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God is speaking to you right now my

beloved ones you were anticipating this

step forward for years now at instances

it seemed as although turned into not

going to happen but I saved it alive

when it regarded all but

lifeless you did not surrender you saved

the Faith No One truly is aware of how

great deal you’ve got long gone through

do to it now it is your due season I’m

approximately to send your

breakthrough delayed however now not

deny in the Bible verses Galatians to

always says I had been crucified with

Christ its miles not I stayed but Christ

lives in me and the life which I now

live inside the flesh I live with the

aid of religion within the Son of God

who loved me and gave himself for me if

you watch the full video without

skipping it God bless you

abundantly my incredible child I admire

your wool power and diligence you aren’t

on my own on this Enterprise for I am

your smart father and your faithful

instructor I have created you with the

excellent mind and the splendid

capacity and I will guide you and

inspire you to obtain it I will by no

means depart you nor forsake you and I

will give you the knowledge and the

capabilities to excel your studies you

are treasured and treasured to me and I

love you extra than you can imagine you

are my infant and nothing can separate

you from my love you have a wish and a

destiny and I will make you a front

runner and a learner within the

international do not be afraid for I am

with you do not be confused for I am

your God I will Enlighten you and

Empower you I will assist you and praise

you trust in me with all your heart and

lean no longer on your very own knowhow

and all your approaches acknowledge me

and and I will make your paths

directly I am the Lord your Mentor I am

the GDA for all expertise is something

to tough for me I even have the strength

to give you the spirit of awareness and

Revelation I will give you the thoughts

of Christ and thoh how of all matters I

will make you a attend wealthy in all


endeavors Lord claims right yes if you

want to experience my

presence a firm L am worth of receiving

the very nice and existence and I

lovingly permit myself to accept it I

best entice wholesome nourishing

relationships I feel completely safe and

obtain love and all of my relationships

I am Unconditionally Love I am a magnet

for loving and nourishing connections I

love myself and the ones

around to confirm right I am

pleased dear ones I am the truth the one

who got here to set you loose as the

Holy Spirit controls your thoughts and

movements more absolute you turn out to

be loose in me you are increasingly

released to grow to be the only I

created you to be this is a work that I

do in you as you yield to my spirit I

can do my quality handywork whilst you

sit within the Stillness of my presence

focusing your entire being on me let my

thoughts burst freely upon your

Consciousness stimulating plentiful life

I am the way and the truth and the life

as You Follow Me I lead you long Paths

of newness ways you have never imagined

don’t fear about what is at the Avenue

up in advance I want you to discover

your safety and understanding me the one

who tied to set you free open your hands

and your heart too receive at the moment

as a valuable present from me I began

each day with done pronouncing my

radiant presence but by the time you

upward thrust from your mattress I

actually have already prepared the way

earlier than you I eagerly anticipate

your first conscious notion I have fun

how you look my way bring me the present

of Thanksgiving which opens your heart

to Rich communion with me because I am

God from whom all blessings flow

thankfulness is a satisfactory man

manner to draw clothes to me sing reward

songs to me tell of my wondrous Works

remember that I take super pleasure in

you I have a good time over you with

making a song type I love you Jesus if


believe dear kids I want you to

experience the riches of your salvation

the joy of being cherished

continuously and perfectly you make an

exercise of judging yourself primarily

based on how you appearance or behave or

feel if you like what you spot within

the replicate you feel a bit greater

worthy of my love when things are going

easily and your overall performance

seems adequate you find it easier to

trust you are my liked infant when you

experience discouraged you generally

tend to appearance in where so you can

crack something as in cracked instead of

looking to restore yourself repair your

Gaze on me the lover of your soul rather

than the use of your strength to choose

yourself redirect it to praising me

remember that I see you clothed in my

righteousness radiant in my best love if

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individual the scripture says when the

people of Israel had been in the

Wasteland at the way to the promised

land God gave them Mana to consume that

changed into excellent it sustained them

for a while however it wasn’t permanent

provision eventually the Mana stopped

coming the humans needed to flow forth

Lord after which God gave them Quail

they have been so excited that fed them

for a while but it turned into also

Trent see God gave the Israelites brief

provision on the manner to the promised

land where they could have everlasting

provision the reality that God had

something a lot more and Shar for his or

her Destiny is what kept them shifting


God ought to have sustained them with

Mana or Quail however God is a god of

growth he works in seasons and he

constantly has something higher in keep

don’t get caught in a rut and assume

that one way is going to Ultimate for

all time instead live open and be

inclined to exchange make changes make

Corrections or attempt something new if

the Mana stops coming don’t get

disillusioned just preserve transferring

ahead and beond the lookout for the

brand new provision God has ins Saed for

you type if you agree my little

kids I’m giving you strength your

breakthrough might also appear delayed

although anxiety fills your heart heart

I’m providing you with peace inside the

storm my presence surrounds you do no

longer be afraid you’ll get through this

don’t fear approximate late tomorrow

it’s smooth to fear about what you don’t

know take comfort in this reality I pass

before you so there is no need to fear

approximately your destiny everything is

in my arms do trust me hold directly to

my hand I realize the whole thing you

are going via I will make a manner for

you it would not rely how things

appearance right now everything might be

all right trust me I’m going before you

before nowadays I even have already made

a way everything you do could de blessed

I will set you apart I will give you the

world I’m with you always typ our man if

you trust in

Lord praise be to the God and father of

our Lord Jesus Christ in his extremely

good Mercy he has given us new

Birthright into a Living Hope via the

resurrection of Jesus Christ from the

lifeless Peter

attention listener join this

faithful prayer with me and say it with

me Rescue Me Oh Lord you have advised us

that we must hate the things of this

world and love the things of heaven and

but like Paul I do what I do not need to

do I Love You Lord deep in my heart but

my mind and my days explode with

obsession over the matters of this

International I cannot appear to shake

my love of of energy money lust my

recognition my comfort my possessions

myself I position the Reena before you

blessed Father Time After Time and Time

Again will you save me Lord for that one

little spark of affection for you that

absolute tiny Adam of faith in Christ

that remains even at My Darkest Hour of

sin if you will know longer I will love

you anyway if I go to hell I will go to

hell loving you and blessing your name

but I am full of Hope of your powerful

and unfathomable Grace and with self

assurance in the Limitless strength of

the affection of Jesus Christ my Lord

and Savior let me love you within the

self assurance of your Holy Spirit it I

pray that I may also serve you as nice I

can out of love for you and

understanding that I am incapable of

perfection to worship your grace and

forgiveness if you watch this video till

the end then type Jesus our Supreme if

you believe and listen our work is to

bring happiness in your life and

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