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Lord is telling you right now my lovely

little child I will now not supply some

of the things which you have requested

me because I know what’s going to show

up if I come up with the ones things

when Peter and his friends had been

fishing the entire night they prayed to

me for the fish but I did now not

solution their prayers because I had

every other plan for them in the morning

if I had given them what they have got

requested for they would now not be

regarded what their being known as now

in the same way you may not get positive

matters that you are praying for it

isn’t always because I am not hearing

your prayers

if you are feeling a positive vibe then

like this video

I am listening to your prayers but it’s

miles due too the fact I actually have a

plan for you a plan to prosper you a

plan to bless you

remember one issue just due to the fact

that matters which you think are great

for you does not mean that is the exact

issue which you want have religion in me

in the proper time I will bless you with

the first straight aspect

God claims if you want my blessings type


in Bible verse Matthew to

always says come to me all you who are

weary and stressed and I will provide

you with rest take my yoke upon you and

learn from me for I am gentle and humble

in heart and you will locate relaxation

to your souls for my yoke is easy and my

burden is mild

my son are your ever-loving and

all-powerful deity have certainly heard

your heartfelt prayer for bodily

recuperation and healing from your

continual infection and pain your

suffering has not long gone overlooked

and I am here to deliver your comfort

and assurance

know that I am filled with compassion

for you and my Divine love surrounds you

constantly in this moment I include you

with warm temperature and knowledge

for I realize the load of your burden

your faith and your plea have now not

fallen on deaf ears they resonate with

me deeply

type how man if you believe in God

Sweet Child I promise you this I am

operating tirelessly to bring healing

and healing to your body while the path

to Healing won’t continually be quick or

truthful have faith in the electricity

that lies inside you for I even have and

doubt you with resilience

I will guide your medical doctors and

healers infusing them with expertise and

insight in the midst of your trials

recollect which you are by no means by

myself I’m your constant associate

providing Solace and electricity to Bear

trust in the method believed to your

personal internal energy and continue to

be patient

your recovery is underway my cherished

baby and I am here with you every step

of the manner

type thank you God if you love Jesus

affirm this now I am geared up for a

superb alternate in my existence I am

searching ahead to the energy shift it

really is about to take place in this

new chapter I am bringing with me Beyond

lessons I’ve discovered and nothing


I am shedding bad energy from my

existence within the shape of people

situations and mind I am simultaneously

thankful for all that I even have and

Tech cited for what’s next an abundance

of blessings are headed my way

type I love you father

to loved child of God have you ever

wondered why we pray if God already

knows everything

what do our prayers accomplish first

speaking with God connects his spirit

and ours a dating cannot continue to

exist if the second events do not

communicate with each different

second God communicates his will to his

youngsters through prayer if we’re

searching for to Thrill him

then we are able to pray with an open

heart and thoughts in turn

the Lord impresses upon us the desire to

invite him for those matters he desires

to carry into our life

third communing with God offers us the

possibility to participate in his state

on Earth as we discover ways to agree

with him for Solutions he gives us more

duties and prayer

the Lord will burden our coronary heart

to hope for the Salvation of a Chum

people tormented by a natural

catastrophe or the nation of our country

if you agree God’s words then share this

video who is closest to your heart

when we see an answer whether it’s big

or small we are able to recognize he

blessed us with the aid of together with

us inside the technique God calls on his

youngsters to pray due to the fact he

desires us involved in his paintings

what a privilege for us to freely go

before our father and recognize that he

is inquisitive about what we have to say

in fact he is thrilled whilst we ask him

to meet our needs are the wishes of a

person else and if we are praying

consistent with his will he answers


to receive it type then send this

Divine video to seven people who believe

in God

dearly adored child of mine surrender it

all to me as you give up you’re making

space for my peace to flood your soul

and my knowledge to manual your steps

letting Cross of your very own

understanding and surrendering to my

ways opens the door to Supernatural

provision breakthrough and


embrace the Liberty that comes from

surrendering control and setting your

belief in me I am faithful and will by

no means will let you down

surrender and experience the

considerable life they have in keep for


Lam your issuer do not worry about day


today’s desires for I will cope with you

seek me first and believe that I will

deliver all that you require your price

isn’t always decided by cloth

possessions but by means of fear

courting with me

write Jesus’s Supreme King

the loved infant these days I want to

remind you of the strength of my love my

love for you is unconditional and

wavering and everlasting there is not

anything you may do to earn it and there

may be nothing that can separate you

from it my love for you is beyond degree

no be counted wherein you’ve got Ben

what you’ve got accomplished or how you

experience about yourself I love you


then Jesus stated to his disciples

whoever wants to be my disciple needs to

deny themselves and take up their move

and comply with me Matthew .

to conquer enter to .

the supreme god claims God has not

forgotten you nor has he gone again on

any individual of his guarantees to you

you may additionally have experienced

unanticipated detours and warranted

assaults unpredictable delays and

realistic expectations surprising


needless interruptions unfathomable hard

take or simple opposition however that

does not suggest the purpose of God will

no longer come to bypass on your life

all of the guarantees of God are yes and

now man in Christ Jesus that manner no

demon in Hell or person in the world can

thwart the reason of God to your life

except you aloud by using giving up I’m

dropping in to inspire you to keep

believing God

he nonetheless opens doors no character

can shut he still makes a manner where

there is no manner he nonetheless brings

dead things to life you’re now not

finished you’re not executed it’s now

not over it’s now not to past Do With

God all matters are feasible

taipa man if you trust in Lord

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together heavenly father right now it

appears like existence is falling apart

despite my troubles God I come before

you humbly presenting a sacrifice of

reward regardless of my occasions

you’re an unchanging God and I agree

with you are on top of things problems

seem to be coming at me from all aspects

lamb jogging to you as a touch infant

comes to their father I realize what you

love me and also you care about what

subjects to me

I recognize that you will help me father

if I actually have devoted any sin that

I even have not requested your

forgiveness for please forgive me proper

noun please show me my wrongs and assist

me to tree so that I stay existence this

is attractive to you God

you realize what is troubling me

although you see my State of Affairs you

patiently wait and allow me to invite in

your help I understand what you did now

not reason my suffering I agree with you

with my life I select to put the whole

lot at your feet in total submission

I deliver all my issues and all the

portions of my coronary heart and ask

you to assist as simplest you can I need

your consolation and peace if I’ll try

and restore whatever on my personal I

will fail I ask to your knowledge energy

and guidance let your spirit show me the

subsequent step navigate my life across

the enemy’s traps I praise you for

answering my prayer I do not understand

how you may work it out however I

consider via Faith which you will I

thanks for lifting my head whilst I say

this prayer thank you for flooding my

coronary heart with wish and pleasure


you stated we’ve got none not due to the

fact we ask no longer I’m asking in

religion believing that you are my

solution and Yahweh cracked each wrong

in line with your will and plan I

provide you with all the glory and

praise as I stand in your promises in

Jesus name amen

I appreciate you if you are still

watching our goal is to bring happiness

in your life and take your life to a

state of progress and remember you can

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