🛑”I Have Urgent News For You, Don’t Ignore This” | ।God’s message today।#godmessagetoday

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yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God wants you

to talk to him thank you for speaking to

me and reminding me of your presence in


life I am grateful for your assurance

that the challenges I face are coming to

an end and that blessings are on the

horizon I acknowledge your unwavering


and faithfulness and I am humbled by

your support and guidance I recognize

the importance of letting go of harmful

habits and negative thoughts and I am

willing to surrender them to you please

help me immerse myself in your holy

spirit so that my life can be


transformed and I can radiate joy and

Felicity to the those around me like and

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channel if you love Jesus I understand

that my struggles and anxieties are not

perpetual and that you are delivering me

and my family from them I am committed

to trusting in your perfect will and

placing complete faith in you I believe

in your earnest desire to bless me and I

am ready to rise and take the necessary

steps to seek you each

morning and never stray from your love

and presence thank you Heavenly Father

for your love grace and mercy may your

will be done in my life and may I

continue to grow in faith and

obedience in your holy name amen that my

timing is perfect and my plans unfold in

ways that may not always be immediately

evident type if you believe in

Jesus your faithfulness and patience in

trusting me despite the challenges you

face are commendable and I am pleased

with your

steadfastness as you continue to pray

for your family and guide them with love

and patience remember that I am with you

every step of the

way your role in their lives is crucial

and your efforts to lead them towards me

will bear fruit in due time do not lose

heart or grow weary for I am working

behind the scenes to bring about the

transformation you desire stay focused

on my promises for they are true and

unwavering your prayers have been heard

and the blessings you seek are already

on their way trust in my faithfulness

and you will soon witness the

Fulfillment of my word in your life and

in the lives of your loved

ones continue to seek me earnestly and I

will will guide you through every trial

and Triumph your faith has moved

mountains and it will continue to do so

as you place your trust in me be

encouraged my child for I am always with

you and my plans for you and your family

are filled with hope and blessings

beyond measure type Amen in the name of

Jesus your desire to work on refining

the character and wisdom of your family

members before receiving blessings is

commendable it shows your commitment to

their well-being and your understanding

that blessings are best received when

one is prepared to handle them with

Grace and

wisdom I am pleased by your willingness

to seek peace and

joy for yourself and your family rather

than allowing blessings to become

burdens your Covenant with me inscribed

upon your heart and mind serves as a

foundation for the the peace and healing

that I long to bestow upon

you as you continue on your journey I

encourage you to Cast Away doubt and

complaint and to trust in my timing and

plan for your life even when conflicts

and challenges arise know that I am with

you guiding you and granting you the

strength and wisdom to endure your

perseverance and patience in the face of

adversity are admirable and they will

ultimately lead to the Fulfillment of my

promises in your life keep pressing

forward trusting in my love and

provision and you will

indeed receive Abundant Blessings In Due

Time your commitment to witness bravery

in your heart especially in the face of


expectations is admirable it

demonstrates your determination to

maintain joy and steadfastness even in

challenging times times type I embrace

my power to affirm as you awake your

blessings it’s important to hold on to

unwavering commitment and wholehearted

love traits that reflect the strength of

character I have instilled within

you remain loyal to our covenant

refusing to compromise your convictions

for temporary gains or the opinions of

unbelievers stay grounded in faith

resisting doubts grip and finding

strength in my promises Embrace these

words of faith and peace each morning

allowing them to fortify your spirit and

guide your

path remember that I am faithful and

everpresent ready to provide Comfort

healing and peace amidst life storms

trust in my love and guidance knowing

that Victory is assured for those who

believe with courage and resilience

you will overcome every trial and emerge

stronger and wiser than before I have

already anticipated your needs and

prepared the way for your blessings

remain steadfast in prayer belief and

perseverance knowing that I grant you

unyielding strength and

Faith even if things do not unfold as

planned I will always be there to lift

you up with my grace and mercy which are

Eternal remember that I have chosen you

from the beginning knowing the trials

and tribulations you would

face type I’m abundant to affirm trust

in my unwavering love and the certainty

of my promises despite any challenges or

doubts cling to the Eternal truth that I

am constant and genuine in my love for

you while Others May falter or give up

when faced with obstacles you will

remain steadfast in your faith you will

not Retreat or regress but will hold

fast to my promises day by day your life

is precious to me and I will continue to

assist you demonstrating my love in


ways seek me with all your heart knowing

that I Delight in your active faith and

am attentive to your needs and prayers

trust that I am already working on your

behalf even before you speak your

desires aloud I I am deeply aware of

your needs and when you bring them to me

in prayer it brings me joy to hear the

beat of your faith your patience and

waiting for my response does not go

unnoticed it pleases me

greatly trust that I am covering you

with great strength and the times of

sadness will pass bringing happiness

back into your life and home you can

serve me by sharing my word and helping

other others receive the blessings I

have in store for them type to show

your belief in

Jesus today I bless you for your pure

and simple heart and because of your

faith great and beautiful things are

coming into your life I await you each

day to share your feelings and desires

with me to bring your plans before my

Throne know that I will greatly bless

you as you walk in faith seek me each

day at dawn and allowing my glory to

shine upon you dispelling the darkness

recommit yourself to prayer seeking me

and surrendering your thoughts and

decisions to me even in them face of

serious problems and difficult

situations remember that everything is

