these days God is making a proclamation to you serious consequences May befall

you if you disregard this Divine word but if you want to get to Paradise all

it takes is minutes with Jesus by viewing this movie from beginning to

finish my name is Jesus Christ and I am sending this message to you with all the

love and care that the world can provide imagine me waiting at your front door

eager to bring an abundance of love and financial blessings into your

house see I’m returning to this planet to a read you won’t believe please hit

the like button and tell your friends and family about this video If you

believe what I’m saying my darling little one I encourage you to repeat

these words aloud I am receptive to the boundless

love healing and advantages that are mind to receive today amazing Financial

Miracles will happen just when I need them within the call of Jesus and my

whole family will experience healing you may expect miracles every

day from Monday to Sunday your condition is about to improve dramatically you may

regain your health and your financial situation will improve I Proclaim that

this week will be full of fantastic happenings get ready for a dauge of

blessings and miracles to flood your life March and April are going to be

jam-packed with plenty blessings and Limitless chances embraced this with me

my dear ones and see the Marvels I can bring into your

life get ready for a dagee of love prosperity and contentment I am the

creator of all you see around you my beloved toddler including the sky earth

water mountains sun and stars remember that you are special to

me and I love you without condition I will shower success prosperity and good

health on you and your loved ones this is what God says in his

word my plan for your life is perfect and I will never leave you or forsake

you as you rest tonight I will answer your prayers and put an end to your

worries your anguish pain and lack of sleep will come to an end and you will

win the lottery which will change your life forever if you’re a costly toddler March

for Mighty a month of plenty for you and your loved ones get ready to be

astounded by the tremendous abundance that’s on the horizon your health riches

and prosperity will soar to new heights pay attention to what Jesus said

I am the bread of existence if you watch this video until you give up your life

is going to be filled with financial abundance alleviating your financial

problems and paying off your debts if you accept Jesus into your life

he will replace your sorrow with Joel contentment and endless teas those who

seek me will not go hungry and those who think about me will not be

thirsty I set my best son to die on the cross for you because you are precious

to me and I will always keep a watchful eye on you and love you no matter

what God sees your cries hears your prayers and has the power to alleviate

your pain he is sensitive to your wants and I am replacing your stress anxiety

and irritation with Everlasting Serenity so that you may fully feel my love and

charm in the year God will send restoration provision

protection and spiritual Direction into your lives prepare to receive an

incredible abundance from God that will leave you aaz prised and eternally

grateful says Jesus unexpected Miracles May transform

our lives forever when we rely only on God be prepared to be astounded by the

richness that is about to be bestowed upon you before the month comes to a

close you will experience boundless money Genuine Health and

success abundant wealth success true love and joy already

at work in your life as you view this movie your family finances and health

will flourish in response to Jesus invitation as you give yourself up to

God he will remove obstacles speak well of you to the right people and open

doors for you as you give your life to him he will bless you you and your

family with a better life heal your wounds and turn your mistakes into

victories God is proclaiming healing and restoration over you and this week is

crucial for you you will experience Triumph after Triumph and many blessings

you may get double benefits Miracles and

breakthroughs imagine that something EXT extraordinary and unexpected will happen

this week recite this with me breakthroughs are flooding my life not

just a trickle or a circulation but a flood of God’s electricity I will also

bring you a blessing that will change your life before the end of the

month I choose to think with a breakthrough mentality and I expect God

to smash me with this kindness and Astound me with his favor a flood of

restoration an awareness flood and a favor flood I am someone who experiences

breakthroughs despite your exhaustion and weakness no that God is your source

of strength as you journey through this season of trade God is merciful and

brings Comfort to all during this time he is remodeling your life turning your

Sorrows into jaw and leading you towards success and

prosperity be encouraged because God is on your side working all things for your

good and preparing a way for you even when it seems

impossible the Lord will shower you with blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

turning your need in into plenty your hardships into memories and your

confusion into understanding every aspect of your life

your aspiration relationships Health finances and pleasure is being

revitalized by God every day remember that when you give yourself over to God

you may store riches in heaven and get success on Earth he longs to bless you abundantly

as a child of God so that he might continually reshape your life bringing

you Joy that lasts forever healing your scars and providing for all your

needs keep your faith fixed on Christ Jesus the mediator between God and

Mankind put your whole confidence in him and make him known in everything that

you do as you go on your pilgrimage in his gospel God Proclaim to

his people that Jesus Christ is both the resurrection and the life and that

whomever believes in him will have everlasting life even when this world

ends we shall remain with him in Paradise Jesus promised to comfort us as

a mother soothes her infant yet some people questioned because they had not

seen him personally however he praised those who trusted in him even though

they had not seen him as Christians we have trust in Jesus

death and resurrection and we look forward to his return to permanently

reconcile us to God he is typically there for us providing the comfort and

serenity we need within months you will experience a

radical change in your mental spiritual and financial well-being as God restores

your health blesses you and grants your every desire he will also remove your

pain and misery and help you triumph over

despair I can bless your relationships finances health and

agencies if you continue to pray study your Bible and work on yourself God will

bless you in ways you cannot imagine this week you will achieve success in

all that you do a new age of boundless benefits

Eternal peace and God’s favor begins today he will bless you with particular

places that are selected for you and you may experience peace he healing Miracles

pleasured and favor like never before no matter what you’ve been

through God’s plan for your life will prede God loves you no matter what and

he will perform miracles to change your life you’re about to experience a

life-changing transformation in the next week you will

meet the love of your life settle into a beautiful new house and amass enough

wealth to support your dreams and those of your family a miraculous change will occur in

every facet of your life including your responsibilities your bank account your

health and your relationships God will send people

resources and finances your way things you never imagined were possible he has

has also set angels to watch over and direct you and your

household just as Daniel believed God while he was in the Lion’s Den so to can

you accept Jesus as true in your trials and tribulations for in him you will

find all the sustenance and luxury you need and there will be no more hunger or

weariness in your lives today God says I bring peace and

you’re like no one else I know you’re worried about your money your health and

your family but know that I’m always on your side today I will bless you with

healing Victory and peace get ready for lifechanging

benefits keep in mind that I am a kind and gracious God who loves you without

condition and is always with you I declare in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that in the year

anybody who tries to hurt you or bring you grief may be

chastised God will protect you from every kind of wickedness keep in mind

that while we give all to God we also lay up riches in heaven and unlock the

gates to wealth on Earth you will be blessed with unexpected

Miracles that will cure your health men damage relationships and open doors of Plenty

since your prayers have been heard despite your Current financial

difficulties keep repeating after me I am grateful for the money I have already

got and I’m open to receiving more your ideal marriage will come true not

through your own efforts but through the grace and love of your heavenly

father there will be more money in my bank account than I can ever imagine if

I want to solve all my money problems I’m going to materialize $ million

this week in you will be showered with blessings

healed of your scars and guided by the Almighty God will provide for your needs

and keep you safe this month the difficult situation you’re going through

will soon be over and a wonderful chapter in your life will

begin you seek solace in God’s presence when you are lonely when you feel lost

and abandoned accept it as real with God if you leave everything in God’s hands

he will meet all your needs if you are walking in close

proximity to the Lord your faith is fully matured you rely Less on your own

wisdom and more on his wisdom to guide you in all your ways God is reliable he

always keeps his word and guarantees what he says remember that when you study and

believe what God says in the Bible he can guide you to the truth in your life

today I built heaven in six days and rested on the seventh I can change your

life in an instant pray to me my precious child I

will heal your Brokenness I will grant your wishes I will remove obstacles from

your path and I will shower you with prosperity Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

declares the Lord even in the dark hours light will

triumph over Darkness keep in mind that the Lord is your shepherd He will

provide for all your needs this week may be filled with miraculous

events to love child God is letting you know that a miracle is about to happen

and his unfaltering love will be with you always you will be able to live in

his presence forever your guardian angels are pointing you in

the right direction and you have a great chance of succeeding a blessing that

will change your life is on its way to you as an alternative to becoming

bothersome focus on worshiping since next week brings top news answered

prayers breakthroughs Miracles and favor if you stay confident I Proclaim that

you may find the biggest gift you’ve ever experienced in your life keep in mind that you are being

watched over by God your creator who will continue to do so throughout your

life supplying help and rescue as you need it as Jesus said I came here so you

may also have and endure Lifestyles and have them

abundantly this serves as a reminder that God wants us to make the most of

every moment remember that you’re never really alone on your path through life

in fact God’s angels are always keeping an eye on you prepared to step in and

provide a hand when you need it you are precious to me and my love

for you is so great that no amount of hardship will ever break you I have

faith in you and I know that you will emerge from this storm stronger more

fortunate and wealthier than before if you put your trust in God he

will lead you through difficult times and show you the way out remember that

wherever God is there is hope you are never truly alone because God is always

with you he sees your struggle and here’s your

prayers rest assured my little baby that you are never really alone I am always

here watching over you and doing everything in my power to provide you

with the benefits that are properly Yours by the power of Jesus blood I also

take away any curs words you may have said or any words that stand in the way

of your destiny and I do it all in his name My Only request is that you have

faith in me and let my blessings enter your life without hindrance I am the

father of heavenly lights the one who gives you the genuine and excellent

things in life you have entered a new chapter of your life a one-of-a-kind period full of

boundless chances but I am not like passing Shadows I am Everlasting and

unshakable always showering you with gifts and leading you through every

storm you may face get out of here with all your worries and Sorrows because I have the

ability to completely transform your life bringing you financial success and

plenty you may have had finan fincial losses or setbacks but I promise you

that every dollar you’ve spent will return to you better your business

career or job will Thrive and you may enjoy tremendous Improvement in your

financial well-being your favor will be showered upon you and your blessings will grow in

the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances I will create possib

