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said my dear son listen to me as I call

out to you with love and tenderness I

have observed the sadness Weighing on

your spirit the laments echoing in your

songs of praise for far too long every

tear shed before my altar seeking

answers to unmet desires and healing for

unhealed wounds has not gone unnoticed

by me my heart is moved with compassion

for your pain and though every note of

your worship has echoed the Silent Cries

of your soul I want to tell you that the

days of mourning have come to an end at

this very moment I am kindling The

Embers of joy that have remained dormant

beneath the ashes of your grief

reigniting a a flame of Hope and promise

that no Darkness can extinguish like a

stream carving its way through

resistance your worship has paved away

for this change even when the path ahead

was unclear to you just as I opened

Hannah’s womb after years of barren

weeping I am now opening Springs of Life

in the wastelands of your

circumstances the dreams I planted and

the promises I wrote over you in ages

past are now maturing into

manifestations before your eyes what was

once empty will be filled what was once

Barren will yield fruit were you wept

you will now dance were you labored

under the weight of impossibility you

will now bask in the lightness of

Victory and success I know the darkest

moments of your anguish when every Ember

of Hope seemed to fade away I Saw The

Temptations to doubt and surrender to

resignation or despair more times than

you can imagine yet each time I

intercepted words of accusation before

they could Escape your lips you may not

have felt my presence in the shadows but

soon you will see my fingerprints

everywhere as the dawn of a new tomorrow

breaks what the enemy intended to

destroy and you will become the

foundation to launch you to places of

Greater influence and Freedom the word

spoken to limit and diminish you will be

transformed into a message that

liberates countless captive hearts

Hearts the tragedies that made You Weep

have laid the groundwork for miracles

that will echo through generations

nothing absolutely nothing has been in

vain soon everyone will Marvel at the

Mastery with which I shape the dust of

your past into a destiny Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams the certificates of

impossibility that sought to limit your

identity divert your path and close

doors of opportunity will soon be used

to ignite my fire of blessings and

prosperity in your life what you endured

has qualified you for more than you can

fathom your small seed of willingness

planted in the desolate soil of

disappointment is about to burst forth

into a magnificent tree of influence

discipleship and fruitfulness listen

closely to the sound of changes in your

favor the walls erected against your

purpose are beginning to crack and

crumble systems will soon open to

receive the gifts I have nurtured in you

people of influence will extend hands of

favor and partnership welcoming your

vision into expansive rooms my dear son

know that my faithfulness to you is

unwavering in your complete surrender to

me you will witness wonders beyond your

imagination free yourself from the

burdens of the past emerging into a

future illuminated by my radiant Joy

stand firm in the com confidence of my

goodness and the protective favor that

envelopes you your time of testing and

training has borne fruit endowing you

with Spiritual Authority and influence

your adversaries have nothing against

the work I am accomplishing in you this

is your time beloved move forward with

strength and endurance as you step into

the center stage bathed in my intense

light advancement on an unprecedented

scale will now become your New Normal

reparations for Injustice and inequality

are about to overtake you amidst the

cheers of saints and Angels Rejoice for

your night of weeping has been

transformed into Joy continue to listen

to the song in your heart for it will

become a Victorious Anthem resounding

through the corridors of Eternity

dearest child of mine in the tapestry of

your existence I’ve Been A Silent

Witness to the intricate threads of your

struggle Les and the poignant moments of

your pain now as we stand at the

threshold of a new chapter I am poised

to weave a transformative magic turning

each teardrop that fell in the night

into a torrent of overwhelming Joy Rise

my beloved for our Unity is not just a

bond but a Wellspring of strength

together we embark on a sacred journey

to reclaim the territories of your soul

territories redeemed through the

profound sacrifice I made the era of

longing and yearning is drawing to a

close and like a river rushing towards

its destination the promised blessings

are flowing directly towards you your

unwavering commitment during The Darkest

Hours is on the brink of blossoming into

a harvest of unparalleled glory and

Triumph in every facet of your life no

longer shall you see through a glass

dimly the fullness of understanding a

mirror reflecting the depths of my

knowledge of you is about to unfold in

your complete surrender the dynamic

force of my spirit is set to perform

Miracles bringing forth the

extraordinary from the ordinary this

moment long foreseen and anticipated is

when the Symphony of your faith Echoes

like a resounding hymn heralding the

transformation of all things under the

Divine mantle of my righteous Rule The

Echoes of past disappointments The

Whispers of defeat are now hushed you

stand at the precipice of tapping into

divine power overcoming obstacles with a

renewed commitment to my vision unswayed

by the taunts of those who oppose throw

wide the gates of expectation for the

celestial responses to your heart’s call

are about to make the once impossible an

everyday reality the dormant strength

intricately woven within the fabric of

your being is on the verge of unveiling

in a formidable arsenal of Miracles

ready to burst forth as you boldly

declare my victory prepare yourself for

an outpouring of Wonders my cherished

one as you stand and yield your being

entirely to my will understand this

deeply oh beloved your worth transcends

measure and our journey together is an

epic Saga just beginning uphold your

trust in me and your life will unfurl as

a luminous Testament to my boundless

love and unwavering faithfulness Forge

ahead with courage for the extraordinary

awaits I am with you always with love

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