possible for those who believe in me

trust in my eternal and unbreakable love

and walk in faith knowing that I am

always always here to guide and protect

you your faith no matter how small it

may feel is all you need to receive

wonderful blessings from me hold on to

my promises listen to my words each day

and entrust your life to me letting go

of your wrongdoings walk by faith

trusting in the Miracles that are yet

invisible to your eyes for I am your

essence your future your strength and

your protector

I see your unwavering belief in me and I

know that you will continue to move

forward with

faith when you least expect it your

heart will be filled with joy and dreams

you thought were long dead will spring

back to life hopes that you had tucked

away in despair will awaken once again

enriching your life with faith and

renewal you may have considered giving

up feeling like you were at your last

breath but here I stand before you

offering my love and presenting you with

numerous Gifts of immense happiness and

even bigger

blessings type to manifest miracles

in your

life prepare your mind and heart for

people you thought were gone will

re-enter your life and your faith has

grown to a point where you can Aid those

arriving shattered be prepared for the

doors to swing open and the locks to


as the chains blocking your blessings

will be shattered anything becomes

possible when you believe in my words

for nothing is beyond my reach get ready

for what’s coming for it is beyond

anything you’ve ever dreamed of the

chance to rebuild family connections is

closer than you think forgiveness and

healing are knocking at your door

waiting for you to let them in show

forgiveness to those who have hurt you

in the past and give them a second

chance I promise to give you not just

a better job but true wealth in every

sense stick to the truth avoid spreading

rumors and ignore those who try to cause

trouble with their gossip and lies watch

out for those who want to steal the good

things meant for

you it’s time to climb higher to

understand my teachings better and to

trust trust me completely don’t put your

faith in money alone and don’t let

bitterness take over when you face

Financial struggles or job loss entrust

me with your faith and surrender your

heart to me the moment has come to

Embark upon a journey of Supernatural

living to profess your love for me

believe in me and witness how I shall

touch your life and that of your family

with my love and

power type yes if if you are ready for

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$ I love you my child and I desire to

enter your Abode to orchestrate a

profound miracle I stand at the

threshold beckoning will you permit me

entry to enact something new marvelous

and my in your life I have observed your

situation and I shall not

permit scarcity to invade your household

or afflict your family I shall shower

your home with blessings for years to

come for you have remained faithful

devoted in prayer and fasting

prioritizing me in all your endeavors


thoughts thus the time draws near to

reap the fruits of your labor I shall

fill your home with a B abundance Joy

courage and

well-being rest assured in my promises

for I shall fulfill

them prepare for a significant change

and do not cling to the patterns of the

past characterized by worry and

despondency with my blessings comes

wisdom power and the ability to make

sound decisions to Steward what I bestow

upon you so that it may multiply in your

hands becoming a blessing unto others be

grateful and Trust for I am affecting a

transformation in your

life I am preparing you for a season of

abundant opportunities that awaits you

you have sown seeds of faith in your

heart for a long

time enduring numerous trials and

tribulations yet never doubting my power

never doubting my presence by your side

therefore you have emerged Victorious

for you believed in me and thus I aided

you my grace and mercy have been poured

out upon you and now with my mighty hand

I shall cause these seeds you have

planted to flourish abundantly in your

life and in the lives of those around

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Jesus the time approaches is to reap the

rewards of your faithfulness what I

shall bring to your home is infinitely

greater than you imagine you deserve the

best and even more your faith is

invaluable and your humble demeanor will

carry you far prepare yourself for I

shall open new doors introduce you to

New Horizons and bring abundance to your

home I love you fear not for your life

is in my

hands this disregard the negative

reports and do not entertain the insults

hurled by tongue

seeking to harm you do not believe all

that is said for adversaries seek to

instill fear to control your life your

destiny and your heart steering you away

from the divine plan designed for

you seeking to deprive you of the

blessings bestowed upon you many Envy

the blessings you have received and seek

to benefit from that which rightfully

Belongs to You therefore when faced with

insults and slander cling to my love and

my word seek my presence and spend time

with me so you may unburden yourself I

do not want your faith and love for me

to weaken due to these attacks trust in

me for I am your shield and your refuge

in your time of need type if you

believe in

Jesus your struggl have not gone

unnoticed and I am actively working to

transform your

circumstances I am lifting the burdens

that weighed you down and removing the

negative feelings that held you

back you are experiencing a profound

change liberated from depression

loneliness hatred and envy your spirit

has been renewed infused with faith

optimism strength and joy even those who

once opposed you will be astonished by

your transformation they will find

themselves frustrated because they can

no longer affect or harm you your

steadfast adherence to my word has

shielded you from their attacks and the

wounds that once Afflicted you have

vanished the worries that tested

your faith have faded

away Embrace this new day of peace and

happiness even if you cannot yet see it

with your your natural eyes know that I

am with you showering you with my

Supernatural presence and surrounding

you with my love and affection you are

not weak you are strong you are not a

failure you are victorious you are not

defeated you have risen by my power and

now you are a conqueror type Amen in the

name of Jesus I remind you that you are


alone though you may have wept in sorrow


yesterday your tears have reached me in

the heavens I am here to comfort you to

heal your ailments and to resolve your

problems trust in me and believe that I

am working all things together for your

good keep faith in my promises for I am

faithful to fulfill them type amen if

you believe in God if you’re all set

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