?I Am Molding Your Heart And Soul | God Message For You Today

Lord is

conveying my dearest child of mine when

you feel what you preserve loosing

within the Warfare that you face a

couple of times and afternoon don’t

forget this is you try to fight it

together with your very own power with

the armor and weapons that you used


time due to the fact you rely upon

yourself Sweet Child much like like

every magnificent Deeds special

stationary so do you want special

equipment to learn new lessons in the

trials I am your

provider I equip you with a whole lot

you need if handiest you permit move of

the Vintage I will educate you ways to

use your new presence come on now allows

get stronger together in the Bible

versus Colossians e always says and

some thing you do in word or deed do the

whole lot inside the name of the Lord

Jesus giving way to God the Father

through him if positive thoughts are

coming in your life then you should like


video lovely child I want you to realize

that I am continually with you guiding

you and assisting you

love and grace are of the maximum vital

things in life they assist you to build

strong relationships with others and

make your interactions more significant

I want you to know that I am here that

will help you cultivate those qualities

on your

existence to start I want you to take a

deep breath in near your eyes imagine

yourself surround fire a warm and

comforting mild this mild is my love and

charm for you it eyes ways with you no

matter where you pass or what you do let

this mild fill your coronary heart and

soul and permit it convey

you now reflect on consideration on the

humans for your life think about the

relationships you have with them and how

you engage with with them are there any

relationships that need more lovey and

Beauty are there any interactions that

would be extra

significant remember that love and

beauty are not finite sources they are

considerable and can overflow in your

Lifestyles and within the lives of those

around you when you display lovey and

Beauty to others you create a ripple

effect which can ex Chang the

arena God claims WR yes if you need


mercy affirm today is complete of


possibilities I am determined to perform

anything that comes my

manner I am radiating with self-belief

and Splendor I look around me and see

all the benefits noades has brought me

there are no boundaries I cannot over

overcome I am able to so much extra than


suppose here are five things presently

Lord desires you to recognize this

today one the distinction between try to

Triumph is a touch

onph two every day won’t be precise

however there may be something top in


day three do not observe wherein the

Direction may lead go instead in which

there may be no direction and go way a

path four no matter what happens

maintain your head up and preserve

transferring five Your Existence does

not get higher by using chance it

receives Higher by way of

trade to receive it type ends send

this faithful video to eight people who

believe in

Lord trust me dear child I am all around

you Soaring Over You whilst you are

seeking my face I am closer than you

dare consider closer than the air you

breathe if my children may want to most

effective understand my presence they

would never feel lonely

again I recognize each idea earlier than

you suppose it each word before you talk

it my presence impinges to your

innermost being can you see the

absurdity of looking to disguise

anything from me you can without

difficulty misle different humans and


yourself however I study you like an

open massive pretty book deep within

themselves maximum human being have some

recognition of my approaching presence

many humans run from me and vehemently

deny my Lifestyles due to the fact my

closeness terrifies them but my own

children don’t have anything to worry

for I even have cleansed them by my

blood and clothed them in my

righteousness be blessed through my

intimate nearness since say stay in you

allow me a additionally stay through you

shining my light into the

darkness when many things appear to be

going wrong trust me when your life

feels increasingly more out of control

thank me these are Supernatural

responses and they are able to elevate

you above your

circumstances if you do what comes

certainly inside the face of

difficulties you may addition Ally fall

prey to negativism even a few complaints

can set you on a direction that could be

a downward spiral fire darkening your

attitude and

mindset with this mindset controlling

you proceedings drift increasingly more

conveniently out of your mouth each one

moves you progressively down the

slippery spiral the lower you pass the

fast you Sly however it’s far still

feasible to apply brakes cry out to me

in my

name affirm your believe in me

regardless of where you feel thank me

for the ho thing though this appears

unnatural rational gradually you may

begin to ascend getting better your lost

ground when you air back on floor degree

you can face your occasions from from a

humble angle if you choose Supernatural

responses this time trusting and

thanking May will Revel in my

unfathomable peace typ PS if you

ready the scripture says all around you

God’s goodness is on display the

question is do you spot it the scripture

talks approximately how God became

inside the midst of human human beings

however they knew him no longer to

typically God is working in our lives

showing us desire defensive us sending

us recuperation do however he do not

recognizes goodness for instance if you

are in a crowded automobile parking

space and automobile backs out so you

may get to the front area it’s the

goodness of God

if you’re going through a difficult time

and a buddy stops by immediately and

cheers you up that is the goodness of

God do we have to recollect no longer it

take the little matters as a right all

through the day we must be

pronouncing thank you Lord for your

goodness thank you for my

fitness thank you for my spouse thank

you for the possibility that you have

given me today be in search of his

goodness remember what you seek you’ll

discover seek Him and thank him for his

faithfulness and blessing upon every

location of your

existence type I trust the divine plan


agree God beckons my kids what are you

stressful about why are you loosing

sleep you might not see how it may work

out but what you cannot see is me your

heavenly father supplying you with

Divine choose moving the wrong people

out of the manner making all matters new

and turning terrible conditions round

trust my

timing don’t worry if you are not be you

want to be yet great matters take time

abundance of benefits are over your life

hold into my unchanging

hand today irrespective of what you need

to go through now or within the destiny

can also your spirit be assured that not

anything is to difficult for me place

your burdens on my shoulders I will Tak

a care of you typ PS if you trust


Lord it is due to him that you are in

Christ Jesus who has become for us

wisdom from God that is our

righteousness Holiness and Redemption


dear listener join this uplifting

prayer with me and repeat after me oh

dear God each day you are permitting us

to Excel and to achieve menoras of our

lives but I do pray that no matter what

we completed we can always be humbling

deliver the credit score to your call

because other than everything that you

had given to us we aren’t successful of

doing some and if we do fail CU it is

able to appear off and allow us to not

be afraid to beg in all over

again do now not let us look down on

each other but rather be the encourager

the supporter and the inspiration help

us to Patient over the matters you don’t

have a manage over be thankful below our

circumstances to preserve a ban at

attitude in our

lives rest if we need to however

paintings diligently thank you for the

resources we need as we stroll the Walk

of faith I pray in Jesus call

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