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Lord is telling you right now my sweet

child you are blessed you’re favored

you’re sturdy talented valuable and

loose you have greatness in you you are

destined to make the world a higher

location you’re about to shine and you

are about to peer my want an extra

approaches you’ve celebrated others

however you’re approximately to to be

celebrated you’re going to come out of

the background you will move from being

not noted to being in price you are

about to stroll into the best season of

your light in the Bible verses

Revelation – always says I am the

Alpha and the Omega says the Lord God

who and who turned into and who to come

back the Almighty

if you believe in Lord then you should

like this

video my dearest child I even have not

left you I actually have created you

with a unique plan and future and I will

reveal it to you and affirm it to you I

will by no means go away you nor forsake

you and I will provide you with the

discernment and the direction to comply

with my will you are valuable and

precious to me and I love you more than

you may consider you are my infant and

not anything can separate you from my

love you have a hope and a Destiny and I

will make you a blessing and a testimony

in the global do not be burdened for I

am with you do not be doubtful for I am

your God I will train you in teach you

within the way you must pass I will

recommend you and watch over you trust

in me with all of your heart and lean no

longer in your very own KN how and all

your ways acknowledge me and I will make

your paths

directly I am the Lord your Shepherd I

am the god of all reality is something

to difficult for me I have the energy to

manual you into all fact I will give you

the spirit of awareness and

understanding I will make you realize

the secrets and techniques of my nation

God claims right yes if you need God’s

mercy and

blessings affirm I am attracting new

love into my existence I won’t need to

query this character’s intentions this

connection will float effortlessly I I

will have no hesitation that this

individual change intoit to move my

course this man or woman is loving loyal

inspiring and has a lifelong connection

I continue to remain grounded and

maintain my coronary heart open so I can

get hold of this blessing to confirm

comment I am

grateful dear beloved be still in the

light of my presence even as I talk love

to you there is no Force within the

universe as effective as my love you are

constantly privy to boundaries your very

own and others but there may be no

restrict to my love it fills all of area

Time and Eternity now you spot through a

glass Darkly but one day you may see me

face to face

then you may be able to enjoyy fully how

extensive and lengthy and excessive and

deep is my love for you if you have been

to experience that now you would be

overwhelmed to the factor of sending

overwhelmed but you have got an eternity

in advance of you genuinely guaranteed

all through which you may experience my

presence in unrestricted deasy for now

the knowledge of my loving presence is

sufficient to deler you through each day

time with me cannot be rushed when you

in a hurry your thoughts flitters back

and forth among me and the duties

beforehand of you push return the needs

pressing in on you create a secure space

around you a Haven in which you can

relaxation with me I additionally desire

this time of centered attention and I

use it to bless you strengthening and

equipping you for the day beforehand

thus spending time with me is a wise

funding bring me the sacrifice of your

valuable time this creates Sacred Space

around you space permeated with my

presence and my peace share this message

with nine people who believe and Lord by

typing Jesus is Almighty in the comment

box my little child my those are not

your mine neither are your methods my

ways as the heavens are better than the

earth so are my methods and mine better

than yours remember who I am whilst you

spend time with me Marvel at the Marvel

of being capable of commune with the

king of the universe any time any area

never take this exceptional privilege

with no

consideration though I am hugely better

and extra that I am schooling you to

assume my mind as you spend time in my

presence my mind progressively shaped

for your mind my spirit is the director

at this manner sometimes he brings bible

verses to

thoughts sometimes he enables you to pay

attention may speak without delay to

you these communications beef up you and

prepare you for something earlier than

you on your life course take time to pay

attention to my voice through your

sacrifice of precious time I bless you

for extra than you dare to ask typ PS if


agree listen carefully it takes

intentionality to choose to be thankful

when you’re nevertheless looking forward

to that leap forward to appear that

possibility to open up that circumstance

to turn round that character to be

healed that toddler to return lower back


Jesus that being pregnant check to


advantageous that business deal to come

VI that Fellowship to be restored that

promoting to take place that lifetime

associate to come on the scene that

University packages to be

widespread the listing may want to move

on and on when you cannot see a Manor

ahead and nothing appears to be

occurring take out to boost your eyes up

to the God who sees who’s aware of and

who cares God Can Make A Way way we’re

in there may be no way take a moment to

attention with gratitude on what God has

finished and agree with him for what

you’re nonetheless believing for him to

do don’t surrender hang in there God is

for you and with you you are so

loved my child even VI UV had Warfare

after conflict to your Lifestyles I’m

still working of all matters together

for the coolest you may not see it but I

even have everything deliberate out of

you for I recognize the Mind plans for

peace and we will being at not

melancholy to present you a Destiny and

desire be expectant concerning your

future I even have not forgotten I am

taking into consideration you get

prepared to jump if you wait on me I’ll

renew your electricity you will smile

again you and your own family could be

just excellent I actually have a plan


me comment the Lord is beside me Jesus

spoke back I am the way and the truth

and the life no one involved the father

except via me John

dear listeners join me in prayer and

pray dear Lord I bind and resist any

terrible impacts in my youngster

children’s life let all the phrases they

listen be encouraging and motivating do

you no longer allow absolutely everyone

put them down or make them feel horrific

about themselves give them honor and

appreciate let them be completely happy

continually and love themselves for who

you made them to be I resist all

terrible bodies and those of their lives

I cancel all plans to guide them down

horrific paths help them realize what’s

proper usually and strive to do it no

matter what let them spot evil as

quickly as they see it let them now not

be deceived and brought benefit of dwell

with them usually pricey Lord I am worn

out I need you nothing I attempt seems

to go my Manner and that frustrates me I

come to you Lord for knowledge and

guidance help me ReDiscover the spark

that offers my existence meaning let me

see the light in my life once more help

me ReDiscover my cause again let my

latter glories be extra than my former

ones remove any burden this is causing

me intellectual blocks and frustration

clear my thoughts and provide me Clarity

be my guide and order my steps into

glory and victory hold my hand and make

me past this treacherous moment due to

the fact I am confident that in you Lord

I can do something thank you for hearing

my prayer through Jesus Christ my Lord

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