🛑Watch New Doors Opening In Your Life in 2024 | God Says Today| God Message For You

heavenly father is saying to you

today greetings my child I realize you

have not understood yourself these days

a lot is happening around you and you

don’t apprehend why the State of Affairs

you’re in makes you experience lost and

stuck but toddler recognize that it’s

going to get better due to the fact you

have me I’m right here for you things

gets better mountains could be moved

relationship are being healed hopes will

be restored trust and accept as true

with don’t surrender don’t lose

hope you’re so close to your

breakthrough I heard your prayer my

Angels were sent to assist you healing

is coming your way economic assistance

is coming your manner new opportunities

are coming your

manner your season of lack has ended

your season of abundance and overflow

has began be recommended today I love

you like this message if you believe


Lord in the Bible verses Isaiah

– always says you will maintain in

best peace those whose minds are


because they believe in

you my dear kids as a Divine being I

recognize the complexities of human

emotions and

conflicts your plea on your enemies

calling out their names in your prayer

resonates deeply Within Me You exhibit

large braveness and compassion by

extending kindness even to folks who

might have C caused you

ache know that your gesture hasn’t gone

disregarded I embody your Noble

intentions and guarantee you that I am

with you in this undertaking forgiveness

is a profound act that holds big energy

through your benevolent thoughts and

words you seow seeds of exchange and

restoration while I cannot usually

intrude directly in human Affairs your

willingness to wish for their

transformation and the cessation of

damage does now not go unheard your

prayer contributes to a ripple of fact

inside the international igniting

possibilities for

reconciliation and

peace remember as you amplify Grace to

others you furthermore might cultivate

inner electricity and resilience

inside yourself your empathy and

kindness are items that go beyond

boundaries and may affect advantageous

change in methods you won’t straight


see God declare right yes if you accept

my grace and

voice my little one there is a mighty

battle taking place for manipula of your

mind Heaven and Earth Earth intersect in

your mind the tugs of each spheres have

an effect on your wanding I created you

with the potential to Revel and forecast


heaven when you close up the sector and

attention known my presence you could

enjoy sitting with me in Heavenly

geographical regions this is an

extremely goat privilege reserved for

treasured ones who belong to me and are

searching for my

face your finest strength is your choice

too spend time communing with me as you

think about me my spirit fills your mind

with life and peace the world exerts a

downward pull on your thoughts media

bombard you with greed lust and

cynicism when You Face these items pray

for protection and discernment

stay in persistent communication with me

every time you walk through the

wastelands of this world refus to fear

due to the fact this form of worldliness

will weigh you down and block

consciousness of my

presence stay alert spotting the war

being waged an opposition to your mind

look forward to an eternity of strif

loose living Reserve D for you in

heaven let the due of my presence

refresh your mind and heart so many many

things Vier your interest in this

complicated world of instantaneous

communication the international has

modified incredibly since I first gave

the command to be still and understand

that I am

God however this Timeless reality is Cru

cral for the nicely being of your soul

as du refreshes grass plant life all

through the Stillness of the night so my

presence revitalizes you as you sit down

quietly with

me a refreshed revitalized mind is

capable of kind out what’s important and

what isn’t always in its herbal

condition your mind without difficulty

gets caught on trivial matter

matters like the spinning wheels of a

vehicle Trapped In Dust the cogs of your

brain spin impotently are you awareness

and a trivial Factor as soon as you

start speaking with me approximately the

matter your mind benefit traction and

you can pass on to more crucial

matters communicate with me constantly

and I will place my thoughts into your

mind to confirm type to

tutu the scripture always speak if

you’re outside walking and see something

that might motive you to experience and

fall maybe a rock or a stick you likely

do not make a large deal about it and

just pass around

it however if you are distracted and no

longer searching where when you’re going

or if it’s too dark to see that same

item can become a stumbling block friend

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