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today God is telling you right now my

dearest one that closed door was no

longer a rejection but a redirection to

something larger and better I will

convey humans into your life who will

assist you now not restrict you they

will inspire you not judge you they are

not a part of your beon so that they

won’t keep reminding you of it don’t

look again I even have some thing for

straight in your destiny trust me in the

Bible verses Isaiah

always speak but folks that wish

within the Lord will renew their

electricity they will leap on wings like

eagles they’ll run and not develop weary

they will stroll and no longer faint

watch the complete video to witness

Miracle my loved child your earnest plea

reaches the depths of my Divine realm in

which each whisper is heard and every

coronary heart’s desire

recounted your prayer for strength to

resist temptation and lead a righteous

existence resonates inside the material

of Lifestyles and I am right here to

consolation and guide you know that the

path you tread is frequently strewn with

trials and the appeal of Temptation may

be effective pressure yet I guarantee

you the strength you are searching for

resides inside you I shall provide you

the fortitude to resist those

Temptations to rise above challenges and

to embody the course of righteousness

with unwavering clear up in moments of

uncertainty call upon the light inside

you the essence of goodness that courses

through your being let it be a beacon

guiding you via the shadows of doubt and

Temptation trust and your internal

expertise for its far the very mirrored

image of my divine grace bestowed upon

you remember my toddler that to be

righteous isn’t always to be perfect but

to persevere with courage and humility

inside the face of adversity Embrace

forgiveness each for yourself and others

for it is the Cornerstone of a virtuous


styles God says right on man if you

believe in me God beckons my child make

friends with the problems in your life

though many stuff experience ran random

and wrong recollect th am Sovereign over

the entirety I can healthy the whole lot

right into a pattern for accurate but

best to the extent that you trust me

every problem can teach something

transforming you step by step into the

Masterpiece I created you to be the very

same hassle can end up a stumbling block

over which you fall in case you react

with mistrust and

Defiance the desire is up to you and you

will not to pick many times each day

whether to agree with me or defy me the

nice manner to befriend your problems is

to thank me for them this simple act

opens your thoughts to the opportunity

of advantages flowing from your

difficulties you can even Supply chronic

problems nicknames helping you to

technique them with familiarity as a

substitute than with Dread the next step

is to introduce them to me allowing me

to embrace them in my loving

presence I will now not necessarily get

rid of your issues but my wisdom

sufficient to carry top out of each one

in all them learn to relate to others

through my love rather than yours your

human love is ever so confined complete

of flaws and

manipulation my loving preserve which

continually infolds you is to be had to

bless others as well as you instead of

attempting tougher to assist people

through your own poultry elements come

to be aware of my Limitless deliver

which is on the market to you

continually let my love envelop

your Outreach to different humans many

of my precious children have fallen prey


burnout a better description of their

circumstance might be drain out

countless interactions with needy people

have drained them without their

conscious attention you are among those

weary ones who are like wounded soldiers

Desiring are and are take time to

relaxation inside the love light of my

presence I will progressively repair to

you the power that you have misplaced

over time come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and you will find

relaxation on your

souls Comet lord always protect me I am

the Risen one who shines upon you

constantly you worship a residing deity

not a few you atola gu made picture your

cording with me is intended to be

vibrant and challenging as I invade more

and greater regions of your

existence do no longer fear alternate

for I making you a brand new creation

with antique things passing away and new

things always at the Horizon when you

hang to Old methods and sameness you

withstand my paintings inside you I need

you to embrace all that I am doing to

your existence finding your protection

and Me by myself it is straightforward

to make an idol of routine locating

security within the barriers you

construct around your

Lifestyles although every day

incorporates hours each unmarried one

gives a completely unquit of occasions

don’t try and pressure suit these days

into the day before today’s mold instead

ask me to open your eyes so that you can

discover all even have prepared for you

in this treasure day life type

if you believe

Lord the scripture says many times we do

not understand that God is speak me to

us we sense an impression at the

internal of pring to be true to a person

that’s not random that’s God speak me to

us or perhaps you are in a state of

affairs in which you

uneasiness something says it’s now not

proper stay away that’s now not simply

your nerves it’s God protective you

don’t forget about it don’t talk your

yourself out of it simply obey if you

may follow that also Small Voice God

says he will guide you along the first

Strat of direction for your

existence if we are being attentive to

is still Small Voice the promptings the

suggestions the alarms he will shop us

from heartache and pain he’ll lead us

into promoting and choose too often we

experience these Impressions on the

interior but we disregard them as no

longer making experience or override or

overaly them don’t speak yourself out of

it just obey any time you obey a

blessing will continually follow type I

trust the scripture plan to

agree God says be cautious sin disguises

itself as the ma maximum beautiful

element it starts through catching your

interest and proceeds by means of

wrapping itself slowly around you till

it has trapped you absolutely pray to me

I will save you there is not anything in

heaven or Earth thought is to tough for

me and it’s far excellent component so

that it will begin out with this idea

that I am capable of do BU Valley the

that you ask or

suppose give me your plans and I will

come up with success remember that your

full film won’t appearance the manner

you deliberate however it is going to be

more than you requested if you believe

me typ PS if you trust Almighty Lord she

will provide delivery to a son and you

are to provide him the call to Jesus

because he will shout St for his human

beings from their sins Matthew

dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat loudly gracious Lord thank

you for this lovable day I come earlier

than you with a grateful heart thank you

for all your benefits and goodness in my

life it is best because of your kindness

and Grace that I am able to get through

everything every day I provide you with

Glory I give you all my love and

adoration thank you for loving me and

forgiving my sins I want to express my

gratitude to you Lord for the entirety

you have got done in my

existence thank you for being my offer I

respect your Works in my life thank you

for being my manual and supporting me

and making desirable choices thank you

for being my sustainer in

existence even when things are hard I

believe that you are running and that

you will usually see me via thank you

Lord for all that you do in my

Lifestyles I bless your holy name

amen please backing our Channel and I

hope the message has touched your heart

and we will continue to do more

supporting our channel to make a

donation to us through super thanks

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