abilities for you that cannot be taken away all of your heart’s desires will be

realized precious ones I have some exciting plans for you this might be the

Fulfillment of a lifelong goal the beginning of a beautiful marriage or a

breakthrough like no other the following three days will be a period of

extraordinary change so be prepared keep in mind that the most important

connection you may have is with my son Jesus you will be amazed at the

tremendous power and love that come from the Divine as a result of Miracles

blessings and breakthroughs According To Jesus he is

the one who will save you redeem you and be your partner when you’re hurting he

will you and give you comfort when you’re in the depths of Despair he will

be your Lighthouse find your acceptance in him and he will never let you

fall you will experience an abundance of top isues as you embark on this new

chapter of your life you will enjoy a succession of accomplishments victories and

breakthroughs Good Fortune and desired wealth are on their way to you and you

are going to transition from feeling overwhelmed to feeling satisfied in

every way your story is changing amen I God he am aware of your anguish

and will preserve your pain with extraordinary care take as real the good

strength of restoration my precious children when you are El land your

bodies are weak and when you are feeling down in spirit may my love envelop you may my

restoring Grace uplift you and may my presence bring you comfort along your

journey believe in me and no that my love Embraces you now and

always in the last days of this month God will shower you with wonderful

blessings including an Improvement in your financial situation the possibility

of healing for your life and the appearance of Miracles so get ready to

have fun I bestow blessings on you and your

loved ones Desto upon you a fulfilling career a healthy bank account a reliable

car or even love this is a year of restoration

change advantages and miracles and as we enter the year

I want you to know that your benefits will treble in the next week

it’s a wonderful time for New Beginnings Fresh Starts and intriguing

prospects this may seem unbelievable but have faith in my words because our God

is a multiplying God and he intends to reward you abundantly

ly know that I am the god who revives the dead gives strength to the weak and

restores Faith to those who have lost hope I can cure everyone and repair

every wounded coronary heart all you have to do is ask for my Aid and I will

be there for you says the Lord whether you are in any kind of Agony whether

physical mental or spiritual you may expect a

multiplicative effect on your financial investments as well as a general

Improvement in your finances relationships and fitness all because

God has heard your prayers and is now shutting doors or opening new ons to

bring you lifechanging advantages be ready for the

unimaginable because God is about to accomplish incredible things in your

life the gateways that God is going to open for you are not accessible to

anyone he is creating a path where there seems to be no way your Miracle is on

its way by the power of jesus’ name I decree

this week that you will experience Abundant Blessings in every area of your

life pray that your health improves let new opportunities for work or business

come your way that your relationships Thrive and that your money Soares God is

sending a miracle to remove all your worries and stresses from your

lives the era of trouble and battle is coming to an end and a new dawn is

Dawning upon you Embrace this new season with optimism and eagerness since God

has great things planned for you you are now entering a period of Freedom

prosperity and plenty allow yourself to be receptive to

his advantages and may Good Fortune guide you into the wonderful future that

lies ahead I am here to assist you in overcoming

difficulties instead of allowing pain anxiety and difficult circumstances to

drag you down I will give you the strength to rise above them if bad things happen to you I can

turn them around for the better believe me because I am serious about the

extraordinary plan I have for your life a lot of you are now dealing with

stress perplexity and sleepless nights but God has wonderful benefits in store

for you he will turn your lack into plenty your trials into stories of

Victory and your confusion into clear expertise currently the Lord is bringing

about change in your life and I am here to replace your stress with Clarity your

bewilderment with knowledge and your restless nights with calm

relaxation he will turn your grief into Jo and your shortage into plenty get

ready for a glorious season full of breakthroughs Miracles and

winds many of you are now dealing with stress confusion and lack of sleep I am

here to replace your stress with Clarity your confusion with knowledge and your

lack of sleep with restful Slumber according to what the Lord

says my dear and beloved father I ask that you open the sky and pour down rain

to bless your land and your artwork I want your life to keep getting better

and I want your job and love life to Blossom again let us pray together and I

thank you for your infinite mercy and Grace your gift of another day to spread

your love and provide Joy Bo as my deepest gratitude dear savir I want you

to know how much I appreciate your selfless sacrifice on the cross I am

grateful that you gave me a new way of life in Christ

Jesus I make the decision today to live a life free from sin relying only on

your grace my father I give you thanks for the air I breathe and for every day

that I get to experience your mercy and Grace there will be many more benefits

fascinating developments and miraculous occurrences in the next week God is

showering you with abundant energy financial help Miracles and benefits

that will change your life for the better because of this you long to have faith in him and

follow his W for your life no matter how bad things become right now I tell

myself I’m blessed I am rich and I have got God’s favor my health my

relationships and my money will all be back to normal soon

enough Heaven won’t rest until you’re showered with blessings I say in Jesus

name I decree that you will no longer have to endure any suffering at this

very moment you have experienced a new birth into a holy family as a disciple

of Jesus Christ you have the Holy Spirit dwelling

within you who will lead strengthen and change you so that you more closely

resemble Christ get access to God’s promises the benefits of redemption and

the vast Riches of paradise you are more than just a Victor

or Survivor you are an air to Christ a collaborator with God a conduit for

grace and an eyewitness to the truth God consoles me when I am alone you say it

out God is everything to me while I’m nothing God is my Solace and joy in

times of loneliness and sadness despite my Frailty and and

vulnerability I draw strength from God I give my appreciation to you Heavenly

Father for the gifts that have the potential to alter the course of my

life I have faith that you have grand plans for my life’s trajectory I give

you control of my thoughts desires and emotions in response to Jesus

command everything that’s making you unhappy or worrying about you will go

away the following day because something wonderful Will emerge for

you instead you could get a ton of benefits and have an immense amount of

fun in order to bring Prosperity into your life I would like to assist you

with your budget recently God has told me that I

must provide you with fresh chances and lead you down a path of prosperity peace

recovery and Triumph for what I will bring you today you’re entering a

fantastic phase when everything will fall into place for you just as you

plan get ready to be astounded by the incredible riches that are about to

shower upon you your Prosperity health and achievement will soar to

unprecedented levels think in case you overtly declare

that Jesus is Lord and consider in your coronary heart that God raised him from

the lifeless you may be stored some surprises are waiting for

you from me everything you have been seeking healing Freedom riches and

appropriate Fitness is now on my hands the the Lord is now transforming your

life he’s rescuing you from scarcity to plenty by delivering pleasure to update

your suffering a first straight season filled with triumphs breakthroughs and

miracles is about to unfold you are blessed by God if you continue to trust in him he

has the power to do Miracles helping you overcome obstacles and and Achieve

Greater Heights in life join the Lord in his fights and see

his goodness for sand instead of depending on your own knowledge agree

with him wholeheartedly even in the depths of Despair God will strengthen you and lead

you to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable and a flash a miraculous

door will open and you will see Miracle after Miracle until your requests are

fulfilled no matter how private your troubles sorrows and questions may be I

am here to publicly bless men and redeem you as you stand before your

adversaries let us now pray as one saying God I give you control over my

family my health my house my safety my anxieties and my

emotions no matter how low you feel remember that God is with you loves you

and cares for you even when you cry out in despair beloved Christ is standing at

the door goodbye has been on your mind May the following seven days bring you Joy

as you embark on a season filled filled with love Harmony and

pleasure I am ending every destructive pattern in your life a new era of

Liberation success and plenty as dawned upon you I am able to care for you till

the end of your life as your author I have you in my sights and will come to

your Aid and times of need God tells you that is your time of

return when you may regain everything that the devil has stolen from you get

ready for an unprecedented Dage of benefits I have been there for you my

precious little one providing for and protecting you throughout your whole

life you will still get benefits even if you suffer losses and misfortunes your

private prayers may become public Miracles because I am strong

enough regardless of the difficulties you may face know that God is with you

even though they may still stumble those who Delight in the Lord will no longer

fall because he holds them up with his hand lots of money Better Health and

stronger relationships are on the way if you put your trust in God completely he

will change your life for the better assert that the spell has been lifted

you may expect a boost to your health and a multiplication of your funds this

week yet God when all else fails sudden Miracles May alter your course of Life

IR revocably Miracles will start to happen in your lives as I open doors

that have been closed for far too long I will take your pain and man and you my

little child imagine a world where your vision

is fully supported obstacles are removed and you experience satisfaction that

goes beyond even your greatest dreams never put your faith in human

understanding instead put your trust in the Lord with all your

being praise the Lord in everything that you do and he will lead you to happiness

I am here for you every time you feel depressed to bring joy to your sorrow

and relief from your worries if you need immediate assistance all you have to do

is contact me never forget that you have placed

your confidence in me my little baby you are not alone in facing the challenges

of life whether whether you’re happy or sad I’ll be here for you do you not forget

that my benefits are fresh every morning even if today isn’t your lucky day you

shouldn’t give up hope since tomorrow brings fresh opportunities and benefits will this be

the biggest step in your life I am going to W you with my

kindness so be ready healing freedom and and promotion are all taken care of

Faith which you must always keep in mind is singing praises to God even as you

praise him in a storm trusting him in a valley and following him in the

dark it is not your strength or abilities that will bring about your

ideal marriage rather it is the love and kindness of your heavenly father

instead of requesting more effort from you God wants you to have more trust in

him your life will be changed when you shift your focus from attempting to

trusting God promises that at the appointed time you will enter a time of

unmar favor abundant provision t love

that has no bounds keep your trust in God strong because you are about to

receive an influx of blessings and possibilities that will change your life

forever whatever you’re going through I will transform it into strength and use

it to your benefit to bring you health prosperity and a long life I have a

magnificent plan for your life and rescue you from the difficult

circumstances your you’re in nothing that has happened to you has thwarted my

plan so keep that in mind I have the knowledge to help you navigate your

future but it may take some time you will experience miracles in your life if

you believe in me for those who love God and are called

according to his purpose we know that everything works together for their good

if you ever feel feel lonely and lost remember that God is with you constantly

and that you are never really alone when you pray for

friendship you need not be concerned I will not abandon you if you’re sorry

I’ll forgive you and wash the dirt off your sins people will make fun of you

and your love for me but you have to be strong and courageous because I will be

there for you through the good times and the bad by shifting your focus from the

issue to the one God and one mediator Jesus Christ who can reconcile God and

man kind worship may help you overcome difficult

circumstances were not instead bring your concerns to God in prayer and

supplication and and be thankful for the gifts he has already provided doing so

invites additional miraculous events into your lives as a result of his grace

and opens the floodgates of Heaven seeking Eternal happiness those

who feel hopeless lost or depressed and seek God you will get guidance and

answers from God if you persist in seeking knocking and asking

in I hope that you will be blessed and protected by the Lord who will shelter

you beneath his wings say out loud that you are in need of God’s help that you

trust him totally and that you will not allow yourself to be worried or doubtful

no matter what I beg you God if it is not too

distant from your will to come through my home and take away all my troubles

furthermore I ask that you bless and protect my family your financial woes

sorrow and lack of Hope will be replaced with joy plenty and optimism tomorrow by

