🛑Lovely Child, I Really Need You | God Says

Almighty Lord is saying to you today my

precious child LT was my power that gave

you the power to undergo even when you

did not even comprehend it change into

me after matters changed many human

beings will let you down and wrote you

off even so you grew inside the

hurricane That’s What Makes You

exclusive you were not created to match

in you had been created to face out I

want you to know that I’m ordering your

steps you don’t should fear you don’t

must to know and impatient I just need

you to believe me with all your coronary

heart it’s going to exercise I already

have you ever on the right route if you

have faith and Lord please watch this

entire video in the Bible verses Romans

always says but whoever has doubts

is condemned if they eat because they

consuming isn’t always from faith and

everything that does not come from

religion is sin dear child I am

constantly with you and I will buy no

means go away you nor or forsake you I

will come up with the power and the

grace to conquer every trial and

Temptation I will deliver you from the

evil one and his schemes I will shield

you with my energy and my

presence you are my baby and also you

belong to me you were Redeemed by means

of the blood of my son Jesus Christ you

have been let loose from the bondage of

sin and dying you you had been given a

brand new identity and the new

Destiny you are a citizen of heaven and

a co-inherited with Christ you are a

holy and royal priesthood a chosen

technology a weird humans you are the

salt of the earth and the light of the

world you have a purpose and a calling

you have an undertaking and a Ministry

you have presence and abilities you have

a voice and a message you have

obligation and a privilege you have a

mandate and a

commission you are to be my witness and

my Ambassador you are to be my

instrument and my vessel dot you are to

be my companion and my

friend you don’t have anything to fear

and not anything to fear you have the

entirety to wish and everything to have

have a good time you have get entry to

to my throne and my

sources you have the Assurance of my

guarantees and my faithfulness you have

the Peace of my spirit and the pleasure

of my

salvation Lord declare Ty why as if you

need to experience my peace daily

affirmation I understand that I’m

effective I include my ability to steer

the World Around Me by means of

developing behavior that cause the

results that I

need I grateful that I have enough self

focus to apprehend that I even have the

opportunity to come to be a higher

version of myself I D look at

self-development as an opportunity to

draw the entirety my coronary heart

desires God beckons listen dot do taste

and see that I am good the greater

intimately you enjoy me the extra

convinced you turn out to be of my

goodness I am the living one who sees

you and longs to take part in your

existence I am schooling you to discover

me in each second and to be a Channel of

my loving presence sometimes my

blessings come too you in mysterious

approaches through pain and

trouble at such instances you could know

my goodness simplest through your accept

as true Within Me understanding will

fail you agree with what keep you close

to me thank me for the present of my

peace a present of such Titanic

proportions that you cannot fathom its

depth or

breadth when I appeared to my disciples

after the resurrection it was peace that

I communicated to begin with I knew this

changed into their innermost need to con

their fears and clean their minds I also

speak peace to you for I realize your

traumatic thoughts listen to me tune out

other voices so that you can pay

attention Me Greater absolutely I Des

you to dwell in peace all day every day

draw near to me receive my

peace worship be only idolatry has

always been the downfall of my human

beings I make nose crits and techniques

approximately being a jealous God

current Idols are more subtle than

historical ones due to the fact today’s

fake gods are regular lay out of doors

the SE of religion people possessions

reputation and self-aggrandisement are a

number of the most popular deities today

beware of Bo down earlier than these

items false gods in no way satisfy

rather they fire up lost for more and

more when you searching for me in place

of the world’s Idols experience my joy

and peace these intangibles slake The

Thirst of your soul imparting deep

satisfaction the glitter of the arena is

Tenny and temporal the light of my

presence is extremely good and Eternal

Walk within the light with me thus you

come to be a beacon through whom others

are drawn to me type

in if you

believe waiting trusting

and hoping r intricately related like

golden strands interwoven to shape a

robust chain trusting as the relevant

strand because it’s far their response

from my kids that our preferences most

waiting and hoping embellish the

relevant Strand and give a boost to the

chain that connect you to me waiting for

me to paintings with your eyes on me is

proof what you in reality do consider me

if you mouth the phrases I believe you

while anxiously attempting to make

Matters by your manner your phrases ring

Hollow hoping as future directed

connecting you for your inheritance in

heaven however the blessings of Desire

fall absolutely on you in the

present because your mind you do not

simply Buy by Pastime to you’re ready

you can wait optimistically and hopeful

agree with keep your and tenny out to

pick up even the faintest glimmer of my

presence write am man if you have faith

in God listen carefully go ahead and do

the proper thing regardless of what dot

dot take the high road let God defend

you when essential walk away don’t allow

absolutely everyone bellet Le you

dehumanize you manage you or take gain

of you don’t permit someone else’s mood

response or Brokenness to rob you of

your peace them wondering they may be

proper would not make them right stop

second guessing yourself don’t play the

game you can select to be Godly despite

the fact that others

don’t doing the the right thing is

regularly the tough component however

you’ll sleep better at night and get

your pleasure again remember that you

too are a loved child of God do what do

and trust God with the

relaxation my little one this isn’t

always the quit I have more for you

where I had you start as in no way

wherein I intended in order to end I

actually Al have a remarkable plan for

you and your destiny it’s time to

transport ahead trust

me you are approximately to conquer

something you’ve got been handling your

thoughts and heart can be at peace once

more the weight is being lifted off of

you proper now breathe be patient you re

going to make it everything could be

okay rest

there is nothing too difficult for me

hold on for your faith I will

continually be your peace inside the

midst of the hurricane you’re going to

make it you’re a Survivor you have the

victory right I love you Jesus if you

believe there is consequently now no

condemnation for individuals who are in

Christ Jesus for the regulation of the

spirit of Lifestyle s has set you loose

in Christ Jesus from the regulation of

sin and dying Roman to

to attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me dear merciful

Lord my loved one suffers from the

chains and lies of the enemy Body Soul

and mind tortured via dependency I do

not apprehend and why but I do recognize

love Hear My Cry Oh

Lord have mercy on my cherished one

bring freedom and restoration help me

live devoted and not deliver in give me

braveness to set healthy limits and not

feed the beast that simplest seeks to

devour rise up oh mighty God strike down

the enemy cast out the demons and set

the captives

free send your candy Grace and loving

tenderness may your Holy Spirit come to

my cherished one help me change two oh

blessed Lord let metr transmit peace and

calm may I serve with my presence and

the unshakable belief that all things

are feasible by the Glorious Grace of

Christ Jesus and His holy call

amen we are grateful that you continue

to view our videos I hope the message

you received has given you hope and

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