🛑STOP!! A heart-wrenching incident is about to happen” | ।God’s advice today।

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear child if you are reading

this message know that we are living in

a crucial moment on Earth there is

turmoil among nations and kingdoms but

this disturbance is necessary as many in

power rule unjustly over my people this

is the beginning of your long awaited

Liberation the start of your Exodus if

you are hearing these words listen to me

clearly I see you I am attentively

watching from the heavens with my gaze

fixed on you my vision is perfect my

omniscience penetrates to the depths of

your innermost being I look directly

into your inner self Discerning your

thoughts and the motives of your heart

nothing escapes the penetration of my

all- knowing eyes I am the Eternal the

self-existing Creator who formed you in

the womb of your mother I am actively

taking care of you my dear child who

Bears the emblem of my image I

contemplate your difficulties see your

Despair and depression even now my

spirit envelopes you with my loving

presence I want you to know that the

days of your Affliction are numbered I

am intervening to justify and liberate

you the intensity of the oppression you

have endured has not escaped my

knowledge the depth of the anguish you

have borne has reached my ears I am

descending from my Celestial Palace to

personally rescue you from this season

of difficulties I will lead you myself

to a land abundant in prosperity and

peace if you believe this with all your

heart demonstrate your belief in the

comments by writing I believe Lord know

that I commanded my servant Moses from

the midst of the burning bush I saw

clearly how my people suffer under the

harsh slave

oppressors yes I am intimately familiar

with their pain I am personally

descending to free them from the enemy’s

oppression and lead them to a new land a

land flowing with milk and honey so I

promise you this Aid Desert season is

almost over I am suppressing the forces

of death and scarcity that have have

plagued you for so long I will

personally lead you into a new era of

fertility affirming you with my

blessings of abundance and joy this will

surely happen for I keep my promises

with jealous devotion like the dawn’s

light dispersing the darkness of this

night of weeping from my sacred Throne a

decree has been issued concerning my

people my Holy City Jerusalem and all

who turn to me to seek rebellion and sin

to purge evil cancel guilt and introduce

Eternal Integrity fulfilling every

vision and promise and to anoint the

anointed Liberator therefore today I ask

you my child not to afflict yourself

with guilt for yesterday’s failures my

sacrificed blood has erased those sins

once and for all stop rescuing the past

with your persistent regrets the Slate

has been completely wiped clean and your

status is secure you are no longer

enslaved to the cruel task masters of

sin when you embraced me my eternal life

flooded your inner being like a river

washing away all previous pollution in

my eyes you are clothed in your virtue

Immaculate and blameless so affirm your

real identity in me with your head held

high the time has finally come to leave

this season of scarcity and boldly enter

the greater purpose of Destiny your

wanderings in the desert have prepared

you for growth just as Moses LED Israel

long ago out of the Dominion of Egypt I

am leading you out of Oppression to a

land of Limitless

possibilities I will personally teach

you how to seize everything I have

assigned to you by Covenant right my

favor will open closed doors of access

indeed I am orchestrating your emergence

into a vast Arena of influence as you

align your steps with my leadership I

will safely guide you along the course I

have laid out for your life I spoke it

is finished let Faith rise in your heart

for your Liberation is near my beloved

child I want you to know that I take no

pleasure in seeing you suffer when you

lament and cry my heart is also deeply

saddened I am an affectionate kind

merciful and slow to anger father even

when my way W children wander far

defying my wise Commandments my love for

them remains unwavering constant as the

tide consider my dealings with Jonah

that reluctant Prophet long ago I was

extraordinarily patient with him despite

his blatant

Disobedience when he fled to the sea to

escape my call I orchestrated events to

intervene disciplining him to realign

his steps with my purposes though he

ventured Ed far to avoid fulfilling my

word to the wicked Nineveh I

orchestrated Redemption for both the

Wayward Jonah and that vibrant

Metropolis ready for judgment behold my

extravagant Mercy that triumphs

gloriously over judgment every time

truly no one Strays beyond the reach of

my strong arm to restrain and redirect

no one descends so low that my grace

cannot recover or restore no height no

depth can separate you from my

enveloping presence not even the

darkness of death with all its clamoring

Shadows can drown out the sound of my

voice calling you back home such is the

tenacious devotion of my love that

pursues The Runaway relentlessly until

my highest hope is realized

reconciliation with each precious son

and daughter whom I fornew and

predestined to reflect my glory so

prepare yourself my beloved Son my

beloved daughter I am coming in Pursuit

determined to reach you once again with

a grip of strong favor to discipline and

train you in the way you should go I

will gently incline your vision

realigning your perspective with


priorities together we will reclaim

ground previously conceited to the enemy

whether through ignorance or compromise

never doubt my awareness of your

situation never question my willingness

to intervene on your behalf simply Lean

on Me relax In My Embrace as I amplify

the weak pulse of your praise together

we will create rivers in the desert

Beauty will emerge from these ashes just

watch and see my dear child it is true I

have promised you a super abundant

Harvest of blessings for your

faithfulness with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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