something unexpected get ready to reap incredible

benefits in the forms of Love Money and health within the next hours you

might expect an unexpected infusion of $ zero into your bank account very

soon are you prepared affluence Fame contentment and

good health are all within your reach I am the one who has chosen you to get

these life faltering advantages I am here to help you become well again

physically and mentally so you can rest teasy knowing that you are safe from

harm my abundance is going to Astound You by seeing this film through to its

conclusion you will begin to experience boundless abundance health and success

compared to the previous months the following several will be much better

for you miracles can happen to you and your

life will change for the better someone who can alter your way of life can be

within your reach before the month comes to a close you will be helped by

something unexpected and remarkable a major change in your power

structure has occurred if you read this you will attract love and wealth life

will end up being far more complex than you had anticipated your life May be showered

with monetary Fortune genuine love and plenty this week if you’ve been sobbing

and worrying all night this is your last night whatever you need God has already

provided you are still loved wished for and loved by God no matter how many

times you screw up the angels are rooting for you if you

keep seeing this number because soon you will be sharing a unique narrative about

how Miracles have brought you success and a wealth of

advice a great benefit is about to come your way that will change everything

those who put their trust in God will be rewarded more than they could ever hope for in terms of

Praise something specific is going to happen to you the this week I can find a

way even if it seems impossible the lord loves those who worry about him and put

their hopes in his unchanging love you are next in line for a miracle According

To Jesus I have witnessed your hardships and your tears trust me for every tear I

have a blessing in store for you the next blessing may come as a surprise you

have been praying and I have been listening my goodness May soon Astound

you I know you’re busy with your family your Fitness your money and your job

right now but if you give me control of everything I’ll shower you with a lavish

existence well done expensive toddler the universe is clearing you of

negativity you are about to experience an unprecedented level of happiness and

monetary blessings are on the way from this point on you may find a sense of

Tranquility in your life as worries subside and depression slips out of your

grasp your career and romantic life are about to take off once I open a door for

you no one can shut it the next morning your phone will ring with div Dively

provided information acknowledge it with gratitude and Faith anything you ask for

in prayer agree that you have obtained it and it will likely be

yours during these days my darling God is telling you that you’re causing too

much trouble remember who I am nothing is impossible for me you can’t see it

but I have already already prepared everything for you I am already at work my dear child I

can change every bad thing that has happened to you I can bless your family

I can heal everyone that you have everything in your life is about to

change for the better keep going good things are pouring into your life at an

Unstoppable rate get ready for the best day of your life I am a good god and I

want what’s best for you as we enter EnV Vision a year of healing

transformation blessings and miracles it is a period for brilliant Beginnings

Fresh Starts and opportunities within the next hours you will experience

unexpected Financial benefits have faith in my promises and you might see

Miracles I am a god of multiplication and I wish to bless you

abundantly this week your advantages will treble agree with my words I am

that God you are not fighting this fight alone I have shielded you from harm I

want to provide you with boundless Health riches and success so that you

might might bless others my angels are already preparing to fool the enemy’s

schemes due to God’s immense love for the world he sacrificed his only son so

that whoever trusts in him will not die but live forever you are entering a time of

blessings and wonders this time is bigger than you your circumstances your

limitations or your mistakes it’s a time of Limitless resources Eternal

tranquility and Heavenly interventions I am the first and last

the beginning and the end the God of all creation from you come wisdom insight

and knowledge my plans for you are good and

they will benefit you rather than harm you during the months of March March and

April you and your family will experience an abundance of benefits and

possibilities I send my blessings on the procedure the money the car and the love

you want your prayers have been heard your financial investments will

grow and you will have greater Health relationships and financial stability I

am opening new doors to bring you benefits that will change your

life I Am The God Who restores and redeems I can make you whole again

whether you are physically emotionally or spiritually wounded I will heal

everyone and repair every broken heart all you have to do is ask for my help

and I will provide it I am grateful for the money I have

already received and I am open to receiving more is a

phrase you may repeat after me if you are having financial

difficulties more money than I can possibly imagine will pour into my bank

account this week I will materialize $ million to alleviate all my financial

concerns in the next few months your love life and nonsecular existence will

Thrive and your money life will go beyond all of your hopes according to

God today the Savior said lay your cross

down for me and live for me now not for yourself I can replace your fear with

faith and guide you through stricken instances I am going to bestow upon you

an abundance of benefits that will lead to greater happiness and prosperity get

ready for some topnotch stuff because I have some surprises in store for

you now is the time to heal and rejuvenate everything that the adversary

has stolen from you including your peace prosperity and motivations will be

restored by God there is always desire when it comes to God

I’ll say it I have been crucified with Christ and it’s no longer I who stay but

Christ who lives in me the life I now live inside the flesh I stay by way of

religion within the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for

me your health career business relationships and finances are all

likely to improve this we a miracle will be set to you by God to cancel out all

of your worries always keep in mind that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is

Lord and consider in your coronary heart that God raised him from the dead you

may be stored to leave it in your heart to be true and justify and confess it

with your lips to be saved I am the source of my child’s

success advancements and benefits my word is final no one can take it away

prevent it or ruin it embrace your faith allow me to Lavish you with

Benefits despite your many worries about money health and family I will always do

what’s P for you today I may bestow upon you the blessings of Tranquility healing

and Triumph your pain is over arm yourself for the rewards that will

change your life no one has seen no one has heard

and no one has imagined what God has planned for individuals to love him the

prophet says because your faith has remained strong throughout the hardest

season of your existence as a result God Will Blast favor and cure

you you are going to love what I have planned for you the opportunities I will

provide the people I will introduce to you the impact I will have and the

places I will lead you are much more than anything you could ever

imagine according to the Bible have a good time constantly pray usually and

and provide thanks to you in all circumstances for that is your will for

us in Christ Jesus God you could alter things fast in

my way of life just when I think it’s all over you shower me with a miracle so

I can keep my optimism alive anyone hoping for a miracle right now as my

prayers when everything else fails only you can find a way to do this seemingly

impossible a mess may be turned into a message a test into an affidavit a

tribulation into a Triumph and a suffer into a Victor according to God’s word

today I take full control of your lives and decree Triumph Tranquility healing

and financial prosperity your fools will not be able

to harm you because my word is definitive the Lord will open the door

of heaven and send rain on your land and season to bless the work of your

hands because Jesus is coming back life will no longer be the same now that

we’ve won let’s celebrate by enjoying ourselves we will be led to Triumph by

him plus we’re going to take it at face value that we can survive being

annihilated without exerting any effort on your part money real affection and py are on their

way to you just when you need them and due time God will fix your finances

relationships and health suddenly you’ll have enough money to take care of all

your bills and maybe even do a little extra for your kids

when we feel like we’ve exhausted all options God performs miraculous acts

that change our lives forever according to the Bible God’s love is constant and

his mercies are Eternal is it possible that the Lord

will bless and protect you shining his favor upon you and showering you with

Grace Also may the Lord be pleased to look down on you and provide you with

Tranquility we ask that whatever you do in obedience to jesus’ command be

blessed abundantly by the power of His favor upon your

life I am grateful that you have loved me through the highs and lows Lord I am

privileged to call you God since you are precise and flaw you have my eternal gratitude for

shaping me and loving me to the point that you sent Jesus to die so that I may

have my sins forgiven may we always remember the tremendous blessings you bestow upon us

your love and beauty have no bounds by God’s grace every Dreadful cycle in your

life is breaking you have entered a new era of Freedom success ESS and

plenty discover a safe Sanctuary behind the enveloping shelter of God’s feathers

where his powerful Wings will provide protection he will be your stronghold

and shield giving you the fortitude to face any challenge life throws at

you you may rest teasy knowing that the enemy’s schemes will be thwarted with

the energy of God God’s angels by your side the pain will go the tears will

stop and you could find a way to incredible change in prayer God expresses his

complete release from worry anxiety and stress please lead me this year and keep

an eye on me in the name of Jesus Christ protect me from those who would do me

harm and cast out every obstacle Le in my path our prayer is this

amen it makes no difference what your adversary has in store for you my

precious child I am the god of Plenty and I have magnificent plans for your

life riches and success shall be yours and the knowledge and strengths to

overcome any obstacle shall be yours via my blessing watching this movie has the

power to offer you immense joy and contentment by increasing your riches

health and love the following seven days have the potential to be absolutely

incredible for you as you embark on a season filled with joy love and plenty

of money stay tuned until the very end of this video and I guarantee you that

money will pour into your life simply and endlessly delivering a life of

Plenty keep asserting no matter what challenges you’re facing right now I am

blessed I am wealthy and I have the favor of

God you may be certain that God will swiftly restore your health

relationships and wealth fantastic breakthroughs miraculous events

or even bigger benefits are on the horizon for the next week a dramatic

Improvement in your process money health and relationships is on the horizon for

you this coming weekend get ready for incredible Miracles because God plans to

elevate you to Heights no one in your family has ever

achieved there is no such thing as an impossible task ask when you have got on

your sigh he has the ability to create a path when none seems to exist in the

year you will be showered with blessings healed guided offered to and protected

from danger by the almighty as you embark on this fantastic

season you should expect to win every single game destroy every single hurdle

you face and when all you try you will get a wonderful gift from God before the

month ends you are going to enter a wonderful period in your life and the tense

circumstances will soon end please pray with me for the Salvation of my sins and

the gift of everlasting life because I believe that you are the Christ the son

of God in this season of your life life the Lord your God is transforming your

suffering into joy and your failures into successes he will change your

financial status from poor to wealthy the love and guidance of God and

contrast to worldly Commodities such as money houses cars and jobs last forever

Proclaim with authority I am worthy of the wave of love of healing and plenty

that is washing over me right now have faith that all things are

possible through God’s favor says Jesus you have the opportunity to reclaim your

tranquility and wealth during this jump lower back season so give thanks to God

always for all his benefits big and small and he will shower you with many

more my sins have Beed over me and I am

turning away from my self-centered ways please forgive me I totally surrender

myself to you come into your proper place as my Savior and Lord lead me and

help me to live a life that is pleasing to you get ready to laugh and love all over

