when life isn’t a Bed of Roses remember

who wore the Thorns don’t worry Jesus

makes it all better in the end have

faith and a little bit of patience one

day you’ll look back and be thankful

that it went God’s way and not yours I

just started thinking about how blessed

I am and I started to tear up thank you

God for my family my friends my health

my strength and my life amen dear God

grant me the strength to be content

where I am the patience to wait on your

timing and the faith to remember it’s

your will not mine amen stop trying to

sit at the tables that Jesus would flip

over there is something in your past

that the devil keeps wanting you to look

back on and not let go of leave it where

God left it look ahead to what God has

planned for you God’s plan is always

worth the wait the hardest part about

being a Christian saving in a world that

glorified sin praying putting your phone

down listening over talking visiting

Grandma reading the Bible investing in

memories being thankful forgiving others

forgiving yourself giving a compliment

drinking more water saying I love you

trusting God Jesus Christ is not a curse

word he’s our savior start your day with

prayer end your day with prayer

everything in between is in God’s hands

God really does have it all worked out

your past is Forgiven your present is

protected your future is planned fully

completely perfectly in him with him by

him note to self starting your day with

the instead of your phone will change

your life dear Lord please remind me

that your plans for me are bigger and

better than mine dreams amen don’t worry

about the people God removed from your

life he heard conversations you didn’t

he saw things you couldn’t he made Moves

you wouldn’t the god you serve is bigger

than the problems you encounter

yesterday in church my pastor said we

ask God for him to change the situations

we are in but we don’t Ray Leisa that

God has put us in those situations to

change us never do B what God can do

with a broken KNE when y give him all

the peace how many of you believe Jesus

is the only way to heaven give those

worries you have to God tonight and let

him give you some rest

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