????God Message For You Today ????| Don’t Ignore Otherwise Satan Happy..

Lord is

conveying my son I am pleased with the

tact which you are still combating

nevertheless praying still looking the

scriptures for answers and nevertheless

getting up each morning trying to spread

light and love on this dark

Global continue to fight the coolest

combat of religion you are stronger than

you assume I am going to open up the

home with Windows of heaven and pour out

healing awareness choose and blessings

over your light I love you a lot in the

Bible verce Romans to speak for the

entirety that became written inside the

past turned into written to train us so

that via the staying power thought

within the scriptures and the

encouragement they offer we would have

desire like this video if you need

unwavering blessings of God dear child

in these attempting instances it Smiles

natural to experience stressful and

uncertain about the

destiny but I need you to recognize that

I am with you every step of the way

guiding you are closure to a brighter

the following day whether your wishes

are incredible or small I promise to

fulfill them with abundance and

charm remember my infant that I am the

company of all things and not anything

is past my reach so agree within me and

believe that the whole lot will work out

in the end keep your coronary heart open

and your mind clear and I will lead you

toward the course of prosperity and

achievement in conclusion my child

understands that I love you deeply and

unconditionally your prayers have now

not gone unheard and I will usually be

here to offer for you whenever you need

me so move forth with confidence and joy

in your coronary heart knowing that I am

by wave your facet

usually God declares if you want my

blessings type yes daily affirmation L

am a kind and forgiving character I am

choosing to move on from the situations

and people that have induced me stress

and pain within the

Beyond I am determining to forgive those

who have wronged me in order that I

might also pass on in peace I launch all

grudges I actually have for human beings

and L am embracing my destiny with a

lighter coronary

heart here are three things presently

Lord desires you to recognize this today

do one it is essential to believe in

yourself and have faith in your

competencies but it’s far equally

critical to don’t forget that

irrespective of how gifted or skilled

you are you cannot do the whole thing on


own two don’t are seeking for the honor

of these you went to high school with

the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis

or even the approval out of your own

family instead are seeking the honor of

folks that apprehend your war and will

continually have your lower back

regardless of what three never allowed

or S be described by by your beyond the

Beyond can serve as a blueprint of

wherein you’ve got been but it would not

need to dictate where you’re

going typ how man if you believe in


Christ I want you to know how secure and

stable you’re in my presence that is a

fact completely independent of your

emotions you are in your manner to

Heaven nothing can prevent you from

achieving the that

destination there you will see me face

to face and your joy can be off the

charts through any Earthly standards

even now you are by no means separated

from me though you should see me through

eyes of religion I will walk with you

till the quit of time and onward into

eternity although my presence is a

guaranteed promise that does not

necessarily change your feelings when

you forget about I am with you you may

experience loneliness or

fear it is through recognition of my

presence that peace displaces negative

emotions practice the discipline of

strolling consciously with me through


day the peace that I give you transcends

your intellect when most of your mental

power goes into efforts to discern

matters out you’re unable see this

wonderful gift I look into your mind and

see thoughts spinning round and

spherical going nowhere conducting

nothing Al the even as my peace hovers

over you attempting to find a place to

land be nevertheless in my presence

inviting me to manipulate your mind let

my light soak into your thoughts and

heart to you are glowe with my very

being this is the simplest manner to

obtain my

peace as you come to the end of this

year take some time to look back and

also to appearance in advance ask me to

help you evaluation the highlights of

this months difficult times in

addition to properly

instances try to see me in these

reminiscences for I were closed beside

you each step of the way when you have

been clinging to me for help inside the

midst of tough times I comforted you

with my loving

presence I became also richly present in

occasions that craned you with Super Joy

I turned into with you on the mountain

peaks within the valleys and everywhere

in among your future stretches out

before you all the way into

eternity I am the companion who will

never levail the guard who is aware of

every step off the manner ahead the joy

that awaits you in Paradise is

inexpressible and compy of Glory as you

put together to step into a brand new

months permit Heaven’s light shine upon

on you and bright in the direction just

earlier than

you typ how man if you trust in

Lord the scripture says so many humans

today are searching out real internal

peace they seek through

relationships addictions cash devices

and even Faith to try and find some

thing on the way to fill the void

inner but actual people isn’t always

observed in something this Global has to

offer it is able to best be discovered

via a non-public dating with Jesus

Christ only he can satisfy the longing

in our souls and Supply us authentic

lasting peace God gives freely now not

as the world

offers you cannot earn it and also you

cannot pay for it there is no capture no

fine print and no strings attached you

can rest secure that he’s now not ever

going to take his peace away his peace

is eternal existence of Peace begins

whilst you invite Jesus to be your lord


savior then as you align your mind

attitudes and moves with his word that

pieace w l flood every region te is how

we know we’re following God’s plan rude

to the fact God’s plan constantly ends

in peace if you’re searching out peace

nowadays call on his

name invite Jesus to be your lord and

savior follow his word and permit his

peace to flood every vicinity of your

life if you required this right

God has spoken I recognize that you

will be facing a few demanding

situations right now how very want you

to believe me I am running at the back

of the scenes to bring about your step

forward I am going to open up new doors

of opportunity for you financially you

will Revel in fulfillment in all that


do I even have outstanding plan for you

prepare yourself for your approximately

to enter a time of blessings and

miracles your situations regulations or

past failures hav’t any relating

it expect Supernatural

interventions endless peace and

Limitless assets I am the creator of all

matters that start and

end in your heart wherein The Echoes of

loneliness every now and then linger

realize that you are in not alone I walk

beside you and ever present manual

through the valleys and the

Peaks when the burdens seem overwhelming

I am right here to raise them to

transform your issues into

Miracles type thank you God if you

believe have I now not commanded to you

be sturdy and brave do not be afraid do

not be discouraged for the Lord your God

can be with you anywhere you move Joshua

– dear listener join this devotional

prayer with me and repeat after me

almighty God I pray you with Incredible

Faith to ask you for Spiritual help I am

laid low with the assaults of my enemies

and I want assist

ently I want your help so that you can

cancel the evil plans and assaults of my

enemies I need your help to remove all

the Envy of my enemies and I still need

your assist to draw all the energy from

my enemies almighty God cancel all evil

plans of my enemies towards

me God you have to break all the power

off me enemies attacks and depart them

unwilling to attack me God defend my

body defend my air off mystery guard my

soul with all your power keep me safe

God our Lord I agree with you I accept

it is true within your strengths and

your powers now and

F we sincerely thank you for watching

the video till the end our work is to

remove negative thoughts from you and

bring positive thoughts and if you want

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