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today Lord is communicating with you my

beloved Child In This Moment Lord speaks

unto you I am restoring all which you

have lost resurrecting dreams that

appear dead reversing Health situations

that Doc’s name irreversible and lifting

you up your price range will multiply

and your wishes will be met your

Lifestyles may be full of advantages and

new possibilities I am bringing out

first straight memories and delightful

memories from every unpleasant situation

you’ve got been via your leap forward is

taking place now the Bible verses Peter

always says and the God of all Grace

who referred to as you to his eternal

glory in Christ after you have suffered

to touch even as will himself repair you

and make you strong Corporation and

steadfast like this video if you are a

follower of

Jesus My Sweet Child I recognize that

Lifestyles may be difficult at instances

and it can be hard to preserve going

whilst faced with adversity but I need

you to know that I am here that will

help you discover the strength inside

yourself to triumph over any impediment

that comes your way know that I see your

struggles and I feel your ache but I

additionally see your

determination and perseverance and I

realize what you have the power within

you to triumph over those

challenges when you sense like giving up

consider that I am always right here to

lift you up call upon me and I will

provide you with the braveness and

motivation to maintain Goen I want you

to realize that perseverance is a trait

that is exceedingly valued in my eyes it

shows that you are willing to position

inside the attempt and work hard in the

direction of attaining your dreams even

if the going gets difficult

believe in yourself my baby and consider

in my plan in your life know that I am

constantly operating towards bringing

you the happiness and achievement that

you deserve God declares if you would

like my blessings type yes daily

affirmation forgiveness is a gift I

provide to myself it permits me to let

pass a vacan

resentment and opens the door to

recovery and inner peace I forgive

freely and easily and invite love and

happiness into my

existence I forgive myself for things I

did while L did now not recognize higher

and forgive others for the equal I am

transfering on my little champ you are

on the path of my deciding on there is

not any Randomness approximately your

Lifestyles Here and Now incorporate the

coordinates of your each day existence

most people allow their moments slip

through their arms one half lift they

avoid the existing via and knowing about

the future or yearning for a better time

and location they Overlook that they may

be creatures who are concerned to the

restrict s of time and space they

neglect their creator who walks with

them simplest in the

present every second is alive with my

superb presence to those whose hearts

are in detail connected with mine as you

give yourself an increasing number of to

a light of regular communion with me you

will discover that you simply have no

time for

fear thus you’re free to permit my

spirit direct your steps enabling you to

walk alongside the course of peace I

love you regardless of how well you’re

acting sometimes you experience uneasy

wondering if you’re doing enough to be

worthy of my love no count number how

exemplary your conduct the solution to

that question will usually be no your

overall performance and my love are

totally extraordinary troubles that you

need to type out I love you with an

everlasting love that flows out from

eternity Without Limits or

conditions I actually have clothed you

in my robe of righteous and that is an


transaction nothing and nobody can

reverse it therefore your accomplishment

as a Christian has no touching on my

love for you even your capability to

assess how well you’re doing on a given

day is to

effective your limited human angle and

the situation of your body with its

Mercurial variations distort your

critiques bring your overall performance

attenion to me and receive in its

vicinity my unfailing love try to live

conscious of my loving presence with you

in all what you do and I will direct

your steps type

if you needed this trust me in the

depths of your being it is there that I

live in steady communion with you when

you experience flustered and frazzled on

the out of doors do not get upset with

yourself you’re best human and the swirl

of occasions going an all round ulam’s


overwhelming rather than scolding

yourself for your humous remind yourself

that I’m both with you and inside you I

am with you at all times encouraging and

supportive in place of condemning I

recognize that deep within you wherein I

live my peace is your persistent

revelin slow down your tempo of residing

for quiet your mind in my presence then

you will be able to pay attention me

bestowing the resurrection blessing

peace be with you comment amen if you

agree listen carefully God’s going to

ask you to do things that don’t make

experience it’s due to the fact faith

has to do with your coronary heart and

now not necessarily your thought

thoughts that’s why the scripture says

lean no longer for your very own

expertise if you can determine it out

make it paintings and paper you’ve got

calculated how it is able to show up you

then don’t want religion but whilst you

sense limited that’s whilst religion has

to kick in God you want me to do

something that I do not

apprehend I agree with you it would not

make experience to me however I

recognize I’m natural and your

Supernatural you control the universe

you spoke worlds into existence you

stopped the Sun for

Joshua you gave Sarah infant at years

old you parted the ocean for Moses you

open that prison doorways for Paul you

introduced water out of a Rock for the

Israelites I recognize you’re Jehovah

jira my company my healer my deliverer

my way maker enter I adore

Jesus God says theyve in no way left you

by myself I actually have continually

been right here maybe on occasion you

feel like I’m a was away but this is

best because you do not pick me all the

time I am always here by your sigh your

step forward is coming everything you

want is being furnished for the healings

you prayed for is coming the peace you

have been believing for is on the manner

seek me first and a majority of these

matters could be delivered unto you my

timing is perfect waiting is tough

however it’s worth it breae bre and let

go of the want to realize how the whole

thing will work out give it to me and

watch fresh winds blow please hit the

like button and forward this video to to

others if you have faith in God for his

anger lasts most defective a moment

however his desire lasts an entire life

weeping may live for the night however

rejoicing comes inside the morning Psalm

to dear listener join this powerful

prayer with me and repeat after me

heavenly father I’m happy what you made

me thank you for love and protection

some stage in my

Lifestyles thank you for the family I

got here from and all the influences I

have acquired in my life I pray pray to

you nowadays that you display me my

reason in this earth show me the course

that I have been destined to take lead

me to know what I have to make

contributions on your

kingdom make me privy to the abilities

you have hidden in me and allow me

explore them let me recognize my use and

Targets in my existence I pray for

guidance and path let me know longer

move with my very own intentions and

plans I cannot be successful without

your love and care grant me your grace

and your favor to make the proper

Alternatives whenever I know there are

approaches which can seem right to me

but will lead to catastrophe help me

avoid those methods teach me to listen

and pay attention for your voice teack

me to obey your voice and your phrase

Lead Me Your Light and take me far away

from the darkness my shepherd and

preserve mesure for all time it is

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