God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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video because it is a message from God’s

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son I want you to know that

you are very special to me and the place

you hold in my heart is unique in it you

will find Healing comfort and the

filling of the Holy Spirit I understand

the struggles you face and I am here to

bring you peace ensuring that you lack

nothing each day as you carry out your

tasks do so with the confidence that you

are deeply loved and protected by your

heavenly father the changes You observe

the obstacles removed and the harmful

influence kept at Bay are the fruits of

my Works my interventions in your life

do not pause your activities so do not

fear what may happen keep praying keep

giving thanks keep moving forward in

everything you do for you are under my

care and protection you are part of a

divine plan a celebration from Heaven

itself where I send my angels to guard

and guide you in moments of challenge

when the storms of life seem

insurmountable remember the Divine words

that Echo the problems you face will be

resolved not by your strength but by my

spirit in this understanding we find not

not only comfort but also the promise

that the presence of the Divine will

guide us through adversities in Isaiah

verse the scriptures remind us

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

this passage resonates as a Divine

promise assuring us that we are not

alone in our battles it is an invitation

to trust to believe that even in the

most challenging situations the strength

of the Divine spirit will Empower us to

overcome the promise continues to Echo

you will rise victorious in every

situation for I am with you with those I

love and bless these words transcend

Earthly circumstances offering a

Heavenly perspective on daily struggles

when we rise it is not only our ability

that lifts us but the divine presence

that infuses power into our weakness

Faith then becomes the anchor that

connects us to the guidance and

protection of the Creator as someone who

believes confidently you are destined to

receive not only solutions to problems

but also a Grace that surpasses

understanding in every courageous step

there is a divine blessing that

illuminates the path therefore may this

Divine promise be a beacon in your

challenge ing days May the certainty of

love and the Creator’s presence Inspire

courage hope and unwavering confidence

that with the Divine Spirit by your side

Victory is inevitable do not distance

yourself from anyone especially from me

my desire is to bless you beyond what

you can imagine I have the power to

create incredible Miracles erase your

past mistakes and smooth the way for a

remarkable future my longing is to

reveal the depth of my sacrifice for you

on the cross where I carried your

burdens and suffered for you trust in me

for I am here to free you from guilt and

lift the weight of Despair from your

heart you are entitled to an inheritance

of blessings in the life that awaits you

I promise peace and prosperity placing

you in a realm full of my love intending

to make you feel valued and secure at

every moment do not distance yourself

from me my beloved Son my beloved

daughter in my hands you will always

find security strength and constant love

fear nothing do not cling to Earthly

possessions for you have more than hope

with faith the doors to wonders are open

with faith you will overcome challenges

and Rise victorious in every situation I

am uprooting the roots of loneliness and

filling the void you feel my glory now

ends envelopes you and I am here to

whisper love into your heart soothe your

wounds lift you from the dust and guide

you to a powerful future do not mourn

for too long for those who do not see

your value free your heart from those

who have hurt you and if they choose to

leave let them go think carefully be

cautious of those who offer hugs too

quickly if this message touches you in

any way my son please signal in the

comments by writing I needed this I do

not want you to be alone I care about

your heart about your emotional

well-being let me handle things in my

way be patient with my timing do not

long for the return of those who harmed

you instead appreciate your own worth

treat yourself with tenderness and carry

yourself with pride I am here to guide

your heart protect you and cradle it

like a lion protecting its Cubs your

soul will will be shielded your spirit

comforted in heaven many Mysteries will

be revealed but for now I want you to

experience a taste of Heaven on Earth a

sense of eternal love a Divine

tenderness that surpasses the brightest

stars enveloping you in a bright and

warm embrace gently rest your hands upon

the shoulders of those who serve as the

Bedrock of Your World conveying not

merely verbal Expressions but also the

tender energy of sincere affection let

this physical gesture be akin to an

invisible Embrace an act that fortifies

and deepens the unspoken connections

binding you together much like essential

oils permeating the air filling it with

delicate fragrances let your spoken

words function as love infused Essences

gracefully seeping into every nook and

cranny of the souls belonging to those

nearest and dearest to you may these

utterances is function as a healing bomb

capable of calming Hearts nurturing the

spirit and fortifying the spiritual

bonds that intricately weave through


relationships in this present moment

allow Faith to function as the unifying

thread that binds each one of you

together may it serve as an unwavering

source of inspiration instilling

confidence in the Limitless

possibilities that the future holds Let

each challenge be confronted with an

unshakable assurance that fueled by love

and faith the doors to extraordinary

wonders stand wide open May the peace

you generously share within your family

be not a fleeting moment but an enduring

presence and may the warmth emanating

from this Cocoon of Love serve as a

radiant Beacon Illuminating even the

darkest days in every gesture in every

spoken word may Faith act as the driving

force that unites and elevates

transforming the mundane facets of daily

life into a remarkable Journey teeming

with blessings and triumphant

achievements with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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