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today God is communicating with you my

cherished kids it’s time as a way to

forget the past forget about the

mistakes and Consciousness oh on what I

am doing for your life today I am doing

a new factor I am placing the right

people to your existence and disposing

of the wrong ones I am remaining old

doorways and making ready you for new

opportunities the pruning the process

can be uncomfortable and painful however

know it’s in your proper in Bible verce


– always speak then Jesus came to

them and stated all authority in heaven

and on Earth has been given to me

therefore pass and Make Disciples of all

countries baptizing them in inside the

call of the father and of the son and of

the Holy Spirit like the video of

assurance and supreme Lord my child I

understand that you feel harm ashamed or

irritated about some of the things which

you have executed or that have been

performed to you for your life you may

additionally have regrets resentments or

regret you may think that you are

unworthy unlovable or

unforgivable you might also blame

yourself or others to your

situation but I need to assure you that

I have a plan and a purpose in your life

I have created you for a cause and a

season you have a unique function and a

special Venture in my state you have a

future and a desire that I have prepared

for you I also need to assure you that I

even have the energy and the need to

heal you I am the god who heals I can

heal your coronary heart from any wand

or scar I can heal your feelings from

any trauma or

ailment I can heal your memories from

any ache or bitterness I can heal your

identification from any lie or label I

can heal your van from any grievance or

rejection I can heal your life from any

problem or

pain all you need to do is to agree with

me and to comply with me trust me that I

could make all matters new and that I

will in no way hurt you or damage You

Follow Me by repenting of your sins

forgiving yourself and others releasing

your burdens and and receiving my love

Lord tells enter yes if you’ve gotten

the free will airm my existence is full

of affection in all forms I experience

the feeling of affection drift for my

whole being I am loved by using all the

Exquisite human beings in my

Lifestyles I also take some time to

reveal myself that equal love love every

day I am seeing examples of Simply how

good deal love I have in my

existence My Sweet Child I am always

available to you once you’ve got

depended on me as your savior I by no

means distance myself from you sometimes

you may sense remote from me recognize

that is feeling do no longer confuse it

with truth the Bible is full of my

promises to be with you always as I

confident Jacob while he become

traveling away from domestic into

unknown locations I am with you and will

watch over you anywhere you go my

remaining recorded promise to my

followers turned into surely I am with

you usually to the very stop of the age

let these assurances of my chronic

presence fill you with joy and peace no

depend what you could lose in this life

you could in no way lose your dating

with me there is nitrogen monoxide place

so desolate which you cannot find me

there when Hagar fled from her mistress

Sarah into the desert she d as she

became wholly alone and forsaken but

Hagar encountered me in that desolate

vicinity there she addressed me as the

living one who sees me through that

encounter with me pres she won courage

to go back to her mistress no set of

situation should ever isolate you from

my loving

presence not only do I see you

continually I see you as a redeemed

Saint gloriously radiant in my

righteousness that is why I take

brilliant pride in you and have fun over

you with

singing type how man if you believe in


Christ follow me one step at a time that

is all I require of you in reality this

is the best manner to pass via this area

time world you see big mountains looming

and You Begin thinking how you’re going

to scale the one’s

Heights meanwhile do to the fact I’ve no

longer looking where you are going you

come across the clean Direction wherein

I am M you cly as I help you get back to

your toes you tell me how worried you’re

approximately The Cliffs up

beforehand but you do not know what is

going to occur nowadays a good deal less

the next day our path may also take an

Abrupt turn leading you far away from

the one’s mountains there may be an

easier way up the mountains than is seen

from this

distance if I do lead you up the cliffs

I will equip you very well for that

strenuous climb I may even Supply my

angels rate over you to maintain you in

all your ways keep your mind on the

existing Adventure enjoying my presence

walk with the aid of religion

no longer with the aid of sight trusting

me too open up the manner earlier than

you type I trust the divine plan to

agree the scripture says God wants to

provide you with

relaxation he wants to refresh and

restore your soul it’s so smooth from

time to time to get stuck up within the

busyness of life before long your

thoughts will and feelings are so spun

up that you can slightly assume

immediately but even in the hustle of

life you could find rest Pease and

relaxation that’s what God has for you

he wishes you to enjoy your existence he

wants you to come back to him so he can

cope with the whole thing that worries

you imagine how you’ll feel if a person

got here up to you today

and stated give me all of your month

toon bills I’m going to pay them you’d

get quite

excited wouldn’t you but it would not

show up until you probably did your part

to truly hand at individual your bills

they cannot pay them for you if you by

no means launch them in the identical

way whilst we release our cares and

concerns to God he promises to attend to

them today pick to launch your cares to

the Lord let him fill you with his peace

and pleasure receive the relaxation that

he guarantees and experience the

Fulfillment and blessing he has for you

right I love you Lord if you

believe God always Proclaim you have

been looking ahead to this Leap Forward

for years now at times it seemed as

though it was no longer going to take

place but I kept it alive while it

appeared all however

misplaced you did no longer surrender

you stored their religion no one in

reality is aware of how an awful lot you

have gone through due to it now is your

due season I believe and you don’t worry

I won’t fail you I’m renewing your

strength even through tension fills your

heart I’m giving you Everlasting peace

you will make it through this the

satisfactory is but to come back

blessings are about to come into your

Lifestyles due to the fact you

persevered you never gave up you

remained devoted your willpower passion

and patience helped you maintain Go and

Keep trusting me it’s all about but to

make sense if you’re prepared write yes

and send this video to eight believes in

God for all have sinned and fall short

of the glory of God and are justified by

means of his grace as a gift via the

Redemption that is in Christ Jesus


attention listener join this Divine

pray pray with me and say it with me

heavenly father I launch to you the

burdens that I had done wearing burdens

that you by no means supposed for me to

carry I forged all my cares upon you all

my concerns oh my fears you have

instructed me to not be concerned

approximately whatever but instead to

carry the entirety to you in prayer with

thankfulness father calm my stressed

Spirit quiet my anxious coronary heart

still my troubling Thoughts with the

guarantee that you are on top of things

I let go of my grip upon the matters I

had been placing onto with opened hands

I come to you I will launch you all that

I am trying to manage I launch to your

Authority all that I am looking to

control I least your timing all that I

were striving to make show up I thank

you for your promise to preserve me

maintain me and guard all that I have

entrusted to your

preserving protect my coronary heart and

mind with your peace the peace that

passes all expertise father May

Additionally you can be carried out in

my lifestyles in your time and in your


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