?”I Need To Talk To You Right Now, Miracle..” |God Message Today |

after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

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my child you are watching the video but you are not sharing the video so please

share my message to everyone close to your heart let the word of the Lord spread throughout the world type if

you are ready God is saying to you today my beloved child I see the longing in

your heart the cries of your soul and the prayers that have poured from your

lips know that I am here not by chance but by Divine Design responding to your

deepest needs in these moments my Holy Spirit

surrounds you bringing strength and comfort to your

life you’ve sensed my presence my desire to speak to your heart and I’ve been

preparing you in countless ways my messages written within the

pages of your Bible shine brightly before your sincere heart today you’ve opened your heart to

me rekindling the Covenant we share you offer me your faith trust and

the fullness of your hope trust that I hear your please and

let go of the weight of anxiety that might make you think your words do not reach the heavens from the very day you

cried out an angel departed from my Celestial Throne holding the key to your

Liberation you are a special Soul engaged in a Celestial battle for your

life the adversary seeks to drag you down to wish for your failure but my

heavenly Army’s way war against these forces of evil the challenges that have befallen

You Are Not Mere coincidences they serve a purpose I call on you to be vigilant and

wise cautious with your words share your innermost thoughts with

care the enemy seeks to devour you to exploit your

vulnerabilities and to break your faith with lies and deception type one if

you believe in Jesus your future is a tapestry of Wonders and

miracles while you may face trials for a season know that your problems are not

Everlasting they will fade away the burdens that weigh you down will lift

and those who have hurt you may return seeking forgiveness but remember your faith and

trust must remain Anchored In Me Alone even when others promise you the world

hold fast to the knowledge that only I possess the power to bless and protect you from evil the source of Truth never

fail nor do I deceive should you place your trust in empty promises from deceitful Hearts

your blessings will dissipate like the wind and some may never

return so this is your moment anchor your faith in my powerful and Eternal

Word unchanging and steadfast throughout all time type Amen in the name of Jesus the

hour of decision approaches choose my love my affection

and embrace it fully make a solemn commitment to meet with me every morning to listen and

immerse yourself in the word that has illuminated your path and given you

purpose fear not when you come before me for I long to hear your

voice no matter your state or emotion my doors are wide open and my ears

attentive come before the sun rises it is the perfect moment to bring me your

desires and feel my loving Embrace speak to me openly for your

words Echo your thoughts and reserving a place for me in your heart is a fragrant

offering share your dreams your needs your frustrations and your

doubts tell me everything for I am your friend the one who truly understands and

comprehends you type I embrace my power to affirm the storms of adversity may

have shaken you leading to unexpected times of anxiety the Lash of contempt and cruelty

may have bruised your soul leaving you breathless and yearning for

peace my word is yours and you shall receive it I will fill your heart with strength

in the midst of Trials you will find Tranquility when you are weak you will

find your strength in me and when you falter fear will not consume

you cling to my promises when your burdens become overwhelming come to

me never forget that I am with you and do not let doubt rob you of the

blessings that await you I bless you because I love you and I

have chosen to do so today is a day of special

significance A Day of Victory you will forever cherish these

promises sealed with my very blood you shall know happiness and I

will bestow upon on you eternal life in my presence tears and pain shall

be no more this is your sign open your eyes the problems that

weigh you down shall fade and the help you seek is on its way know this my child I love you

deeply type I’m abundant to affirm today my love is made manifest

tell me you love me tell me you believe in me I understand your

concerns I know that often it seems as though things are not going as you hoped

and frustration clouds your path exercise

patience I will guide you in all that concerns you I will reveal my great power in your

life transforming Discord into purposeful and meaning meaningful

outcomes you are of immense importance and value to me I will never allow you to be ens

snared by circumstances that threaten your life pay heed to the signs I send you

and do not tread upon paths I have not directed you to take I perceive much that is hidden

dangers you cannot fathom intentions concealed within the hearts of others

not all who claim friendship do so genuinely do not be disheartened by

false companions who are quick to anger over trivial matters and then vanish

from your life type to show your belief in Jesus doubt not that your

prayers are heard the circumstances that appear to stall or misalign in your life are

answers to your prayers for protection to be shielded it from harm from adversity and from deceptive

Souls know that I am listening and rescuing you from these

situations take a deep breath for I am ushering peace and Solace into your

heart I will make things clear to you have faith that I am aiding and

preparing you for marvelous things understand that all things take

time often I must change the landscape remove

obstacles and dismantle snares from your path when the moment arrives for you to

step forward it will be without Peril do you

comprehend I have never let go of your hand I have never distanced myself from

you I have kept my promise now you must do your your part

trust in me have faith be courageous and raise your head

high type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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burdens of Sorrow I’m here to help to console and to heal your

wounds recognize that even in your most arduous trials you are never

alone dismiss the thought that my love is withheld from you that is never the

case your struggles may be significant but my love for you endures and I will

always hold your hand I have heard your cries felt your patience were thin and

sensed your despair as you sought the door perhaps you have been looking in the

wrong places for the door has always been before you I am your path your hope your truth

and your future in the midst of your challenges if you choose to believe and come to me

