🛑This is My Last Attempt To Warn You…‼️

God is telling you now my beloved child

in Christ there isn’t anyone else who is

aware of what you are going through

however you you might be judged mention

pointed at blamed and many others this

is your reminder to lean no longer for

your own

information be certain to believe me

irrespective of what their opinion of

you is just that their opinion

regardless of what they think never

allow them to take your joy from you in

the Bible verses Isaiah

– always say but individuals who

desire in the Lord will renew their

energy they will soar on wings like

eagles they’ll run and no longer develop

weary they will walk and now not be

fate like this video If you your faith

is determination for

God my little child I am your

trustworthy father the God of all

knowledge and energy I actually have a

plan and a purpose for you and for the

arena I actually have created you in my

picture and I actually have talented you

with talents and abilities I even have

known as you by name and I even have

chosen you for a unique

function you have prayed for my task and

purpose to be fulfilled in your

Lifestyles and in the international I

want you to understand that I have

already ordained the entirety to be able

to happen and I am working all things

collectively for

accurate I have now not left you by

myself nor have I abandoned the world I

I am Sovereign and I am on top of

things but I additionally invite you to

associate with me to cooperate with me

and to obey me I want you to discover

and satisfy the specific calling that I

have for

you I need you to use your gifts and

competencies for my glory and for the

advantage of others I want you to are

seeking I will and comply with my ways

in every state of

affairs I will manual you and educate

you as you listen to my voice and

examine my word I will equip you and

Empower you as you depend on my power


Grace I will shield you and provide for

you as you believe in my promises and

faithfulness I will honor you and praise

you as you serve me and please

me Lord declare enter yes if you’ve

gotten the Free

Will a firm Lan deserving of incredible

matters and existence I deserve to be

cherished I should be respected I should

be healthy I love and admire myself

deeply my thoughts and opinions are

treasure th sens good about myself and

the selections I make I honestly accept

as true within my

skill it’s written taste and see that

I’m good the extra intimately you enjoy

me the extra convinced you turn out to

be of my goodness I am the living one

who sees you and longs to take part in

your Lifestyles I am training you to

find me in every moment moment and Toba

channel of my loving

presence sometimes my blessings come to

you in mysterious methods via pain and

problem at such instances you could know

my goodness best by your accept is true


Me understanding will fail you however

trust will keep you near me thank me for

thees of my peace a present of such

colossal proportions that you cannot

fathom its intense at your breadth when

I regarded to my disciples after

Resurrection it changed into peace that

I communicated

initially I knew this changed into their

deepest need to calm their fears and

clean their minds I additionally

communicate peace to you for I recognize

your annoying thoughts listen to me

tune out other voices so that you pay

attention me extra

really I designed you to reside in peace

all day every day draw near to me get

hold of my peace learn to relate to

others V I love in preference to yours

your human love is ever so limited full

of flaws and

manipulation my loving presence which

can continually infolds you is available

to bless others as well as you instead

of attempting tougher to assist human

beings through your own poultry

materials end up aware about my

Limitless deliver which is accessible to

you continually let my love envelop your

Outreach to different humans that many

of my valuable kids have found prey to

burnout ah higher description of their

circumstance might be drain out

countless interactions with needy people

have tired them without their conscious

Consciousness you are among those weary

ones who are like wounded infantryman

wanting are and are take time to rest

within the love light of my presence I

will step by step restore to you the

energy that you have misplaced over the

years come to me all you who are weary

and careworn and you will discover rest

in your

souls if you are concer comment

amen watch your words diligently words

have such fantastic power to bless or to

one when you talk carelessly or

negatively you harm others as well as

yourself this potential to verbalized is

an awesome privilege granted best to

those I created in my

photo you want assist in wielding this

effective power responsibly though the

world applauds quick-witted retorts my

commands about communic are pretty

different be short to listen slow to

speak and slow to come to be angry ask

my spirit to help you every time you

talk I even have trained you to Hope

help me Holy Spirit te Le than answering

the cell phone and you have seen the

blessings of this subject simply follow

the equal field to speaking with human

beings Al you if there’s silent pray

earlier than speak me to them if they

may be speaking pray earlier than

responding these are split-second

prayers however they put you in touch

with my presence in this manner manner

your speaking comes below the control of

my spirit as tremendous speech patterns

upate your terrible ones they increase

for your joy will Amaze you type thank

you God if you love

Jesus listen carefully when fear is

replaced via religion we get nicely

mentally emotionally and spiritually

many are not even aware you you are

operating with worry if you are careworn

out concerned annoy if you overthink

then you’re dwelling with worry so not

unusual fear of the

unknown fear of what others suppose fear

of Abandonment fear of financial

insecurity fear of not being accurate

sufficient fear impacts how we act our

piics how we say sense but we do not

ought to stay this way anymore there is

freedom in faith and

surrender in trusting God with our

complete Lifestyles along with the

everyday happenings have faith that God

will paintings it all

out God will discover us reason anywhere

we pass something scario we’re in we

breathe a simpler with no worry all

Faith God’s pass us today for all time

by all of it we are

well typ a Ines if you

believe for God has not given us a

spirit of worry but of

electricity and of love and of a sound

thoughts to Timothy

– dear listener join this powerful

prayer with me and repeat after me mer

merciful Lord Hear My Cry for I am in

trouble look upon me Lord for I am

struggling save do me for Lam helpless


susceptible father you’re my refuge and

my castle so inside the midst of all my

difficulties I appearance up to you

please be sympathetic to my plight and

redeem me my life is in turbulence Lord

please allow your calmness transcend

over my Lifestyles and make everything

calm grant me peace and serenity Lord

give me relaxation give me hope give me

energy provide me courage sustain me

along with your grace Lord and remind me

continually that regardless of what I go

through in existence you’re through my


facet thank you for doing away with my

fears and giving me peace I want to take

a minute not to ask for anything but to

thank you for your infinite Mercy thank

you for allowing me to live another day

to glorify your holy

name I am grateful for the boundless

love of our heavenly father for the home

you have given me for the food that

never lacks on our table for the gift of

health and for the continuous outpouring

of all the blessings in our lives dot

dot if you feel God is with you give him

praise with a

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