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God says

my beloved children something you really

want is coming I recognize what you need

the following day morning Lam going to

drop you a miracle many excellent things

are at the Manor you will always be

blessed through me so watch this video

till the end of what miracle in your


God’s message spoken by Jesus on the

Mount of Olives serves as an eternal

reminder of the challenges and trials

that Humanity May face

as the disciples inquired about the

signs of his coming and the end of the

age Jesus warned them against deception

and false Messiahs who would mislead

many he foretold of wars famines and


urging his followers not to be alarmed

for these are just the beginning of a

greater process he foretold of wars

famines and earthquakes

urging his followers not to be alarmed

for these are just the beginning of a

greater process

Jesus reveal that persecution and hatred

would befall those who believed in him

leading to betrayal and animosity among

people he cautioned about the rise of

false prophets spreading confusion and

lawlessness which could cause the love

in people’s hearts to grow cold

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Bell icon yet amidst these tumultuous

times Jesus offered a ray of Hope

emphasizing the importance of endurance

those who remained steadfast in faith

love and righteousness Until the End

would find Salvation

furthermore he shared a divine plan

stating that the gospel of his kingdom

would be preached to All Nations the

testimony of this message would reach

the farthest corners of the world

heralding the imminent End of the Age

today these ancient words continue to

resonate guiding us through the

complexities of Life they Inspire us to

stay true to our convictions

spread love and truth and endure through

life’s trials with unwavering Faith may

we heed this Timeless message sharing

the gospels testimony and embracing may

we heed this Timeless message sharing

the gospels testimony and embracing the

hope it offers to whole Nations God

declares type why yes if you want to

experience my peace

but love your enemies do proper and lend

hoping for not anything and go back and

your praise might peace a perm and

you’ll be sons of the most high for is

kind to the unthankful and evil Luke

God is saying

if they don’t appreciate you as you are

keep moving forward they weren’t meant

to be in your life remember you’re a

masterpiece just as God made you keep

shining while you wait for your

circumstances to improve the words you

speak whole great significance even if

you don’t see immediate evidence

continue speaking my word keep in mind

that life and death are in the power of

the tongue Speak Life

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here are five things the Lord wishes you

to recognize and recollect this Monday

one you’re approximately to go into a

powerful new chapt your prayers will be

responded and your advantages will be

expanded two overthinking will kill your

peace pray trust and depart it in God’s

fingers three you are going to make it

it may look dark right now but God is

going to bring you out


God already has a plan to pull you out

of that location you are in don’t you

dare quitterlier than your miracle

five Everything You Touch This Week will

recommend you are stepping into your

exceptional days

type yes if you’ve gotten theft or you


approaching the Throne of our gracious

god with boldness we shall receive his

mercy and find Grace to help us when we

need it most Hebrews for .

my loving child I as a compassionate God

have heard your heartfelt prayer for the

protection of these serving within the

Navy and as First Responders your

concern for their nicely being touches

my Divine heart and I need you to

recognize that I am ever watchful over


I recognize the sacrifices made by way

of these courageous Souls who dedicate

their lives to Shield others they

exemplify braveness selflessness and

Valor and I promise to lend my Divine

safety to protect them from harm

as they embark on their Noble missions I

surround them with a shield of affection

and steerage guiding them through

difficult times and assisting their

efforts to maintain others secure and

their Darkest Hours recognize that I am

their unwavering source of power and

desire type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today when they’re weary I

provide them Solace and after they face

chance I provide them courage their

selfless acts do now not go neglected

and I am proud of every and every

certainly one of them

my toddler you can additionally play a

component in supporting those Heroes

offer your mind prayers and gratitude

for even the smallest gestures maintain

massive electricity together we are able

to create a pressure of compassion that

Embraces the ones in carrier

remember in times of Doubt call upon me

and I shall listen rest assured my

divine presence is always with you and

those will serve may they find comfort

in knowing that they’re never alone for

I am for all time through their facet

safeguarding them as they Shield others

with honor and bravado as God said only

a few loyal people woe stay connected to

this video till the end

for physical training has some value but

godliness holds value for all things

promising benefits for both the present

life and the life to come Timothy to


man if you’re looking for me guidance

grading child embrace your path of faith

without comparing yourself to others

your journey special and tailor just for

you focus on your relationship with your

higher power and your personal growth

seek contentment in the present avoiding

the urge to dwell on the past or future

Embrace today’s grace and live fully in

the moment type Jesus Is Our God if you

if you want miracle and money in your


God assures you I deeply care about your

well-being sometimes it might feel like

I’m not present but rest assured I’m

always by your side I will never leave

you my love for you is constant my dear

child I want to remind you of the

enduring power of faith it forms the

foundation of our relationship the

bridge between your heart and mind faith

is the Assurance of things hoped for and

the conviction of things unseen

when uncertainty Rises trust in me

believe in my promises and stand firm in

the truth of my word with me all things

are possible God says type why yes if

you want my blessings dear listener

listen careful with this message in the

midst of challenges and obstacles there

is hope for a positive shift in your


by staying true to your faith being kind

to others and following the path of

righteousness you are aligning yourself

with Divine blessings God’s intervention

is on the horizon and he is ready to

overcome any hindrance that has held you


your health career and finances are

bought to witness transformation The

Struggle you faced which seemed

insurmountable will be overridden by

God’s grace

he will release you from lack and


propelling you into new levels of

prosperity and abundance the final word

in your life is that you will become a

lender and not a borrower Rising above

any circumstances that once held you


regardless of your past be it a

difficult upbringing or battling

personal challenges the final word from

God is freedom wholeness abundance and


he will break the Yokes that bound you

allowing you to step into the fullness

of who you were created to beat hold on

to faith for the promise of

transformation and restoration is Within


type y yes if you want to experience my

peace the pain you’ve endured is finally

reaching its end the windows of Heaven

are opening wide ready to pour out all

the things you’ve been patiently waiting

and praying for expect blessings of love

prosperity healing and new opportunities

to come your way

God is saying get ready for a

significant shift that will lead you

towards your destiny blessings are on

their way a double portion of blessings

and favor in your life

despite the trials tribulations hard

ticks and setbacks you may have endured

there’s a special blessing waiting for

you today marks a significant

breakthrough in your life any losses and

delays you’ve experienced will be

overcome by the empowering presence of

Jesus anticipate sudden phone calls good

news and blessings coming your way

starting right now in Jesus name if you

agree God’s word and plan then type amen

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