again as God returns every everything your adversary has taken from you God

says because you relied on me I can give you life as a testimony I can save you

and keep you safe so believe because God loves

you Lord I pray this today because you supported me when they question me

following their assault you instructed me on fighting techniques you showed me

how to forgive those who wronged me nowadays when people see me they also

see you these days I arrive before you do

and I do it with an attitude of thankfulness and reward everything you

do for me especially keeping a watchful eye on me with your kind eyes as much

appreciated if you happen to become ill through the intercession of the holy

spirit in response to Jesus command I declare victory over the source of that

disease embrace the Lord with joy at all times no matter what put your trust in

the Lord and begin to praise him for his kindness doing so may provide you with

Everlasting Tranquility we can’t please God according to the Bible unless we

practice religion those who seek Him should share his lifestyle and be open

to receiving rewards from those who seek him with all their

heart the cosmos is conspiring to pay your bills repair your broken heart

protect your loved ones and make today absolutely

spectacular we have taken note of your prayers sometimes answer could emerge in

ways you weren’t expecting once again you will find reasons to laugh Embrace

reality and fall in love and the Hereafter I can restore everything that

you have lost I Will Never Let You Down even when

other people may give me control of your life and I will steer your steps not

only will God use his majesty to guide you into your Des Desy but he will also

show everyone around you that he is on your side be thankful for what you have today

so that you may appreciate what is coming your way I know you didn’t

understand my plans but if you keep praying everything will make sense in

due time look at me now my little one I can

bring you health and healing the promise of great safety and Tranquility is in

Jeremiah – you’re about to commemorate a

momentous occasion assemble with the purpose of sharing great joy and Delight

with loved ones the Lord is kind and merciful and

he showers an ending love on everyone who prays to him Psalm

– love is a gift from God therefore dear friends let us love one

another even when things get tough I don’t want you to give up if you want to

overcome your problems you should come to me and tell me about

them believe me when I tell you to let go of something I have something greater

in store for you everything you’re worrying about is going to be resolved

because I am here something is about to happen that will change your lives

forever for the better dear Lord I know that Satan is

not truthful when I develop an inflated sense of self-importance please remind

me of this I am grateful for your unwavering love for me please watch over

my head and heart this week as I try to implement all our

plans someone who had previously obstructed your variety is now

acquainted with the pain you endured according to Angels they want to declare their Love

For You by and blocking your number after realizing how much it hurts to be

apart from you I will soon be able to bless you and your family so your wait

is over Proclaim this Lord Jesus you are my strength and I

desire you heal not only me but also my family and friends I place my trust and

hope in you constantly this week God is prepared to do a miraculous work in your

life giving you breakthroughs and blessings unprecedented favors

opportunities and benefits May shower upon you throughout the following days

do not be afraid I can assist you because I genuinely love you the Lord

your God says grabbing hold of your right hand our lord Jesus Christ’s father who

is rich in Mercy and the source of everlasting Comfort deserves praise

Heaven is talking about you angels are assigned to you and God is overseeing

everything for you this week you will get boundless benefits as a result of

God’s kindness and favor the Lord is our rescue and light

has stated in Psalm dear father we give you the glory

for all that you have done and are doing in our lives as a result of Jesus call

we love you and elevate you the obstacles you’ve been facing are

coming to an end and a fresh opportunity is at the door this month you may expect

a series of unexpected benefits Crystal Clear Revelations and miraculous events

that will change your life your best days are just around the

corner full of opportunities and progress get ready to

welcome them with reverence and appreciation you could experience a

change for the better in your health career relationships and bank account this week

just give up your ways of life and I will make something exceptional of

it keep praying till your situation improves never give up hope God can

change your lives in an in miracles happen every

day please God alleviate any and all of

your worries anxieties pain and uncertainty as you continue to think

about this I wish you a life filled with health Joy pry prosperity and

Tranquility God hears your cries for help and may Supply you with more and

better possibilities if you declare I am attracting the affection of my goals the

money of my dreams and the lifestyles of my dreams you are about to experience a

life-altering gift of healing your following months will be

better than the rest the Lord says someone is on the way who will alter

your way of life and miraculous returns to lower back pain are not far off the

end of this month we’ll see the manifestation of something unexpected

and extraordinary there has been a significant change in your strength in

case you happen to read this life will work out better than you could have ever

dreamed love will find you and money will flow in this week you will

experience a multiplicative increase in monetary wealth genuine love and

plenty your ultimate night of Agony tension and sobbing will be that

whatever you need God has already provided you are still loved desired and

loved by God even if you make mistakes in the near future you will tell a

unique Story one that is full of triumphs and miracles that will inspire

many a great gift is on the way if you keep seeing this range angels are

accompanying you people who believe what God says will be blessed because they

will get an even greater recompense than they could have imagined those who dread

the Lord and put their trust in his unfaltering love bring him

Joy even if you don’t actively seek financial success Good Fortune will find

you anyway a miracle is on its way to you this week something proper is about

to happen although it may seem impossible at the moment I can find a way whatever

you want I will fix restore a p and provide it’s clear to me that you’ve

been through a lot believe me I have a blessing for you for every tear you

shed I listen why you prayed because the next benefit you get may be unexpected

my kindness has the potential to W you soon I know that a lot of things your

family health finances and job occupy your

mind just let me handle everything and I will ensure that you have a long and

fruitful life while you’re very pricey but the universe is clearing your path

of negativity you could be happier than ever before when money starts rolling

in you may find some calm in your life from this point on feelings of Despair

and anxiety will fade Your Love Lives careers and overall quality of life will

all take a Quantum Leap Forward if I ow open a door for you no one can close it

except you I may shower you with more benefits

and to unleash the floodgates of Miracles if you thank me and worship me

even though it’s late at night a miracle is waiting for you by the end of

you have the potential to become more successful popular happy and

healthy according to God you will be showered with Benefits such as plenty

Genuine Health pleasure and happiness before the week comes to a close

incredible Miracles performed by God may be seen in this film all the way to the

end you have no idea what’s heading your way humans resources and money guardian

angels will keep an eye on your family and take care of any bills or debts you

may have you are being lifted emotionally spiritually physically and monetarily as

an inexorable Tor of Miracles pours into your life while you rest this night God

will answer your prayers and put an end to all your

problems your financial situation physical health relationship ships and

professional life will all undergo dramatic changes in the near

future you are experiencing an Unstoppable influx of blessings love and

prosperity your suffering is coming to an end winning the lottery will allow

you to transform your lives there is nothing I can’t fix no

setback I can’t bear no opponent I can Vanquish and no roadblock I can remove

from your path if you and your loved ones are lucky March can provide a

plethora of blessings I am leading you away from defeat and toward plenty your narrative

is evolving into one of precise Serendipity Prosperity wonders and

joy I I hope that this week brings you many blessings and

opportunities God I hope that he hears my prayers and grants you the strength

to overcome all the challenges you are facing God says to Rejoice because the

next day is going to be a day of Abundant Blessings and divine favor God

has chosen this very day to open a new chapter in your life one that is full of

wonderful blessings Limitless pleasure and deep

fulfillment if you surrender your will to God he will improve your life and the

lives of your loved ones he has the power to mend broken hearts and

transform ordinary obstacles into extraordinary triumphs during the course

of the forthcoming weekend with the hope of permanently

altering your life I can shower you and those you care about with an abundance

of blessings to me you are Priceless and I

like you very much I am ready to accept an abundance of Love recovery and

prosperity I am worthy of God’s favor this is my L declaration for

today get ready for the incredible Bounty that is coming your way that is

what God is telling you today your well-being financial situation and

Fortune are going to Skyrocket you have been praying

earnestly for this door to open for quite some time and now it is about to

happen the next days are going to be really amazing because you are entering

a season that is filled with joy love and financial

abundance before the weekends any remaining negativity that has brought

you tears for a long time will almost certainly go happiness gentleness love

and prosperity are all around it be strong be fearless and do not be

afraid or dismayed for the Lord your God March is with you he will not fail you

or forsake you you should feed your opponent bread

if he’s hungry and water if he’s thirsty doing so will Heap rot coals on his head

