today Lord wants to say something to you

from the heart grating my child I

understand you have plenty in your

thoughts proper now your family your

health the fitness of a cherished one

your price range your profession it

feels just like the weight of the arena

is on your

shoulders you sense alone and it is

tough even getting up within the morning

my child you aren’t on my own lay those

worries at my toes give it all to me I

will ship you help restoration and

resources I will provide I will make a

manner for you all the resources of

Heaven are with you don’t worry I even

have your

again in the Bible versus Revelation

to for always says he will wipe each

tear from their eyes there may be no

greater dying or Mourning or crying or

ache for the antique order of factors

has exceeded

away like the video of assurance and


Lord my little child I need to assure

you that I actually have a plan and a

reason in your existence I have created

you for a cause and a season you have a

unique role and a unique assignment in

My Kingdom you have a Destiny and a wish

that I even have organized for

you I additionally want to guarantee you

that I actually have the energy and the

will to help you I am the god who saves

I can save you from any Hazard or

damage I can save you from any fear or

depression I can save you from any evil

or enemy

I can save you from any hassle or

tribulation I can save you from any

chaos or

confusion all you want to do is to trust

me and to follow me trust me that I

could make all things work collectively

on your crack and that I will in no way

go away you nor forsake you follow me

via looking for my kingdom and my

righteousness pray to me listening to me

obeying me and serving me as you do

these things you will experience my

presence my peace and my power you will

also receive my grace my mercy and my

love Lord claims right y if you seek my

guidance dear God prepare me for the

coming week take away my worries and my

regrets rets recharge my soul and renew

my desire please cross before me clear

the manner and defend me bring the

proper people into my life and flow the

incorrect people out of the manner Guide

Me With Your Love and provide me your

pleasure in jesus’ name

amen God wants you know this for things

one the handiest person who is

knowledgeable is the one who has

discovered more than they had been

taught two don’t listen on your fears

pay attention in your heart it’ll never

lead you off

Target three what lies at the back of us

and what lies before us are tiny matters

as compared to what lies inside us four

great mind S Talk thoughts average Minds

talk occasions small minds talk human

beings five Bloom where you’re

planted type how man if you believe in

Jesus Lord declare do not search for

security inside the international you

inhabit you have a tendency to make

intellectual checklist of factors you

need to do to be able to benefit at

control of your

Lifestyles if most effective you could

test the entirety off your listing you

may relax and be at peace but the more

you paintings to perform that goal the

more matters crop up in your list the

harder you attempt the more frustrated

you come to be there is a better way to

discover Security on this existence

instead of scrutinizing your tick list

Focus your interest on my presence with

you this continual touch with me will

preserve you in my peace moreover I will

help you kind out what is critical and

what’s now not what desires to be

achieved now and what does not fix your

eyes not on what’s seen your

circumstances but under what’s unseen my

presence worship me by dwelling near me

this turned into my authentic design for

guire into whom I breathed my very

Breath of Life this is my preference for

you that you live close to me as you

walk along your life route each day is

an important part of that Journey

although you could sense as if you are

going nowhere on This Global your

spiritual Adventure is any other matter


taking you alongside steep treacherous

Paths of

Journey that is why taking walks within

the light of my presence is vital to

preserve you from stumbling by staying

close to me you present yourself as a

Living Sacrifice even the maximum

routine part of your day and be a

spiritual act of worship holy and

eye-catching to me typ if you


Lord thank me for the conditions which

might be requiring you to be still do

now not spoil these quiet hours via

wanting them away waiting impatiently to

be Lively again some of the finest Works

in My Kingdom have been carried out from

sick beds and prison cells instead of

resenting the constraints of a weakened

body seek for my manner inside the midst

of these very occasions limitations can

be releasing all your strongest

preference is residing near me quietness

and and decorate your awareness of my

presence with you do not despise these

easy methods of serving me although you

sense reduce off from the interest of

the Arena your quiet trust makes a

powerful statement in religious Realms

my strength and power display themselves

simplest in weak spot if you have faith

in Lord taipa

men the scripture says we all have areas

in our lives wherein we preference to

see alternate regions we recognize we

need to come back up better or

addictions and strongholds we want to br

break the accurate news is that God has

given us the strength to altern it

scripture says that we triumph over

through the blood of Jesus and the word

of Our Testimony what are you

pronouncing about your instances when

you make your words line up with God’s

word then what you claim might be

established so often we complicate

Lifestyles extras than we want to our

minds get busy seeking to parent the

whole thing out people can spend extra

time studying their state of affairs in

place of making use of God’s word to

their State of

Affairs but today you could change your

life through taking five minutes to

claim his word don’t live in mediocrity

any longer let God’s word Shine for your

methods and direct your direction in the

direction of the life of Victory he has

promised you if you agree God’s words

then share this video who is closest to


heart God claims stop think to times

earlier than you decide if you want a

higher dating with me start to mention

no to sin the closer year to send the in

addition you may sense from

me I am providing you with signs and

symptoms every day to your conversations

to your tune at the TV at the radio at

paintings to your sleep for your

timeline in the sky pay attention to

them and piece them together you will

observe a sample I am communicating with

you I have you ever inside the palm of

my hand I see what is taking place I did

not convey you this in distance to go

away you I am approximately to do

something unusual something uncommon

he’s something bigger than you’ve got

imagined taipi door you Supreme

father dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together merciful father I come

to you today and total submission to

surrender all my ways and my life to you

please keep me and take over my

Lifestyles forgive me for all my sins

and Supply me the energy to conquer

sin send down the Holy Spirit to return

and fill me let it take over my thoughts

and my coronary heart let the Holy

Spirit Lead Me In all my approaches and

be my guide Lord I confess that

sometimes I pick help me take the words

of Philippians for to eat to coronary

heart in every moment of every day

assist recognizing s something is

genuine Noble right natural adorable and

admirable so that may mindset may also

replicate and honor you as I exercise

shifting my attitude maintain the

coronary heart from developing cold or

sour teach me to don’t forget that I am

not a slave to my terrible emotions to

attention the negatives in place of that

specializing what you’ve got referred to

as me talkn and on because of your

spirit I can inform those feelings to be

removed and turn my eyes to the things

of you

instead type thank you Lord if you’re

convinced may the Lord Jesus bless

everyone on this day your financial

spiritual and mental well-being will all

improve I hope you have a success and if

you want you can donate through super

thanks if you would like to support


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