you will emerge from the turmoil in my perfect time and in the manner I see

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out if you’re patience has waned and you are weary of waiting I will grant you

more patience and greater strength I will bestow my peace upon

you do not surrender now for you stand on the brink of achieving your long held

dreams it is crucial that you believe wholeheartedly Trust trusting in me for

all your support consult me before making decisions for risking what you have

gained could lead to dire consequences remember you are not in

competition and there is no need to prove yourself to others your faith in me has already been

demonstrated now simply walk with unwavering steps slowly yet wisely ly you will

reach the place of blessings and prosperity that you have yearned for as you step into that Promised Land

hold these words close a season of profound blessings awaits you and your

family type if you believe in Jesus your faith has endured you stand

firm ready for Victory cast aside the self-imposed

limitations embrace the truth that you are my beloved child the trials you faced in the past

have molded you familiarizing you with the anguish of living in fear and

battling unfounded worries throughout the day your soul

bore the weight of baseless fears and your spirit endured the torment of

misguided thoughts though the journey was painful it taught you valuable

lessons today you possess the wisdom to make sound choices and to select true

friends you are walking the right path within my will you are poised for Success poised

to enter a new era of extraordinary Miracles the blessings that awake you

will Infuse your life with strength and joy accept them without

reservation I will pour forth blessings upon you to the extent that tears of joy

will flow do not yield to despair for I am listening protecting and supporting

you I am the Healer who delivers you The Rescuer who prospers

you seek me with your whole heart do not forget the Miracles I have ordained for

you seek the moments of attentiveness when my spirit touches your heart

signifying the time for transformation in your life type Amen in the name of

Jesus Bid Farewell to anger and negative influences today immerse yourself

completely in the river of my love when I speak tenderly do not

disregard me when I beckon gently do not turn away when I correct firmly that is

the time to cling to my enduring love I I will save you from the enemy

deliver your repentant heart from all harm and Grant the petitions you bring to me in

faith each day each morning I await you appreciating the sincerity and

confidence in your words believe that I will answer that I

am attentive and that I will never forsake you when weariness engulfs you remember

that I am with you you can Rest Your Head Upon my shoulder and confide in

me I am your friend your Confidant and I pass no judgment your secrets do not

provoke my anger keep my words in your heart let them dwell in your

mind my promises will guide your thoughts away from the past and anchor

your emotions in the present the future holds boundless

opportunities and only those who face it with courage and determination

persisting in faith and adhering to my perfect timing will claim

victory type I embrace my power to affirm the door of reconciliation is

opening for you airm your path with forgiveness those who wronged you and

mocked you will return showing respect they will know that I am with you

steadfast and unwavering you will emerge as a leader

impacting an entire community and bringing help to many believe it and prepare for it shall

come to pass do not fear for you shall lack nothing abundance will flow to

you manage it with wisdom multiply it with humility and when you kneel in

prayer offer gratitude for the blessings awaiting you even though some are yet to

arrive thank me now with joy and Faith your prayers are potent and resonate

before my heavenly Throne the words that flow from your lips are like swords cleaving through

discouragement doubt sadness and despair vanquishing every thought of defeat and

negativity raise your voice in Thanksgiving continue to give praise

raise your arms in adoration in this spiritual battle all

negative emotions will depart from your home today and will never

return a profound sense of Tranquility will fill your Abode open your doors and

windows fear nothing for no harm shall enter my angels encamp around your

family ever Vigilant to defend against spiritual assaults type I’m abundant to affirm

Embrace this truth you are not a product of chance I chose you and scripted the

story of your life before the creation of the Universe I gazed upon you with boundless

love before your birth and I endowed you with an indomitable Spirit and the

resilience of a Victor you are well aware that your past tribulations have strengthened you

beyond measure live accordingly as these words resonate within you let

the conviction grow that there is a profound purpose in your life and the time has come for my will to be

fulfilled abandoned complaints and confusion to those who spurn my counsel

I approached them directly and spoke to them they profess love for me but do not

believe in my words I implore you do not emulate their

conduct and do not seek their approval lean not on them for

support but rather seek the Father the Son and the Holy

Spirit in my presence you possess everything needed for

Success witness my promises manifest in your life and in your

families place your trust in this potent word do not rely on human beings for

motivation and happiness your help and strength emanate from the almighty not

from those who are fible and May Fail you type to show your belief in

Jesus today is a day like no other a day you will forever hold close to your

heart listen closely for I am speaking directly to you seeking to create an

intimate connection that fills your soul soul with warmth and understanding as you set forth on this

journey toward your dreams know that you walk in a realm beyond the

ordinary believe with unwavering faith for the time has come and this day is

yours to cease I want you to grasp the depth of my love for

you I am here to Shield you from Life storms to place Victory firmly within

your grasp my love for you is a Beacon of Hope

guiding you through the darkest of nights right where you stand in this

very moment I want you to feel it the overwhelming emotion that fills your

heart with joy casting away the shadows of

Sorrow feel the weight lifting from your shoulders replaced by a newfound

strength and lightness that Empower you to rise giving up is not an option for you stand