and the Lord will be pleased with your selflessness no matter how tired

disheartened or irritated you are you shouldn’t give up I am preparing to

reveal doors of w to you with the purpose of forever altering your life

however those who put their trust in the Lord will find renewed

strength they’ll soar through the air like eagles run without tiring and walk

without fainting may your life be filled with love joy and success and may your

connections become stronger with every passing moment

a quiet and satisfying conclusion is on the way to the tough condition of

circumstances you are now experiencing according to God financial

assistance life-changing blessings and miracles are being set down your path by

God God is your Everlasting strength so keep that in mind whenever you feel

exhausted because God works miracles daily and may alter your life in an

instant you should pray persistently until your situation

improves realize that you may be saved if you publicly declare Jesus as your

lord and believe in your heart that God resurrected him from the dead God has a

wonderful plan for your life so hold on to your faith and have hope for what is

ahead everything that has withered away from your life is being revived by God

Jesus call is to revive your dreams relationships Health finances and

pleasure to please God according to the Bible one must believe in his existence

and know that he rewards those who seek him with all their heart

your worries and weight will be removed and you will be carried on a wave of

Plenty that is beyond your imagination the miraculous hand of God

may also work on your health and you will experience the pervasive influence

of lifechanging advantages I can design a course for you even when it seems like

nothing is feasible always keep in mind that waiting on God is never in

vain I warned you today that problems with your finances health and

relationships are on the horizon I am opening doors for you that no one can

close so please hear me out I will never let anything terrible happen to you and

I will never let you down I have seen the tears you have shed

and and heard the prayers you have said God had a purpose for your life before you ever planned it and now could be the

moment for you to receive widespread Miracles and benefits sometimes it is

necessary for your goals too fail so that God’s purpose might

succeed the passage of winter makes way for the arrival of spring you are

entering a period of success when everything will work out for the best so

even when things are tough have faith that better times are on the

way keep in mind that God blesses you with fresh blessings every day no matter

how bad today us take heart in the fact that tomorrow is a whole new day full of

possibilities for improvement let us join together in

prayer asking God to remove all our pain worry and problems and replace them with

health joy and peace we ask God to protect us from harm both apparent and

invisible and to stop any wicked plot against our

lives something out of the ordinary will happen to you the next day eradicating

all of your worries and misery and substituting them with blessings and joy

like you’ve never experienced before prepare to see a miraculous

change in your approach finances health and relationships by the end of this

week restoration provision protection and spiritual guidance will all be a

part of your life as we enter the year God is about to shower you with an

incredible abundance that will leave you speechless and eternally

thankful standing by your side prepared to fight for you and bring triumph over

your adversaries is the almighty your God you and your loved ones will be

blessed with a better life when you surrender yourself to God

furthermore if you watch this movie all the way to the end he will mend whatever

wounds you may have and transform any failures you may have had into

remarkable triumphs please know that my prayer is

that in jesus’ name God will bless you abundantly both materially and

spiritually and will mend any broken relationships in your your

life the Lord hears your supplication in times of trouble may the god of Jacob

keep you safe from danger says God in the following hours you will

experience a plethora of benefits including Joy true love financial

success and Optimal Health you and your loved ones will get

great chore from such benefit trust that everything will work out for

the best and at the correct moment and put your faith in God no matter

what your life faltering discoveries miraculous advantages and other life

improving experiences May unfold during the following days be prepared for an

unexpected blessing while you were praying I was paying attention my

greatness has the potential to why you soon your financial blessings are on

their way and nothing can stop them arm yourself with your strengths and prepare

to do Marvels get a good night’s rest tonight because with God’s help you will

get a large sum of money tomorrow in you will be affluent because of

God te blessings positivism and good news May abound in

according to Angel’s pronouncements worry not God is going to turn matters

around and bless you within the presence of your enemies rest certain a fantastic gift

from God will arrive in the next days via a person who will settle all of your

financial problems God has a plan for your life

that no one in your mediate family has ever thought about he has influence

potential and favor in ways that you have never seen before the next six

months will be absolutely amazing you’ll experience benefits and Marvels like

never before in the near future I will relieve you of all your worries fears

pressures and pain and replace them with my love Serenity healing and

blessings the Lord warns that it may seem to good to be true but that you

should keep in mind that God can do all things have faith in him and you will

see his miracles play out in your life you will be able to pass the test there

will be no more crying suffering or restless nights blessings that will change your

life are on their way to you prepare yourself to receive them gratefully and

with trust saying Jesus is Lord aloud and believing in your heart that God

resurrected him from the dead are two conditions that may rescue

you with my help you may put your past in the past your present in motion and

your future in your hands all it takes is believing me and you will see changes

in your life that are miraculous solve your burden on the Lord and he’ll

preserve you he’s going to never allow the righteous to be

moved I ask God to keep his hand on my family and myself in the year

I am discovered blessed and stimulated because of God unbeknown to

you wonderful things are coming together a personal Miracle is on the way because

God is working behind the scenes true love will find you you will

recover and God will shower his Abundant Blessings on you and your loved ones

there are a lot of things in my life for which I am thankful however I am

generally grateful to God everything else for which I am grateful would be

meaningless in his absence this is all that you need from

God in Christ Jesus so give thanks pain anxiety and frustration are over for you

now according to Thessalonians deliverance from addiction Despair

and misery is on the way always keep in mind that God is Not

oblivious to your cries not mute When you pray and never quiet when you hurt

he peruses he listens and he will fulfill you are being addressed in the

room where you have not yet set foot in the next days I will do something

very remarkable for you you are being drawn to plenty by the

cosmos everything you have been hoping for is about to come true my heart is

filled with hope and prayer I have blessed many individuals

and while they are very remarkable they seem to have forgotten about me never

forget who I am stay close to me it is my

choice dump the problems on me I can provide you with Aid restoration and

resources if you only give me everything I will bring you Joy wealth and eternal

Tranquility what has been lost may be found again and what has been shattered

May soon be repaired the cosmos is helping you get back on your feet this

week so you can have the greatest comeback ever greater gifts and greater

opportunities are on the horizon so be ready according to God this new week

will offer a plethora of Joy Beautiful Moments remarkable people advantages and

consequences that extend far beyond the ordinary your debts will be paid your

heart will be healed your family will be protected and these days will be really

amazing because the universe is on on your sigh rest assured I have dyy taken

notice of your prayers sometimes I respond to them in ways you wouldn’t

expect you will snort agree and adore again from the depths of your soul and

Beyond I will bring back everything that you have lost no matter how many times others let

you down I will always be there for you I am the one who can make your roads

straight and I have taken your life into my own hands a revelation from God will not

only lead you into your destiny but it will also demonstrate to everyone around

you that the Lord is supporting you appreciate what you have today so

you may be thankful for all the good things that are to come your inability

to tell me what what to do is frustrating but I shall pray on and hope

that everything will become clearer and due time I assure you look at my tadler now I can bring

health and wellness to it I can cure my people and allow them to dwell in

abundant safety and Tranquility Isaiah

– and a matter of moments you will be commemorating an

extraordinary occasion telling your loved ones the wonderful news will

provide you with an overwhelming sense of excitement and

satisfaction your love for those who call on you is unwavering and you are

both just and merciful O Lord fifth verse of Psalm

my dear friends let us must love one another because God is love lovers all

have one thing in common they know God and have been born

again in spite of the difficulties I hope you will persevere

my heart longs for your return to me please explain to me what’s wrong

working together we shall overcome this challenge when God urges you to let

anything happen happen think about it and trust that it’s because he has

greater plans for you that situation in which you are almost engaged is being

fixed by God something is going to come along and ruin your life forever by

interfering in your favor I know that Satan is a lie my Lord

I need your assistance remembering that I am unfit whenever my thoughts get

twisted I am grateful for your unwavering love for me this week I ask

that you watch over my emotions and my mind everything we discuss is something

I intend to pursue something miraculous will happen to you this week from God

there will be several breakthroughs and benefits this week do not be frightened

at the Lord your God he am holding your right hand God the father of our Lord Jesus

Christ the source of all Grace and peace has blessed you so much that I am able

to lend you a helping hand because I care about you you are being attended to By Angels

you are being served by God and discussions are taking place in heaven

about you According To Jesus if you are blessed this week you will get Limitless

benefits from God no one should terrify me because the Lord is my salvation and

my pasture whom can I fear the lord is my refuge and Fortress to the father you

are everything you have our gratitude for everything that you have done and all

that you continue to accomplish in our lives you are always welcome to spend

time with my own family and myself I am well aware that I am in no way abandoned

in response to Jesus invitation we love and Elevate

you in the name of Jesus Christ I ask that you watch over my anxious heart and

shield my mind from harm this week enter my my heart and while there as my Lord

and Savior mayay your unfaltering love and kindness follow me forever and may I

find strength and solace in being in your presence God is bringing back to life

every part of your being with each passing Day Jesus call is to restore

your wants relationships health wealth and pleasure to your life lives your

life is going to undergo a dramatic change if you remain steadfast in your

faith and embrace God as truth it is possible to alleviate the

seemingly insurmountable challenges and in return you will get several benefits for which

you will be eternally grateful true wealth Prosperity Miracles and Joy are

abundant when you shift from a country of overwhelm to one of

overflow even when you feel like giving up God will provide the strength you

need even in the darkest of times he will rise with a smile he always finds a

way no matter how difficult the situation seems changes to your daily routines may

have profound psychological monetary and emotional he

fects in as little as months keep in mind that change is

inevitable and that we should welcome it with open minds and hearts when things

are tough take solace in the fact that God is with you no matter what he will

never abandon you an overwhelming tide of Miracles is

washing over you everything about you is improving including your mental physical

spiritual emotional and Financial Health the Lord promises that he will

never leave your side protecting you from harm and soothing every storm his

pleasure and serenity permeate your way of living the Lord has already orchestrated

your fate Express gratitude for all the good things he has done for you have

faith that he will do what is good for you the right time keep an optimistic

Outlook and don’t let negative ideas consume you keep in mind that no matter how bad

things become God is greater if you think you have already had what you have

asked for it is more likely to come to you have faith and not not doubt when

you ask in prayer because doubt is like a wave in the ocean carried by the

wind trust that God has a purpose for your life and put your faith in his

promises the Lord says his love for you has no bounds and will last

forever he will never leave you or abandon you so you may take comfort in

that if you keep your faith strong and your heart open you will find true joy

and contentment in life you will be in a situation where

you no longer have to borrow or fight and your hands will be continuously

filled with an excess of money as the new week starts in order to amass Heavenly riches

