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today the Lord have a message for you my

beloved children I know you are going

through a hard time for your Lifestyles

proper now and you are managing more

than one circumstances and a number of

emotional pain it appears as although

earlier than you can get via one aspect

every other Factor occurs dot dot I

don’t continually nevertheless the storm

run around you once in a while I

nonetheless the typhoon raging in you

don’t give up La am strengthening you in

regions that you cannot even see right

now you and I will get through this

collectively like you usually do

everything can be

okay like the video if you have faith

almighty God my dearest kids know that

your pain is mentioned and your request

for Recovery is heard with significant

compassion your journey towards

Parenthood is sacred and I Am with You

guiding and listening to The rhythms of

your coronary

heart I promise to channel energies of

Rejuvenation and recuperation into your

being working through the cosmic forces

to convey balance and power for your

body and

Spirit trust inside the unfolding of

time and the complex workings of my

divine plan your faith is a beacon that

illuminates the path

beforehand feel my presence inside the

warm temperature of the daylight the

gentle Whispers of the wind and the

embody of cherished ones around you I

Infuse these moments with strength

resilience and the promise of

renewal remember restoration would not

always show up

instantly however every breakthrough is

a testimony to your unwavering courage

and perception embrace the adventure

with endrance and fortitude for in due

time my advantages of healing will show

up take solace within the information

that you aren’t on my own

I am here in nurturing and guiding you

trust in my love for it surrounds you

continually bringing consolation and

healing to each fiber of your

being God says enter yes to accept my

grace in the Bible verses Peter

always says and the God of all Grace who

is known as you do his eternal glory in

Christ after you have suffered a bit at

the same time as will himself repair you

and make you robust firm and

steadfast Jesus is speaking I am the

culmination of all of your hopes and

desires I am the Alpha and the Omega the

primary and the final who and turned

into and is to return before you knew me

you expressed your craving for me and

her ful methods you have been ever so at

risk of the evil around you inside the

world but now my presence safely Shields

you and folding You in My Loving Hands I

actually have lifted you out of Darkness

into my mindblowing light though I

actually have delivered many Pleasures

into your Lifestyles no longer one in

every of them as critical be receive my

benefits with open Palms enjo my top

items but do not hold to them turn your

interest to The Giver of all appropriate

things and relaxation inside the

expertise which you are whole in me the

one component you surely need is the

only issue you could bu no means lose my

presence with you you are on the path of

my selecting there isn’t any Randomness

about your existence Here and Now

include the coordinates of your everyday

Lifestyles most humans let their moments

slip by their palms one half

lived they avoid the existing by means

of disturbing approximately the Destiny

or yearning for a better time and

vicinity they Overlook that there are

creatures who are challenged to the

restrictions of time and space they

neglect their creator who walks with

them only inside the gift every second

is alive with my glorious presence to

the ones whose hearts are intimately

connected with mine as you provide

yourself increasingly more two

lifestyles of consistent communion with

me you will locate the you clearly don’t

have any time for

worry thus you are free to let my spirit

direct your steps permitting you to walk

along the route of Peace type power man

if you have faith in Lord problems are

part of life they R escapable woven into

the very fabric of this Fallen

International you have a tendency to go

into hassle solving mode all to

effortlessly performing as if you have

the potential to Restoration the whole

lot this is a routine response so

computerized that it bypasses your aware

thinking not handiest does this habit

frustrate you it additionally distances

you from me do no longer let solving

things be your Pinnacle

priority you are ever so confined your

capability to correct all that is wrong

inside the world around you don’t weigh

yourself down with

responsibilities that are not your own

instead make your cording with me your


concern talk with me approximately

something is for your thoughts looking

for my perspective at the

situation rather than trying to

Restoration the whole lot that comes in

your your interest ask me to expose you

what is definitely essential remember

that you are in direction to Heaven your

troubles fade within the light of

Eternity type

in if you

believe the scripture says it does not

matter what is broken on your life today

God’s nature is to convey you entire

recovery do you want recuperation for

your body your mind heart finances

relationships God is your

healer notice what the psalmist says on

this verse he binds up their wounds in

the natural if you have a damage arm it

would not simply heal overnight the

doctor makes a solid too keep it in area

and guard it he binds up your wound in

the religious realm God does that the

same factor he wraps himself around your

Brokenness and protects the wounded area

until it’s mild sturdy sufficient to

function well again the Bible

additionally says that he is a

restore that method that when he does a

piece of healing in our lives he makes

us higher than we had been before if

you’re going via the recovery system

nowadays know this

it may take longer than you plan but God

is binding up your wound he is shielding

you and recuperation you he will convey

you out higher and more potent than you

have been before he will take you to a

place of whole healing so you can live

the lifestyles of Victory he has in

store for you I am granting you get

right of Entry too he keeps bringing the

word get entry to to my spirit there are

many things which have been hidden and

he is going to deliver them to light

there are things which have been stored

from you but he’s granting you access I

feel exchange stirring I see a brand new

beginning on the horizon something is

special something has

shifted enter Jesus’s God in the comment

box too show this video to eight people

who believe in God oh dear lord I sense

strange about praying this prayer but I

need to age gracefully I don’t want to

become sour about now not being young

anymore I don’t want to fret

approximately what my body can or can’t

do anymore either I do not want to look

within the replicate and notice wrinkles

but a person who has lived to exist

and has greater to go I need to feel

comfortable with my age and my body help

me accept both my obstacles and my

opportunities help me be capable of see

what I can do now that I couldn’t do

when I changed into younger I’m grateful

for all that has came about in my

existence to carry meat to date I give

you thanks for dir in me in my adventure

and allowing me to pick up information

along the manner through the successes

and the challenges you have got been

gift with me high appearance forward on

your presence and steering each day now

with each New Year of Lifestyles I gain

not simply age but electricity in you in

the call of Jesus I pray Amen to a

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