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God is telling you now my darling kids I

recognize your coronary art is broken I

understand it’s difficult to transport

on however recognize I am near the

Brokenhearted I will bind and protect

your wounds so that you can heal the

recovery manner will take time but as

you come into my presence each day you

have the strength to get up and walk

into the affection benefits and Destiny

I actually have in store for you in the

Bible verse John to always says

beloved I pray that you could prosper in

all matters and be in Fitness just as

your soul

flourishes like this message if you

believe omnipotent Lord my dearest child

I apprehend what you are going through

through many monetary challenges and

difficulties in your life you may

additionally feel involved annoy or

hopeless you may conflict to meet your

simple desires or to obtain your dreams

and dreams you may evaluate yourself to

others and sense insufficient or

unworthy but I need you to recollect

what you are a wealthy and blessed and

uction of mine you have a plentiful and

Unlimited Supply of resources

opportunities and

opportunities you have a Divine

potential that you may enh harness and a

Divine Purpose that you can satisfy you

have a reason to stay to present and to

be grateful you won’t see it now but

everything that takes place for your

Lifestyles has that means and and a

motive even the maximum challenging and

tough experiences permit you to research

grow and prosper they can also prepare

you for more matters and lead you to


rewards typi door you Heavenly Father

affirm the time to shed old approaches

has come I am no longer a prisoner

trapped by way of my thoughts I am the

only who controls them

I am not who I was once and I am

thankful for my elevation I am centered

on what is in the front of me and not

anything more my soul has finally made

room for the right advantages to enter


existence here are five things God wants

you to recognize this today one when you

observed you are out God pulls you lower

back in two

smile it makes humans Marvel what you

are H to three let us upward push up and

meet the day God is with us right now


constantly for a New Day brings with it


possibilities exact matters will show up

if you simply

trust five do now not go gentle than to

that precise night rage Rage Against the

laws of life of the light type

if you believe God don’t afraid my

child so do not now allow your monetary

situations discourage you or Define you

do now not let them steal your joy and

peace instead Awareness on what you

could do which is your attitude your

thoughts your emotions and and your

movements choose to be high quality

positive devoted and hopeful choose to

be beneficial compassionate grateful and

content material choose to be diligent

responsible honest and sensible choose

to be yourself and to be glad bask in

the luxury of being completely

understood and unconditionally loved

dare to see yourself as I you radiant in

my righteousness cleansed by my blood I

view you as the only one I created you

to be the one you’ll be in fact wow

Heaven becomes your

property it is my life inside you this

is changing you from glory to glory

Rejoice on this mysterious Miracle thank

me always for the Exquisite gift of my

spirit inside you try to depend upon the

assist of the spirit as you go via these

days of

existence pause and short from time time

so you can visit this Holy One internal

you he will not pressure you to do his

bidding but he will guide you as you

give him area to your life walk

alongside this wondrous way of

collaboration with my spirit walk peace

f with me through this day you are

questioning how you’ll deal with all

this is expected of you you should

Traverse at the moment like another one

step at a time instead of mentally

rehearsing how you may do that or that

keep your mind on my presence and on

taking the subsequent step the more

traumatic your day the greater help you

can expect from me this is a training

opportunity in view that I designed you

for deep dependence to your Shepherd

King challenging instances wake you up

and expand your recognition of wanting

my assist when you do not know what to

do wait while I open the way earlier

than you trust that I realize what I’m

doing and be equipped to follow my lead

I will provide strength to you and Andy

will bless you with peace typ PS if you

trust Almighty Lord Lord declare you

today I’m going to open doors for you

that have been locked for a long time

suddenly Miracles will happen for your

Lifestyles healing and restoration are

being released your best day of

productiveness and prosperity are on the

horizon L your g o d and I will contend

with you until your vintage and your

hair is gray I made you Andy will care

for you I will constantly Supply you

assist and rescue you you can do it it’s

in you however you will ought to dig

down deep and put forth the effort do it

might not be smooth however your futurez

calling you have greatness in you

don’t allow human beings to talk you out

of it do not allow instances convince

you hate you can’t there are new stages

in your destiny there is restoration

Freedom abundance and properly

relationships pray believe and do not

cease I will see you through to the end

line if you agree write yes and send

this video to nine believes who believe


Jesus the scripture tells today take

time to mirror on and provide wait to

God or all of his blessings for your

life whether you are consuming turkey

gambling video games together with your

own family watching football or

traveling a Chum recollect to take time

to focus on God’s goodness

count your benefits and word all the

Grace want and love that God has given

you Psalm

says to come before his presence

with Thanksgiving shout joyfully to him

with Psalms no be counted the instances

in your life provide thank you and

reward to God for all that he has

carried out remember how correct he is

in and that his love will undergo for

all time the Bible says that you display

your love for God bya your actions

towards different people reach out to

those around you this holiday season and

proportion is love and forgiveness with

them you are blessed to be a blessing to

others right I trust the divine plan to

agree heal the ill enhance the Dead

cleanse the wounds of leprosy drive out

demons freely you have obtained freely

deliver Matthew

– Dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me oh mighty one I

pray for my enemies these days I ask

what you would turn them to you rescue

them from darkness and lead them to

Salvation oh open their eyes and flip

them from Darkness to mild and from the

energy of Satan to God so that they will

receive forgiveness of sins and a place

amongst those who are Sanctified through

faith and Jesus help them to be ruled by

means of peace and no longer

Warfare give them a new coronary heart

and placed a new spirit in them take out

their Stony stubborn heart and give them

a soft responsive coronary heart please

deliver them a spirit of knowledge and

perception and open their eyes and

hearts guide them to the

reality help them to listen your voice

and no longer Harden their hearts to it

give them the desire and the power to do

what’s proper and train them and the

manner that they have to pass pass help

them to Forstall being unkind to people

and preserve them from harming others

heal their wounds due to the fact

hurting people harm human beings let you

can be executed of their lives meet

their desires and assist them to forgive

show them the way out of their

Temptation and Supply them please permit

any correction they receive or even

assaults from Satan turn them returned

to you lastly please forgive them they

won’t even recognize how they’re hurting

people in Jesus call I pray amen it is a

humble request to you from the bottom of

your heart that you must support us to

take our community further your doing so

will prove to be very helpful for us and

if you want you can express your your

gratitude by donating through super


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