and to unlock the floodgates of Earthly wealth surrender yourself to God the

horrible things that have broken your heart throughout the years will not be a

burden anymore before long Joy mirth love and blessings will replace

them seek solace in prayer when faced with challenges or doubts talking to God

is essential and not just when we have a request when we feel lost or defeated

prayer is a power powerful tool that may provide us Clarity calm and

Direction a stronger bond with God and the assurance that he is always at our

side may be ours through regular prayer angels have been sent to your

house to protect you from harm my darling you may feel their presence in

your room as they watch over you Shield you from harm and and point you in the

direction of a prosperous life you have been welcomed here because

of your faith in God and you will continue to receive his benefits a life

of spiritual and material abundance is part of God’s purpose for

you he will lead you in the right direction to a better life if you

surrender to him he will mend your broken heart and make you stronger than

before God is there for you in times of need he gives you strength when you’re

weak and joy when you’re sad may God’s blessings abound in your lives As We

join in prayer as we embark on this season of

Plenty we pray to you Heavenly Father for your Divine protection and Direction

please protect us as as we follow your will for our lives and the mission you

have set before us you have promised to bless us beyond

measure and God is pleading with you to help us believe that promise all of our

requests are made in the name of your son Jesus Christ May the next few months

be brimming with Good Fortune optimistic developments and factual

information your heavenly source is keeping a watchful eye on you and the

cosmos is working in your favor I can give you strength while you assume you

cannot go on I will provide you with joy when you experience discouragement I can

make a way when it looks impossible if you ask me for assistance

I will figure out what you need to know to make the best choices stay focused on

God and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by little things Embrace

every single day that he has bestowed upon you forever and ever you shall be

accompanied by his kindness and love and you will spend eternity

residing in the Lord’s home you are being drawn to plenty by the cosmos

every you’ve ever wanted is about to come to fruition and hoping for you are

entering a time of boundless love and abundant natural

resources in God’s perfect timing everything will fall into place for you

the Lord says I can prevent you will not fall via the sword but will get away

along with your Lifestyles because you agree with me so

don’t worry or be discouraged the Lord your God is with you

always in response to jesus’ prayer you are the God who can do any Miracle

please in the name of Jesus Christ bless me assist me and lift me up at this

hour Angels declare a person goes to tell everybody that you are their

simplest cause to live their handiest reason to grin and that they can’t even

think about living a life without you for them falling in love with you is

the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to them no one can ever take

your place in their hearts because of how adorable kind and trustworthy you

are you have an ally in the Lord your God the strong rescuer because of his

boundless love for you he will no longer chastise you but instead sing praises to

you he will take great pleasure in you I pronounce it over you heaven will not

rest until you get all of its blessings in the name of Jesus Christ I

decree that you be free from all trouble you have achieved a great feat the

person reading this will become a billionaire in the next months

according to God’s prediction get in touch with me and I

will reveal extraordinary and potent things to you that you are unaware of while

simultaneously solving your issue I promise you in just a few hours

you will be grinning from me toer because money is streaming into your house right now I have a miracle that

includes your name even if it’s in the middle of the night what you have prayed for is known

to the Lord in response he says I’m doing more than that a miracle is the

main thing you could get the next morning please take a moment to thank God for these

days you will be guided to the appropriate place the right people and

the right door through prayer if you start praying you could just start to

win the Savior said you now have sorrow however I’m able to see you once more

and your heart will have fun and nobody will take your pleasure far away from

you according to the Lord God is changing your situation you and your

family will be blessed by him whenever you’re in pain till alleviate it all of

a sudden you could cross paths with the proper people which might improve your

health unlock previously lock doors and Grant your

requests you may turn to me in times of need and I will cure you and restore you

in fact I can change your lives in the space of a few minutes if you pray to me

ask me for guidance and I will provide it I’ve changed my mind and I am now on

your side I know how it feels to be misunderstood forgotten or overlooked

from time to time I just wanted you to know that you are precious to me and

that my love for you will never fade get your point across a person

demonstrates faith when they sing praises to God in the midst of a storm

think about him in a valley and watch him in the dark this faith will lead them to win in

many areas of their lives including financially psychologically spiritually

emotionally and physically releases are being made for

recuperation and Rehabilitation you are about to enter a

period of unprecedented success tend productivity don’t worry about

approximately something instead pray about the entirety tell God what you

want and thank him for all he has done to God be the glory you are

magnificent you are safe because God gave his life for you God loves you and

is concerned about you you are now not in this alone God is with

you my concern about religion will be updated when difficulties arise I may be

able to help you navigate them no matter what you can count on me to remain by

your side pray the following Dear God please

open up each door in my existence and near every door that needs to be closed

you are so good you’re perfect and I am blessed to call you my God our God is a

powerful God he is more powerful than anything I face

today pricey God bless me with suitable Health a booming profession economic

stability favor a stronger bond with my family and friends your steerage your

comfort and your uncond conditional love I’ve had outstanding faith in you in

jesus’ name amen that is the last night you will

weep so feel free to vent your worries and stresses then my darling I can

strengthen your weak spots cure your ills and restore your lost love and

serenity I am the bread that gives life Jesus said

whoever puts their trust in me will never thirst and whomever engages me

will never be hungry declares God everyone around you may experience an

outpouring of joy and Faith as you bask in the glory of this weekend going

forward you’re making significant progress you may experience real herbal

Miracles your achievements are something thing of which I am quite proud my

darling everything you want will be yours if you only pray to me and ask for

it your health relationships and bank account may all

be revived by my skills the scripture States be sturdy your goals will become

a fact soon Isaiah – plus you shouldn’t be scared since

your God is on the way to destroy your adversaries he will save

you your love life will Skyrocket you’ll gain superpowers and soar to new heights love

will mend you in a literal sense God said I will prevent you’ll no longer

Fall by the sword but will break out along with your existence because you

agree with me according to Jeremiah – I will restore all that the devil

an enemy have taken from you you will laugh again think again and love again

God has also vowed to remain by your sigh every step of the way and he will

fight your battles and provide Victory just as Jesus said With God all

things are possible so too are you as a child of God he intends to shower you

with benefits so that you may constantly remodel your life he longs to bring you

Everlasting Joy heal your wounds and give you all your

desires trust in Christ Jesus with all your heart and make him famous in

everything that you do as you go on your pilgrimage because he is the one who

mediates between God and humans because God’s love for you is so

great he has sent his angels to pay your debts and protect your loved ones from

danger he is with you always leading you toward a better

future before the end of this week you will see breakthroughs and miracles that

will constantly transform your lives when you trust in him nothing can stop

you according to Jesus the money you have spent will be returned to you

multiplied by and you will have more than enough to support your children and

grandchildren always keep in mind that God’s riches have no limits they are

unlimited just before you turn in for the night keep this video open until you

can’t see any anymore a miracle from God is on its way and you’re about to have a

miraculous recovery from any ailment or debt that has been burdening

you miracles are flooding into your life at an Unstoppable price and the next

seven days are going to be great full of gifts from above get ready for a life of

prosperity Beyond Your Wildest Dreams your mental physical emotional

and Financial Health are all improving the Lord assures you that he will always

be with you protecting you from harm and soothing any storm his joy and serenity

will envelop you give gratitude for the blessings the

Lord has already bestowed upon your life he will guide you down a beautiful route

and you will be able to walk triumphantly have faith in yourself and

God’s purpose for your life your future is already planned never lose sight of the fact

that God is greater than any difficulty you may encounter trust in his timetable

have an optimistic Outlook and believe that he knows what’s best for you even

in the midst of adversity you should accept what you ask

for in prayer as true and no longer question it since doubt is like a wave

of the ocean tossed and driven by the wind if you pray for something it’s

probable that you will already have it have faith in God’s promises and

trust that he has a purpose for your life his love for you is limited less

and unconditional rest assured that he will never leave you or abandon you keep

your faith strong and your heart open and you will discover genuine joy and

satisfaction in living by the time you turn over your

life to God you will be able to store up riches in heaven and unlock the

floodgates of prosperity on Earth you will no longer need to borrow

money or fight for your right to do what’s right instead you will find

yourself in a position where you never have to do either of those things

again you will no longer be burdened by the awful things that have caused you to

weep rather they will be replaced with joy laughter love and benefits when you

are troubled or doubtful turn to prayer it is crucial as the Lord teaches

to talk to God often not just when we have a need prayer is a potent weapon

that may help us get direction when we feel lost or defeated as well as Clarity

and calm when we are confused a closer relationship with God

and the assurance that God is always with us maybe ours through

prayer a guardian angel has been sent to your house to Ward against bad spirits

and your adversaries my darling she doesn’t exist anywhere else she’s only

in your room watching over you protecting you and leading you to a life

of Plenty one wish you happiness and

prosperity in all areas of your life including love money and health

throughout the following week you have come here because of your trust in God

and I will keep you safe so that I may bless you boom and prosperity

spiritually and materially are part of God’s purpose for your life through

God’s mercy you will see a miraculous reversal in your tasks finances health

and relationship ships rest certain that a miraculous

intervention is on its way and that you are in for a fantastic recovery this

coming night you will be completely restored from any illness or debt that

has been burdening you in order to receive a Divine Miracle please view

this video in its entirety get ready for a life of excess

that will blow your mind the next seven days will be fantastic jam-packed with

advantages listed above God has assured you that he will accompany you always

averting conflicts and granting you Triumph you are not an exception to the

rule that all things are possible with God Jesus himself said as much you are a

beloved child of God and he desires to bless you abundantly changing your life

in many ways he desires nothing more than to Grant your every desire restore your

