🛑My Child! I’M Right Next To You | God has a Message For You Today

In This Moment Lord is saying to you

today my Christian kids I talk

confidence in you I speak love in you I

understand how you feel whilst you m up

whilst you think of yourself first while

you don’t accept is true with me when

you run after what you suppose you want

and now longer what I recognize is nice

for your heart keep turning keep surging

keep turning over your heart for me I

need to expose you what is underneath

the choices you make far away from me I

want to show you more of what I actually

have for you I want to have you ever

believe me more I want to take you in

deeper deeper

still my love has no give up the

possibilities of desire and Destiny

electricity in me is past what you may

see now so you want to preserve turning

over those matters that experience safe

and maintain your return from trusting


greater you need to stay close and

willing to transport into uncomfortable

and strange locations with me do you

want to know what awaits you child do

you want to understand what is across

the bend keep listening keep confessing

keep reaching and searching and going

deeper I am with you I pass you and

deeper I want to show you all I have

like this video If You Believe In Lord


wavering in the Bible versus Colossians

always says he is the photo of the

invisible God the first born over for

all creation for by way of him all

things have been created matters in

heaven and on this planet visible and

invisible my lovely child know that the

path of Lifestyles isn’t always

constantly immediately and unobstructed

it winds turns and sometimes presents


barriers but inside each lost

opportunity lies the capacity for

Newfound energy resilience and expertise

your plea for a second chance is heard

and although I may not alter the Beyond

I offer you the gift of steering and

assist for the

future I see your dedication to examine

and grow and I need you to apprehend

that setbacks do not define you

they merely shape The Narrative of your

adventure offering helpful lessons

alongside the

manner embrace the teachings of

resilience and patience for they’re the

companions on your quest for

understanding and private

Evolution believe in yourself in your

aspiration are not in useless the

universe has a manner of aligning

instances and starting door alwayss when

the time is proper be receptive to the

possibilities that bloom earlier than

you for every holds the potential to

complement Your Existence in unexpected

ways trust in the energy of your spirit

expensive one you are resilient capable

and deserving of each threat to thrive

as The Echoes of your prayers resonate

through the the universe recognize that

I Am with You guiding you in the

direction of new avenues of growth and

knowledge lord said write am man if you

are looking for my guidance and

peace daily affirmation this is going to

be effective week for me I am beginning

myself up to G hold of All That is

supposed for me this upcoming week I am

calling into my existence extra

possibilities extra love and extra

fulfillment of all kinds I am exit tedan

motivated to take this week on to

confirm right I am

grateful my kids I speak to you from the

depths of your being hear me pronouncing

soothing of Peace assuring you my love

do not concentrate to voices of

accusation for they may be no longer


me I talk to you in love tones lifting

you up my spirit convict cleanly without

crushing words of shame let the spirit

take price of your mind combing out

Tangles of deception be converted by

using the fact that I live in sedu the

light of my presence is shining upon

benedictions of peace let my light shine

in you do not dim it with concerns or

fears Holiness is letting me stay V you

since I reside in you youly prepared to

be holy pause earlier than responding to

humans or conditions giving my spirit

area to act through you Hasty phrases

and moves go way no for me that is a

theistic residing I want to inhabit all

your moments gracing your mind phrases


conduct recognize it is good your

weakness that maintains you seeking to

me your strength abundant existance

isn’t always health and wealth it is

living in chronic dependence on me

instead of trying to enshape at the

present time into a preconceived mold

loosen up and be on the lookout for what

I that you doing this mindset will free

you to experience me and to find what I

even have planned on the way to do this

is a ways higher than seeking to make

things cross in step with your personal

plan don’t take yourself so critically

lighten up and Snicker with me you have

me in your side so what are you involved

approximately I can equip you to do

honestly something so long as it’s for

my will the extra hard your day the

greater I yearn to help you anxiety

wraps you up in yourself trapping you to

your personal thoughts when you look to

me and Whisper my name you damage lose

and receive my help Focus me and you may

discover peace in my

presence share this video to help us

spread the

message trust me and don’t be afraid I

need you too view trials as sporting

activities designed to develop your

accept as true with muscle groups you

live within the midst of fierce

spiritual battles and worry is one of

Satan’s preferred

weapons when you begin begin to feel

afraid affirm your accept is true Within

Me Speak Out Loud if circumstances allow

resist the Satan in my name and he’s

going to slink far from you refresh

yourself in my holy

presence speak or sing praises to me and

my face will shine radiant lay upon you

remember that there is no condemnation

for those who belong to me

you have been judged not guilty for all

eternity trust me and don’t be afraid

for I am your strength song and

salvation comment Lord is stand with

me the Lord conveys have you ever felt

such as you had been in a pit of

depression just like God lifted David

out God goes to boost you out where you

you are proper now is not wherein you’re

going to live there are brighter days up

in advance for you packed with desire

promotion and growth as you stroll

uprightly earlier than him no good

component will he with hold from you

notice that God offers us a brand new

music but we ought to do our element to

sing that

music that means you don’t move round

speak me approximately your troubles how

horrific matters are or how you’re by no

means going to make it no you have got a

track of Victory if any individual asks

you the way you are doing your attitude

have to be I’m too blessed to be

stressed I’m moving forward in

electricity and energy remember praise

precedes the Victory and the Bible tells

you ask that God has enthroned on our

Praises as you magnify and carry him up

he will carry you up out of your

depression he’ll set your foot on stable

ground and you will flow forward in

pleasure and victory in every place of


existence type I love you Jesus now here

is an honest announcement that merits

complete popularity Christ Jesus came

into the arena to keep Sinners of whom I

am the worst Timothy

dear listeners join me in prayer

and always speak loudly merciful Lord I

come earlier than you today to humbly

ask what you give me desire father with

everything going on in my life I

experience hopeless and

helpless but I recog recognize and agree

with that you Lord are the wish for the

Hopeless so I’m at your toes these days

lord I can’t do this on my own I want

you Lord I pray that you send down your

Holy Spirit to return and fill me with

wish and

energy help me to keep my eyes on you

and not on my troubles help me to think

of your goodness in my life and no

longer consider my issues de my mild

when the whole lot turns darkish de My

Wish when I’m vulnerable order my steps

Lord and provide me patience and wish

for the

destiny when doubt starts to creep into

my coronary heart take me back to the

fact that you are with me and you’re

nevertheless on top of things thank you

for all what you do for me and Jesus Co

I pray amen we strive to bring happiness

and dedication to Jesus into your life

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