today the Lord have a message for you my

loving children I am going to take your

query marks and flip them into

exclamation factors you will undergo

every Valley and find a table that truly

is already set for you you will see boom

in each area of your life you’re no

longer buried you’re planted it’s only a

remember of time before you blossom into

who you had been created to be you are

going to make it the tiest popping the

devil is losing his grip come to me

through prayer and worship I need to

listen from you I need to offer you

energy and know how now isn’t always the

time to give up the global desires the

present I even have position within you

you have paintings to do

you have lives to influence you are

vital now get up and

stroll like this video if your faith is

strong for

Jesus in the Bible verses Peter

always speak but to your hearts Revere

Christ as lord always be prepared to

present an answer to everybody who asks

you to present the reason for the wish

which you have sweet kids I recognize

that life may be tough and once in a

while it is able to be tough to discover

peace and joy but I want you to

recognize that I am here to help you I

need you to take a deep breath and near

your eyes imagine yourself surrounded by

means of a warm and comforting mild this

m is my love for you it is always with

you regardless of where you pass or what

you do let this light fill your soul and

thoughts and DOW it bring you peace and

joy remember which you are my baby and I

love you

unconditionally you are ideal just the

way you are and you do not need to

change anything approximately yourself

to be cherished you are usually enough

and you usually might be whenever you

sense lost or by myself just remember

that I am here with you you can talk to

me every time and I will usually pay

attention I will constantly be here to

consolation you guide you and help you

find your

way almighty God says write amen if you

obtain my grace daily affirmation I am

an a totally unique time in my life

right now I am releasing the Vintage and

making area for the new I am letting

move of vintage friendships

relationships energies beliefs and

styles I am replacing them with new

healthier connections ideals people and

energies my Lifestyles swiftly changing

for the better dear Soul there is

nitrogen monoxide condemnation for the

ones who are in me the law of the spirit

of life has set you loose for the

regulation of sin and laws of life not

many Christians understand the way to

stay in this radical Freedom that is


Birthright I died to set you free stay

freely in me to walk along the route of

Freedom you should should preserve your

thoughts firmly constant on me many

voices Proclaim this is the way so that

you can cross however simplest my voice

tells you the proper

way if you follow the way of the arena

with all its glitter and glamour you may

descend deeper and deeper into an abyss

Christian voices also can lead you off

Target do this don’t do that pray this

way don’t pray that way pray this way

don’t pray that way if you listen to all

those voices you turns into increasingly

more harassed be content material to be

easy sheep listening for my voice and

following me I will lead you into

restful and experience pastors and

manual you along paths of righteousness

type in if you needed this Heaven is

both gift and future as you walk

alongside your lifestyle path conserving

my hand you are already in touch with

the essence of Heaven nearness to me you

can also find many suggestions of Heaven

alongside your pathway due to the fact

the AR is radiantly alive with my Pres

presence shimmering Sunshine awakens

your heart gently reminding you of my

super light bird and plants trees and

skies evoke praises to my Holy Name keep

your eyes and ears fully open as you I

adventure with me at the quat off your

lifestyle rout is in front to

Heaven only I realize while you’ll reach

that destination

but I am getting ready you for it every

step of the way the absolute actuality

of your heavenly home offers you peace

and joy that will help you along your

adventure you recognize that you may

obain your private home and my perfect

timing now not one second to quickly or

to pass to let the wish of Heaven

inspire you as you walk alongside the

root of life with

me I am calling you to a lifestyles of

thankfulness I need all of your moments

to be punctuated with Thanksgiving the

basis on your gratitude is my

sovereignty I am the Creator and

controller of the universe Heaven and

Earth are full of my glorious

presence when you criticize or you

are acting as in case you assume you may

run on the arena higher than I do from

your confined human perspective it may

look as if all mismanaging matters but

you don’t know what I recognize or see

what I see if I pulled lower back the

curtain to let you view Heavenly

geographical regions you will recognize

Lots extra however I even have designed

you to live by means of Faith now not

through sight

I lovingly Shield you from understanding

the future or seeing into the spirit

International acknowledge my sovereignty

by using giving thanks in all

instances type how man if you have faith

in God the scripture always says in the

herbal why we have wronged a person once

in a while it’s less difficult to keep

away from them than to face the p pain

or capability Rejection it is not sudden

that human beings once in a while have

this same method to

God have you ever heard someone say if I

stroll right into a church the rof or

caveen they think they should maintain

their distance due to what they have

achieved but nothing might be similarly

from the truth God’s not mad at you you

he’s madly in love with you he’s waiting

for you with open hands it doesn’t count

number who you’re or what you’ve

executed recognize that his goodness is

what’s drawing you to him today do not

let condemnation maintain you from

turning to God trust his kindness trust

that he desires you to Revel in his

goodness he desires to reveal you his

faithfulness he’s promised he’ll in no

way depart you nor forsake you turn to

him these days and permit him pour His

loving kindness on you and Empower you

to walk in Victory all the days of your

Lifestyles typ PS if you trust

Jesus command people who are wealthy and

this gift International not to be

conceited nor to put their hope in

wealth that’s so uncertain but to

position their desire in God who richly

presents us with the whole lot for our

entertainment Timothy

dear listeners join me in prayer

and speak loudly dear heavenly father

thank you for the present of Lifestyles

I’m thankful for your plentiful Gra

grace and

mercy thank you for watching over me and

my own family at some point of the

nighttime and blessing us with Divine

Fitness to undergo this lovely day

father I commit our lives and this day

into your

arms I ask that you lead and guide us by

means of your spirit in each step along

the manner your expertise to make the

right choices and decisions to be able

to deliver glory and honor to your holy

name as we step out we do so in religion

hoping and believing for the

quality May doors of possibilities be

open to us and can also we meet humans

of our Destinies consistent with your

will I declare we are protected on each

side and and stored with the aid of the

energy of God no evil shall befall us

our going out and my coming in is

blessed I declare that all our

expectations for the present time were

surpassed I pray that we can also be a

blessing inside the lifestyles of these

we are available in contact with at the


time thank you Father for the spoke back

prayer and for making nowadays a

wonderful one for us jesus’ name we pray

amen I request you to join this

community of Believers by subscribing to

this Channel and do think about making a

donation through super thanks to our


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