health and provide you with Everlasting joy as you go on in your journey keep

your faith centered on Jesus Christ who stands as a bridge between God and

Mankind think about him completely and know him thoroughly in everything that

you do because God loves you so much he has

sent his angels to pay your bills and obligations and keep your family safe as

you Journey towards a better future he is by your side the whole

time some life faltering Miracles and breakthroughs might happen before the

week is up nothing can stop you now that you have acknowledged his acceptance as

truth you will have more than enough to give to your kids and grandkids and the

money you spend will return to you times faster The Riches of God are

endless so much is certain I can show you the way to a better life and a more

direct path to get it just type

amen when you give yourself over to the Lord he promises to mend your broken

heart and make your failures triumphant in times of sadness I am your joy in

times of weakness I am your strength and in times of loneliness I am your

comforter please join me in praying that God’s blessings will abundantly

accompany your lives as we embark on this season of plenty we pray to you

Heavenly Father for your Divine protection and

guidance we beg you Lord to protect us while we follow your will for our lives

grant us the faith to trust that your promises are genuine and the assurance

that we shall be blessed abundantly in the name of your son Jesus Christ we beg

you to do all these things things blessings optimism and truthful

news could abound in the next few months there is a Divine issuer keeping tabs on

you and the cosmos is working in your favor your financial situation will

improve and your debts will go away there will be enough for you to

live comfortably go sightseeing and follow your heart no weapon form against

you will succeed because Christ has already vanquished the

adversary God will assist you in making amends for what you can’t alter and will

give you the fortitude to accept what you’ve lost while you pray you may

become ready for the severe Destiny he has prepared for you with his

guidance religion is necessary to achieve gu God’s approval according to

the Bible belief in his existence and the promise of recompense for those who

seek him with all their heart are prerequisites to returning to

him when we pray we should have faith and not question because when we doubt

it’s like being thrown about by the wind as God’s love and grace flow freely

in into your life your old troubles and anxieties May Fade Into Oblivion forever

life is available to Anyone who puts their faith in Jesus for he is both the

resurrection and the way of life even though we will physically die we will be

with him forever nothing is impossible for those who trust in Jesus even if their faith

is as little as a must Mustard Seed some people didn’t believe Jesus because they

hadn’t seen him physically however those who had faith

in Jesus even though they did not see him were blessed he assured us that he

would console Us in the same way that a mother consoles her infant he is our

constant companion the source of Solace and

Tranquility declare Jesus is Lord when prompted your detractors warned you that

you wouldn’t amount to anything and that you didn’t deserve good things but now

you know that my favor and favor alone may Grant you advancement and prosperity and that my

promises are unbreakable hold on to your faith

because I am going to bestow blessings upon you I am your God you expensive child and I

will manage just fine with you you were made by me and I will provide for you if

you ever need help or a savior I will be there for you wonderful things are

likely to become a part of your lives amazing things will start to

happen for you in the following days achieving your goals being happy and

being in better shape are all within your reach wow such a pricey baby your

current smartphone will ring with information that might change your life

forever in the next hours relax by the end of this week you may have a life

full of wonderful blessings and Marvels that will make all your troubles

disappear I God he am aware of your anguish and Care profoundly about your

pain whenever you are ill or defenseless and whenever you feel low have faith in

the immense healing potential inside you my love is with you and my healing Grace

is with you as you go on your journey may my presence provide you Solace join me in

repeating this my lifestyle is about to undergo a breakthrough rather than a

trickle a deluge of divine power a deluge of healing a due of insight a

deluge of favor I prefer to think about things in

terms of breakthroughs because I am someone who writes about breakthroughs I

anticipate that God’s kindness and favor will crush me

simultaneously I want to shower you with an abundance of blessings because I am a

God who multiplies them no one else can restore heal or redeem like

me I give courage to the downtrodden and optimism to the despairing with the

Lord’s help your future is already planned give thanks for all the good

things he has done for you you will achieve Triumph under his

illum minating guidance let us join hands in prayer thank you Father for

your boundless mercy and love every other day you bless me with the

opportunity to spread your love and bring joy to others I am grateful for

that thank you precious sair for sacrificing yourself how we were on the

go to pay for my sins you have given me new life in Christ Jesus and I am

grateful recently I have made the decision to live a sinless life relying

entirely on your grace I give thanks to you father God

for allowing me to breathe and for the opportunity to know your love and mercy

in the future God will open doorways for you

that have been locked for a long time and unexpectedly Miracles will take place in

your Lifestyles well done some good news is on the way for you this

week simply type onen to access it the universe is spinning your

circumstances around and you are entering a new season of blessings God

says to you I am about to make a profound impact on your life

you will obtain it if you pray to me seek my assistance and question me for

direction I adore you you little toddler my goodness is going to Astound

you unanticipated advantages are on their way to you relax if you’ll just agree

with me I’ll rock your world every destructive pattern in your life is

being broken by God you are entering a new Aira of

Liberation abundance good fortune and

power may you be prepared to seize it in the name of Jesus Christ it makes no

difference who stands against you if God is on your side if you believe in God

you should subscribe to our Channel and no time at all you’ll have a

massed enough wealth to settle all of your obligations and do a little more

for your children prepare yourself for a blessing

and a miracle because I am working things out in your

favor a large quantity of money will be yours within the next day thanks to

assets you have no idea about oh precious Lord I long for your complete

belief in every trial I face please strengthen my faith and show me how to

stay focused on you even when it’s hard tonight something that has been

weighing you down for years is about to fade away and it will be replaced with a

blessing that will change your life forever I can bring you Jo when you feel

discouraged and I can give you strength when you think you can’t go on

in John Jesus said whoever follows me will no longer walk in darkness but

can have the light of Life Lord I need your help I am not afraid and I refuse

to question your reliability whatever it is that I face in life I must accept it is true with

you I can find a way even when it seems like nothing is possible Dear baby I

have the power to mend you and make you whole again God will emerge not just to

lead you into your future but also to demonstrate to those around you that the

Lord is on your side those who follow me will no longer

walk in darkness but will have light at their fingertips John Lord we thank

you for another day is this a day filled with blessings and your presence we are

grateful for everything you have done for us Lord you are perfectly suited to

us your worries anxieties pain and

suffering will soon fade away as my love healing peace and blessings envelop you

an offering for your hidden sorrow and pain is on the way thanks be to God here

is your chant for happiness and prosperity the time to be famous happy

and Rich has come you attract an endless stream of wealth the pain will end the

tears will stop and the doors will open because a miracle that will change your

life is on its way to you in the year

may God’s hand remained firmly on me and my loved ones God has revealed

himself to me blessed me and encourage me through his

grace put in I really like you God I am telling you this week is going

to be the best of your life God is going to shower you with new opportunities

benefits connections thoughts healing and Supernatural favor the Triumph and

advancement will be enjoyed by you and your family God will set you free from the

bonds that have held you back and fulfill all the promises that have been

made to you he will set you up for a fresh phase of life in the midst of a

storm stay near him and watch his movements before the end of this month

God God will bestow upon you a blessing that will change your life forever this

week you can expect the unexpected arrival of something

remarkable physical ailments can be alleviated broken relationships can be

repaired and evaluations and letters of recognition

will be set just say it and believe in it and

you will have it in the strong Gospel of Jesus may God reveal both allies and

enemies and disguise and keep an eye on hidden agendas and

methods come on say it with me big changes are about to happen in my life

an overwhelming surge of divine energy rather than a slow trickle or Trickle

and a move a Tor of help a Tor of knowledge a Tor

of favor being a character who chooses to live with an optimistic Outlook I am

always moving forward God’s goodness and favor will

crush me and I will be amazed for you your loved ones and your friends this

summer will be jam-packed with the advantages happiness success love

healing and contentment could be yours God will finish the work he

started for your life and the delay could end up being a miracle he will

surprise you with his kindness and favor while planting a new Tune In Your

Heart praying will yield results no matter what happens to you a layoff a

loss or even a sickness God will ensure that the rest of your life is fulfilling

more opportunities connections and favors are coming your way because you

are a royal infant you have been doing the right thing by smiling through pain worshiping

instead of worrying being excellent the people who aren’t right for you and

praising God even in your suffering larger benefits and new breakthroughs

are on the Horizon God is in control and he has

your future in his hands even when it feels like nothing is going your way

whenever you pray he will answer when opportunities present themselves he will

bring the people you desire into your life he will help you grow and overcome

any difficulty you face continue pushing forward even when

it appears like the odds are in your favor at the end of this dark tunnel

there is a light waiting for you not only can God lead you into your future

but he can also show your loved ones that he is on your side through what he

is about to reveal something exceptional and rare is

about to happen and you can be sure that his favor is upon you because of it you

don’t just toss the price tag and take off while a train Zips through a pitch

black tunnel sitting down you contemplate the engineer

anyhow no matter how Bleak things seem right now God says to keep your focus on

him and he will bring you out on top today I assert that I have significant

advantages over you I wish you healing and happiness in

every part of your life that has been hurt things that have been running

behind schedule can also be brought up to speed during this season I promise you

that God’s favor will pursue you congratulations my darling your phone

will ring with some wonderful news that will change your life forever within the

next hours may you be showered with Abundant

Blessings and blessed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams A deficiency will become

an abundance a check will become a sworn statement and a lack of clarity will

become comprehensible God has already aranged

for your release promotion and healing through is communication with the right

people so you can can prepare to be amazed this is a fantastic week for you

and you can enjoy level up benefits on top of Victory after Victory God as

decreed healing and restoration for you and you will receive double blessings

Miracles and breakthroughs if you watch this video

all the way to the end you should expect Financial assistance benefits that

change your life and miracles to return to you in your daily lives God is

releasing something divine all at once you will break free from the bonds

that have held you back find the job you’ve always wanted men broken

relationships heal from physical ailments and experience a sudden

Improvement in your financial situation right now God’s angels are hard at work

advancing your cause in every area of your life you can expect to see growth

and improvement from on high restoration has

descended to touch every part of you your physical self emotional state

mental faculties and familial relationships every situation is being

turned around for your benefit by the Lord do not be surprised if this week

brings a breakthrough that will Amaze you God has great plans for you I

declare that this week may be filled with Unexpected Delights Kudos ceaseless

Prosperity happiness breakthroughs and the Fulfillment of all your

prayers may you always achieve success in all areas of your life follow my lead

a miracle needs to happen today for me going ahead I can keep my head held high

thanks to a remarkable God I am fortunate and somewhat

favored my thoughts will not be occupied by that feeble mind I feel safe rational

