🛑TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY MY CHILD,…..| God Urgent Message For You

God wants you to hear this

now my dearest one the devil is

combating you so hard because you are at

the verge of a step forward stand

company stand on my word don’t give up

don’t get distracted I’ve already

labored things out for you the devil is

defeated a respective of what it seems

like be sturdy speak the phrase great

things are coming in the Bible verses

Hebrews for always says for we do now

not have a high priest was unable to

empathize with our

weaknesses however we have one who has

been tempted in every manner just as we

are yet he did know not

sin watch this faithful video all the

way through to the

end my kids I understand that you’ll be

going through a tough time and you’ll be

feeling beaten but I need you to

recognize that I am here that will help

you heal and restore your frame Mind and

Spirit to begin I need you to take a

deep breath and near your eyes imagine

yourself surrounded by a warm and

comforting light this mild is my love

and style for you it is continually with

you irrespective of in which you cross

or what you do let this light fill your

heart and soul and allow convey you

peace and

pleasure now consider your body thoughts

and spirit are there any areas that want

healing and healing are there any pains

or issues that you are wearing with you

remember that I am here to help you I

can help you heal your frame thoughts

and spirit I let you locate peace and

pleasure to your Lifestyles all you want

to do is ask Almighty declares right yes

if you want to experience my

existence affirm I am a nonsecular being

connected to the universe and all of its

wonders I am gu with the aid of the

understanding of the universe and I

trust that the Universe has a plan for

my existence that is unfolding

flossy I have whole Faith within the

universes timing and realize that

everything will come together for my


true Jesus Proclaim rest and the

Stillness of my presence whilst I put

together you for this present day let

the radiance of my glory shine upon you

as you wait on me in confidence to

consider be nevertheless and understand

that I am God there is each a passive

and an active aspecta trusting me as you

rest in my presence focusing on me I

quietly build bonds of consider among us

when you respond to the circumstances of

your Lifestyles with affirmation of

agree with you actively take part on

this technique I am always with you so

that you have no motive to be afraid

your fear often manifests itself in


planning your thoughts are so conversent

in this pattern of wondering that you

are most effective now turning into

conscious of ways pervasive it is and

what kind of it hinders your intimacy

with repent of this tendency and face up

to each time you realize you’re

wandering down this nicely worn

course return to my presence which

always awaits you inside the present

moment I receive you lower back without


condemnation I love appearing sometimes

you experience sunis questioning if you

know matter how properly you are doing

enough to be worthy of me love no count

how exemplary your behavior the answer

to that question will usually be no your

performance and my love are completely

extraordinary problems which you want to

kind out I love you with an everlasting

love that flows out from eternity

Without Limits or conditions I have

clothed you in my robe of righteousness

and this is an eternal

transaction nothing and nobody can

reverse it therefore your accomplishment

as a Christian has no concerning my love

for you your ability to evaluate how

nicely you are doing on a given day is

defective your restrained human

perspective and the condition of your

body with its Mercurial versions distort

your reviews bring your performance

tension to me and get hold of in its

region my unfailing

love try to stay conscious of my loving

presence with you in all that you do and

I will direct your

steps comment Lord is stand with me my

dearly beloved kids come to me along

with your defenses down ready to be

blessed and packed with me presents

relax and sense the relief of being

absolutely open and real with

me you have nothing to cover and not

anything to disclose due to the fact I

recognize the whole lot approximately

you already you can have no other

relationship like this one take time to

savor his richness basking in my golden

light one of the worst consequences of

the Fall is the elaborate obstacles

people erect between themselves and

others facades abound within the world

even in my body the church sometimes

church is the ultimate area in which

human beings feel loose to be themselves

they cover up with Sunday clothes and

Sunday Smiles they experience remedy

after they go away because of the strain

of false Fellowship the first straight

antidote to this synthetic atmosphere is

training my presence at church let your

number one cognizance be communing with

me worshiping me glorifying me then you

will be capable of smile others with my

Joel and love them with my love type how

man if you have faith in

Lord the scriptures says in This Global

we all have issues and trials however

are not you satisfied that scripture

promises that their only brief today’s

verse tells us they’re temporary

compared with eternity our issues won’t

remaining lengthy at all the second part

of this verse tells us that after we

stand robust and Faith at some stage and

Times of adversity were constructing

that religion and attaining everlasting

Glory when you confess your consider and

Reliance on God you’re passing the check

if you’re in the middle of difficult

times nowadays look to God the Bible

says that Jesus is the author and

finisher of your faith he is the one who

writes Faith to your heart after which

develops it to Final Touch on the inside

of you as you yield yourself to him your

part is to are seeking him daily follow

his commands open your heart and choose

to talk his word that’s alive and

Lively remember your trials are best

brief however his eternal glory

outweighs all of it WR amen if you

accept Lord blessings

dearly adored child of mine trust me I

have you ever blanketed I’m bringing

recovery you’re going to low again

you’re going to trust once more you are

going to grin once more I’m able to do

noticeably and abundantly in particular

you should ever ask or

suppose oh my candy little child it

hurts me seeing you in a give it to me

don’t fear you aren’t burdening me I can

convey it for you child I adore the

warrior Spirit interior you but you may

be weak around me let me help

you it’s by no means this or that

there’s continually third preference

right choice my preference child don’t

limit your knoow by the knowledge you

have got in hands and make choices based

totally on that

come to me and I will uncuff you from

this desperate scenario I will display

you the answer I will assist you typ

iore you heavenly

father and we recognize that in all

matters God works for the coolest of

folks that love him who have been called

according to his reason Romans


dear listeners join me in pray

prayer and speak loudly Rescue Me Oh

Lord I recognize I am to Kush the with

the existence as standard forgive me God

you have an undertaking for me this is

god-sized to accomplish it I need to

trust to make the adjustments you

require of my existence show me how I am

willing Jesus you may additionally

alternate my situations you can also

trade my relationships you may exchange

my manner of

questioning you may also change my

commitments and priorities you may

additionally alternate me actions you

may additionally change M and set you

have permission to alternate my deals

even the ones I have so proudly held

onto for these many years change

whatever is important and me to perform


task I surrender to you I Rely

completely on you I look forward to your

name to movement I want to suppose your

mind act in your methods and attention

on your functions make me equi to

obey I want to Revel in you thank you

for caring sufficient approximately me

to need to exchange me in jesus’ name I


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