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Lord wants you to hear this now my

loving child one of the biggest battles

you will ot to face each single day of

your life as the ward to keep on

focusing on me and no longer getting

distracted from what I have referred to

as you to be and do to triumph over this

distraction you must read mediate and

obey my phrase it will display you where

and to stroll and away too stay on the

course it will show you when you get off

the course and the way to get lower back

on the direction when you operate my

word to show you wherein and the way you

should walk it’ll provide you with the

guidance and understanding you want to

alternate your life don’t ever forget to

read mediate and obey my phrase

if positive thoughts are coming in your

life then like this graceful video in

the Bible verses Isaiah

– always says though the mountains

be shaken and the hills be removed but

my unfailing love for you no longer be

shaken nor my Covenant of peace be

removed says the Lord who is compassion

on you my devoted child I am your

merciful father and your trustworthy

healer I even have heard your prayer for

the recuperation of broken accept as

true within information in your

spiritual or spiritual

community and I actually have no longer

neglected you I have referred to as you

to be a part of my body and I will

repair and reconcile you with your

brothers and sisters I will in no way go

away you nor forsake you and I will come

up with the forgiveness and the grace to

heal this

wound you are treasured and treasured to

me and I love you extra than you can

believe you are my toddler and nothing

can separate you for my love you have a

desire and a future and I will make you

a peacemaker and a bridge builder do do

not be indignant for I am with you do

now not be sour for I am your God I will

soften your coronary heart and renew

your mind I will heal your memories and

repair your

relationships trust in me with all of

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding and all of your approaches

acknowledge me and I will make your

paths instantly

I am the Lord your savior I am the god

of all peace is something to hard for me

I even have the energy to forgive and

heal I will repair to you the joy of

your salvation I will make all things

new for your life and you will praise

and glorify me God says if you need my

blessings enter yes now affirm today I

select to take back my energy on

intellectual physical and emotional

level all matters I Supply my interest

and life pressure too could be practical


elevating I pick to get better I select

to evolve I pick to let pass it’s a

brand new day to recreate myself a new

began to try once more to confirm type I

I am

grateful to loved ones follow me one

step at a time that is all I require of

you in fact that is the most effective

manner to pass through this area time

Global you see large mountains looming

and also you begin thinking how you’ll

scale the one’s Heights meanwhile

because we no longer searching wherein

you are going you stumble on the easy

direction in which I am made you cly as

I help you get returned on your toes you

tell me how involved you are

approximately The Cliffs up

beforehand but you don’t know what’s

going to take place these days an awful

lot less tomorrow our path can also take

an Abrupt flip leading you away from the

On’s mountains there may be in less

difficult all way up the mountains and

is visible from this

distance if I do lead you up the cliffs

I will equip you very well for that

strenuous climb I can even give my

angels price over you to keep you in all

of your

approaches keep your thoughts on the

prevailing Journey taking part in my

presence walk by way of religion no

longer by using sight trusting me to

open up the Menor earlier than you seek

my face and you may find greater than

you ever dreamed possible let me

displace worry at the center of your

being I am like a super saturated Cloud

showering peace into the pool of your

mind my nature is to blast your nature

is to get hold of with

Thanksgiving this is a True Fit designed

earlier than the foundation of the Arena

glorify Me by using receiving my

benefits gratefully L and the purpose of

all your searching when you are seeking

for me you find me and are glad when

lesser desires seize your attention I

Fade Into the history of your

Lifestyles I nevertheless there looking

and waiting however you function as in

case you have been by myself actually my

light shines on every state of affairs

you may ever face live radiantly through

increasing your attention to include me

in all your moments let nothing hose

down your search for me type if

you trust Lord the Almighty God declares

stop judging and comparing yourself for

this isn’t always your role of above all

for all evaluating yourself with

different people this produces emotions

of delight or inferiority now and again

the aggregate of each I lead every of my

children along a course this is uniquely

tailor made for him or her comparing is

not simplest and correct it’s also

meaningless don’t search for affirmation

Within the incorrect

locations your very own reviews or the

ones of different people the most

effective supply of actual confirmation

is my unconditional love many Believers

understand me as an unbeatable judge

angrily seeking out their faults and

failures nothing could be further from

the fact IED for your sins in order that

it might dress you in myard garments of

Salvation this is how I see you radiant

in my robe of righteousness when I ARA

you it’s far in no way in anger or

disgust it’s far to put to gather you

for face to face fellowship with me in

the course of all

eternity immerse yourself in my loving

presence be receptive to my affirmation

which flows usually from the Throne of

Grace share it with five people and

watch these blessings

multiply the scripture tells no depend

what may be happening inside the world

around you you can usually discover

something to thank God for gratitude Isa

effective pressure that opens the door

to God’s

blessing having constant gratitude

proves your religion in God because now

not simplest do you thank him for what

he has achieved inside the Beyond you

thank him for what he will do in the

future it’s that kind of faith that

pleases God constant gratitude also

shows humility because when we are

thankful we magnify God as opposed to

magnifying our issues it offers us right

perspective and opens the door for God’s

Grace want and Supernatural

empowerment so what are you grateful for

these days are you grateful for the Sun

that shines and brings a new day are you

thankful for the gift of everlasting

life as you select an attitude of

constant gratitude you may Revel in his

mercy and loving kindness in extra

ways you’ll be packed with his peace and

pleasure and pave the manner to flow

forward into the plentiful existence he

has organized for you right I trust the

divine plan to

agree is all people amongst you and well

let them call the Elders of the church

to Hope over them and anoint them with

all inside the call of the Lord James

attention listener join this

truthful prayer with me and say it with

me dear Jesus today I pray for

electricity strength to stay trustworthy

to you a lot of things show up in my

Lifestyles that makes it difficult to

worship you in

fact my marriage my job and my

commercial Enterprise can all crumble at

any time sometimes I sense like him

losing the physical conflict my spirit

wishes assist I don’t want to lose to my

soul to the devil I am being entangled

and deceived via the matters of this

International sometimes it appears like

I am one step away from falling into the

traps of the Satan I want to reside in

your own home all the time I don’t want

to Advantage is the complete

International and Lose My

Soul please assist me resist the things

of this world help me live for you and

hold my soul for you I want to spend my

eternity in heaven and well to your

resting place for all time

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