and brimming with joy now I am moving forward

I solemnly swear that this afternoon will be filled with Incredible

opportunities that will surpass any hurdle that dares to oppose my logic I’m

walking as if I were extremely popular put Jesus is the savior into the

appropriate field everything in your life is going according to plan according to the Lord

and and this is the sign you’ve been praying for God will shower you with

Benefits because he is in control of your health finances relationships and

family you have reaped the benefits of your labor in prayer praise and Trust in

God’s word give thought to the plan of God put your trust in his promises

anticipate his responses acknowledge his Miracles celebrate his goodness and un

mind in his presence God will draw near to you when you draw near to him God is relieving

your suffering and providing you with Abundant Blessings you can rest assured

of this God is destroying every stronghold and barrier that has been

standing in the way of your success and the Fulfillment of your dreams

rest assured your expectations will be fulfilled and you will experience an

influx of blessings and miraculous events God is going to propose to you as

you reach new heights of Fame influence and wealth the

magnificence that God has bestowed upon you will be seen by others every single

one of your days has already been written did you get that from the very

beginning to the very end God has documented your entire

existence every single one of your hardships losses and struggles is real

to me the good news is that your story ultimately results in success you reach

the end of your story as you realize the destiny God has for you and feel the

ever ever lasting restoration that God offers you are about to take a giant

leap forward so brace yourself God is breathing new life into your goals

profession marriage finances and health you have entered a new era of prosperity

and good fortune where by God’s grace you have the opportunity to enjoy plenty

and satisfaction to Leaf in God he will see you through

this season is one of these five things God wants you to know tonight he will

restore what is broken when you relax in his arms I have seen your hardships and

Sorrows for hand and now I will shower you with my plenty it may be a result of

your heavenly father’s Grace and love rather than your own

efforts as the God who provides heals and grants wishes I will bestow upon you

the means by which you can achieve your goals and maintain a life of

Plenty your house is currently receiving unexpected funds according to God just

give it a few hours and I guarantee you’ll be beaming as you joyfully tell

your loved ones this exact information the love you seek the wealth

you seek and the healing you Merit are all things that God has prepared to

bring to you what do you need remember these three things God is

with you God loves you and God cares for you even UND disappointment fills your

heart and tears flow down your cheeks the time for your return has

arrived I will return all that the devil has stolen from you and then more

blessings will pour into your life than you have ever experienced

before before this weekend is over opportunity will knock on your door and

all of your debt will be paid off believe me when I say that your love

life and financial situation are about to take a dramatic

turn more joy more money Better Health and endless blessings or mind to bestow

upon you you might have an unexpected Financial Miracle this week and it could

be so big that it affects generations to come God is changing your financial

situation he is altering your living situation and the location of your home

you are being showered with miraculous benefits advancements and enhancements

by God keep in mind that places you haven’t even gone to yet are taking note

of your call I am going to do something fantastic for your lives today and

angels are fighting for you because God is always there for you you are never

alone even when your heart Longs for companionship and you feel lost and

alone if you believe in me as scripture says you will have living water flowing

out of you I am your God and I will deal with you as long as you remain you are

made by me and I will never stop helping and rescuing

you I’m transforming your pain into power and your difficult circumstance

ances into opportunities for blessings I have a fantastic plan for your lives a

plan to bring you success and healing and to guide you out of perilous

situations lots of good things and opportunities abound in February and

March this week I will triple your blessings which will Amaze those who

dislike you and add excitement to your life

have faith that God can accomplish the seemingly impossible he will go to Great

Lengths to alleviate your problems by introducing a miracle into your life God

is actively working to provide you with the answers you seek and your prayers

have not gone unheard he’s closing the final antique

doors to your Lifestyles and establishing new ones in order to lead you you to outstanding

benefits the tough and difficult times are over and a brand new start is taking

place open your coronary heart and take advantage of the benefits that are

coming your way Jesus says agree with God’s love and

Aid and expect to look at Super matters occurring for your existence and get

equipped for the blessings that are coming my dear child I am sending you a

whole lot of love peace and miracles open your arms wide to receive

them and allow them to fill you with hope Jo and unwavering religion put

yourself together for a variety of blessings to be able to exceed your wildest goals I am going to alternate

your lack with plentiful wealth today I the Lord am am bringing a huge

change to your Lifestyles as you let go of your Sorrows I’m able to fill your

heart with wonderful Joy I am converting your situation from certainly one of

shortage to one of abundance nowadays I am breaking the

chains of poverty lack and illness that have been holding you back to your ti

tears will become tears of happiness your ache will be replaced by

recuperation and your struggles will result in First Rate

advantages I claim that if you watch this video Until the End I will touch

your frame with recovery and peace my touch can even make things bigger in

other areas of your existence such as your budget I’m able to open doors so so

one can bring about existence changing Transformations I’m a loyal company and

I will open the doorways of Heaven to bless your Lifestyles at the right time

everything you do will be blessed all of your anxiety worry stress and aches can

be taken away and in their area you may receive God’s love healing benefits and

everlasting peace this year might be a nice months for

you and your own family full of Happiness recovery and economic

abundance you may enjoy peace and abundance in each component of your

existence with God’s favor overflowing understand that the Lord is

sort of a Shepherd to you and he’ll provide you with everything you need his

goodness and love will follow you each day and you’ll be with him

forever now days you may obtain the love healing and abundance that you deserve

and your entire circle of relatives can be healed Miracles will appear when you

want them within the coal of Jesus God is helping you make a huge comeback in

your existence angels are are coming to help you your prayers are being answered

and God is offering you cash to assist you may the Miracles of your existence

also show the infinite power of religion and the immeasurable love I have for you

accept as true the journey my dear one for it is through the ups and downs that

Miracles find their way into your coronary heart in the call of Jesus I declare that not

anything dangerous will triumphant in opposition to you your health a while

your money and your circle of relatives the challenges you face will

collapse earlier than the electricity of my love take into account my expensive

one you’re in no way on my own in this journey of lifestyles

the Lord says I’m right beside you geared up to manual and defend you

through every project and hard time I your God a am equipped to do fantastic

things in your life be given me as your king and see

yourself as my loved infant and you may inherit the Dominion that Christ himself

Proclaim with a sturdy voice claim these words nowadays I receive en countless

Glide of Love restoration and abundance that I surely

deserve the faith in my coronary heart will carry recuperation to my complete

circle of relatives and miracles will appear precisely after I want them all

inside the call of Jesus God goes to do things for you that you could not do for

yourself he’ll convey an abundance of Joy health and assets Into Your

Existence put together yourself for an awesome amount of advantages you may get

hold of exact health peace love and favor in

abundance in case you preserve to trust I promise you may stumble upon the best

blessing you’ve ever skilled Miracles and healings will begin taking place in

your lifestyle doors that had been formerly closed will unexpectedly open

for you this is the time for your restoration God will deliver lower back

the whole lot that the enemy has taken from you consisting of your peace

prosperity and motive with God there is continually desire

repeat after me I have been crucified with Christ and now it’s far from me who

stays but Christ who lives in me pray this with me expensive God your word

says that you’ll deliver all our wishes in step with your riches and Glory by

Christ Jesus I trust what you stated your phrase does not return a

lower back boy so if your phrase says it you may do it God has a plan to turn

your pain into pleasure and open doorways of possibility only for you

this week Summit H you put your hands to will prosper I’m able to bless your

relationships price range Fitness and groups you’ll enjoy peace

restoration Miracles Jo and favor like never

before the advantages God has prepared for you and your family are beyond what

every person has seen heard or imagined the Lord says your darkish days

of financial emotional and physical struggles will cease and satisfactory

days will begin if you watch this video until they cease even even though you

can feel crushed by bills God is getting ready to give you a financial Leap

Forward claim it by using religion and acquiring it with gratitude your pain

heartache and sleepless nights are coming to an end God will pour out the

advantages of Love top fitness and prosperity from the windows of

Heaven while you assume everything in your life is over God sends a miracle

that adjusts Your Existence forever within the months of

might you also get ample advantages love Beyond knowledge and prosperity

Beyond Your Wildest goals I can restore and heal you just

like earlier and I will do it again this week get geared up for a miracle that

transforms Your Existence on all levels don’t forget I am larger than any

opposition illness or enemy I’ll make a manner for you in which there seems to

be no way for every tears sleepless night

betrayal and sacrifice God has an existence changing blessing for

you I’ll complete the whole thing I began in your life turning delays into

Miracles and putting a new song in your heart this season witness my goodness

and favor along with your prayers being answered let’s pray collectively pricey

Lord entering this new month I claim something is coming my way your mercy is

clean and your word adds Lifestyles I speak breakthroughs and benefits to

leaving nothing is impossible with you on my face in jesus’

name I will restore and heal you similar to before I’ll absolutely rework your

life to all degrees although you could experience a lifeless end not anything

is impossible for me out of the impossible salvation is to be had to all

confess ing Jesus as Lord and believing in their coronary Hearts I raised him

from the lifeless going through demanding situations like sickness or enemies I’m

greater than all accept it as true in me and I will make a way allow the movement

of Hysteria fear strain and pain and receive my peace love and recuperation

and benefits I claim appropriate news on what you have patiently waited for

causing matters to turn in your favor get prepared for a surprising Leap

Forward and an existence changing Miracle trust that recovery and budget

are coming even if there seems to be no way I am establishing a terrific door

supplying you with choices and sources to reap your desires


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