fulfill a significant purpose I am here

to guide you every step of the way

together we will overcome challenges

conquer obstacles but and endure tough

times your presence in this world is no

coincidence before you were even born I

had already written your name in my book

I have cherished you since the very

beginning eagerly awaiting the moment

when you would recognize my Guiding

Light in times of

hardship you may question my presence

wondering where I was when you were

hurting trust me I can heal your pain

and help you move past the sorrowful

memories forget the past hurts for

dwelling on them only brings more pain

focus on the present and the promising

future ahead dreams will

materialize these goals will be achieved

and joy will return to your

family embrace the new adventures and

happiness that await

you I have forgiven all your mistakes

and you owe nothing

anymore surround yourself with those who

appreciate your true worth do not allow

anyone to manipulate or control you you

are free to walk away from any situation

that diminishes your spirit or threatens


well-being protect yourself and your

loved ones and heed this warning with

gratitude for the care I have for you

and know how deeply you mean to me but

if you choose to stay in toxic

relationships remember that change

requires action on your

part you are wise and responsible and

your life as well as your families will

continue to suffer if you remain trapped

in cycles of pain and

humiliation you deserve better as my

child I’ve already paid for your sins

with my own

blood now I ask what more can I do for

you call out to me with your desires and

I will respond with wonders beyond your

imagination but will you believe in me I

don’t want you to stay stagnant Leave

Behind The Familiar and step into the

promised land where blessings

abound trust me you are

special if only you could see yourself

as I see you you’d understand the

supernatural World awaiting

you break free from the bonds that

restrain you you’re fortified with the

courage my voice instills in your soul

you’re already Victorious through my

sacrifice and

Resurrection my doors are always open

just come and talk to me with a thankful

and humble

heart I’ll show you love in a way only I

can you’re blessed and have full access

to my strength all that I have is yours

ask and you shall receive don’t lose

heart for you have an important role to

play I love you deeply and wish to

alleviate your pain trust in me and walk

by faith knowing I’m always with you

share your worries with me and I’ll bear

them for

you as long as your heart remains loyal

to me ask and it shall be given to

you you are a child of the omnipotent

God and Faithfully I I am with you no

one can stand against you your family is

under Divine protection and I’ve given

you my promise of

faithfulness remember your faith should

be as strong as a mustard seed let go of

hatred and desire for

Revenge pray for those who have wronged

you and leave them to

me focus on my promises and what I’m

ready to give you

you are brave and I am here to give you

strength to

continue believe in me and your life

will be

transformed lift your hands Surrender

Your Heart to me and begin to live

again there’s always something good

waiting for you after every tough

time see yourself the way I see you

important and loved your past

experiences are preparing you for

something amazing keep praying your

challenging times will end and your

family will find happiness

again bring all your worries and prayers


me let me fill you with hope and guide

you through I will offer you strength

and guidance filled with love for your

loved ones I will be with you every day

watching over you even as you

sleep through my my teachings I will

speak to you so you can dream about the

wonderful plans I have for you you’ll

wake up joyful and strong able to face


calmly trust that you can keep going for

you’re already on your way to

Victory just stand up and March without

weeping or complaining for a few steps

more and you shall find the reward for

your persistence the prize for your

loyalty and the fruit of your

efforts I value your faithfulness and

commitment to fight until the end and I

reward you with strength to overcome any

obstacle today marks the end of your

storm and a new day of peace and

happiness Begins for you trust in my

promises for I will hold you close and

bless your home I will send blessings

like rain to make make your life

flourish you’ll wake up feeling joyful

seeing the good works around you big

changes are coming for you and your

family a time when you’ll see the

rewards of your hard work and courage

you’ve been strong through tough times

keeping your faith

alive your prayers and Praises touch my

heart especially when you show gratitude

in hard times

your Victory is close hang in there for

soon you’ll see days filled with

blessings your hard work and

faithfulness have not gone unnoticed

it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your

labor my affection surrounds you and my

love envelopes you seek me and I’ll be

there even in moments of

Despair don’t lose hope I’ll never leave

your side you’ve already overcome so

many challenges who can stop you now

move forward and claim the spiritual

blessings I have for

you you’re a Precious part of my family

and I’ve sent my angels to look out for

you you’ll be jumping for joy thankful

for all the good things coming your way

stay humble for all the blessings you

receive are from

me now is the time to lift your head

head high leaving behind past offenses

cease lowering your gaze for I have

beautiful promises for you and I shall

never leave you trust in my words for I

am the creator of all that is like and

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