on the precipice of Triumph type to manifest miracles in

your life yes storms may rage fiercely winds may buffay you and waves May crash

relentlessly but under the shelter of my wings you are protected and within my

grasp you are safe I understand your pain I know the

feeling when those you trusted turn into adversaries piercing your soul with the

nails of hatred and lashing your back with the whip of mercilessness I comprehend the depth of

love the willingness to give your heart even when it’s met with

disdain I know precisely what you’re going through know this my dear one you

matter when tears flow like a spring in your soul is heavy with sadness and

anxiety I don’t judge you for your moments of weakness you must understand that only I

can truly help type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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thanks from $ to $ when danger Looms cast aside

thoughts of defeat and death the darkness has departed and you

can now walk with unwavering confidence on this day I have renewed

your joy strengthened your faith and etched Promises of trust upon your

heart I have given you a new vision a fresh desire built upon my

word don’t waste precious time trying to convince those who see seek to discourage

you their hearts may be closed to your perspective and faith and they may mock

you once more but you don’t need their approval on this path for you are moving towards

Victory while they March towards defeat they have already chosen their

Destiny if loneliness surrounds you if you yearn for support remember that you

have me Trust and be patient for I will send the right people

into your life you are not insignificant to me you are of great

interest I cherish you care for you and love you

deeply in just a few days Victory will be yours to

hold I am never late I arrive precisely when you need me the most like and share

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the weight of waiting and the burden of endless pondering about the future that can unsettle your

soul that’s why I implore you to release that heavy load that weighs you

down living in constant fear of the unknown is not the life I have destined

for you do not lower your gaze or be consumed by worries and

anxieties I have promised to work miracles for you to open

doors I am always with you and my word is unwavering the days and nights are under

my Dominion I see you when sleep eludes you when your mind races with concerns that

I already hold in my hands when anxiety assails you speak

boldly to it and declare that there is no fear in your heart because you trust in your dearest friend your God your

Lord watch as your fears scatter never to return and your soul basks in the

liberating light of my peace live your life to the fullest and

find happiness in every moment I promise that in the midst of

your battles I will whisper with a gentle voice reminding you that my hand

rests upon your shoulder in the face of every attack I

will provide you with the strength you need to stand firm tell me that you believe in me obey

me for I have convinced you of my word type if you believe in Jesus you have

come too far to give up now you must press on I speak to you today to infuse you

with faith courage and unwavering strength teaching you to wait for me even when

your spirit grows weary keep calm and speak to your heart

assuring it that there is nothing to fear the control of your life your

dreams your destiny all of it rests in the hands of your loving

father the world’s winds may try to make you forget the times when I came to your

aid but I command those winds and storms to cease this very moment

I love you I have never let you down and I will not

delay I am here ready to extend my hand and rescue

you tell me with all your heart who loves you more than I do do not doubt it I am with

you do not falter now for victory is within your

grasp I am filling you with courage and Faith removing obstacles defeating your

enemies and healing your emotions so that fear no longer holds you captive

type Amen in the name of Jesus I have chosen you for victory in

all things and I am opening the gates of Heaven and the doors of opportunity for

you stop underestimating yourself this is not a suggestion it is

a command erase those doubts about your worth and the Magnificent things you can

achieve with my help and power hear me when I say that you are not alone and I have proven this to you

countless times I have equipped you with all the necessary abilities for

victory trust in me and have faith I dwell within you endowing you

with wisdom filling you with strength and intelligence to overcome any challenge no matter how daunting it may

seem even when adversaries gather to defeat you you will not

fall I will deliver you believe this truth and cast aside

your worries release all doubts and fears and face these challenges

headon you will not Journey alone my mighty hand leads the way

defeating the Giants that block your path type I embrace my power to affirm

you are my beloved child and I have bestowed upon you the power to conquer

any foe that arises these enemies will scatter in the

presence of the light I have placed within you a light that dispels darkness

and guides you toward great victories and blessings an army of angels watches is

over your every step ensuring you do not stumble even amidst storms and darkness

rise now and claim the anointing upon your shoulders nothing and no one can stand

against you for I am your Mighty God your protector your source of

strength Always by your side supporting you in Victory know this my dear one as you

make your dreams come true true you are fulfilling my Divine will I have magnificent and wondrous

plans for you life has tested you with its trials

and the enemy has tried to break you in every way possible they sent people to discourage

you people who ridiculed you laughed at your faith and questioned your

resolve but do not fear no person or situation holds power

over you for I am your Shield your healer your strength type I’m abundant

to affirm I will lay my mighty hand upon your life mending every wound and

soothing every sad memory in your heart you remain steadfast through every

trial the enemy attempted to swow Discord in your family your work your

home but you held on Resolute in your Det determination not to give

up I understand that these trials are complex and challenging often leaving

wounds within you affecting your emotions weakening your thoughts and

draining your resolve to move forward that is why I am here today to

mend all that has been broken in your life you must continue to walk to stand

tall and to hold your head high the the enemy tried time and time

again to halt your progress but if you are still standing today it is because

my grace strengthens you type amen if you believe in God if you’re all set

type yes take care of yourself type I claim it if you receive this declaration

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