🛑God Message For You Today 🙏🙏 | Jesus Is Watching Right Now

God says next minutes is going to be

very important for your life my child I

have given you precious life and I know

you are hell worried about your life at

this time I promise to watch it till the

last and your despair will turn into

hope again

dearest child of mine from the beginning

of Joseph’s Adventure I saw what could

happen I knew that a global famine might

hit I turned into no longer simply

looking at the pain of what one man

could need to walk fire however what the

final results of his path might produce

remember my son’s tale only man suffer

so the sector may be stored at test the

proper moment through strategic lengthy

term positioning I lifted Joseph up and

set him precisely within the right place

at precisely the right time to rescue

Millions from starvation

if you are feeling positive then like

the video this included having the

hazard to keep his own family the very

ones who betrayed him the ones who had

him and have been going to kill him then

the plot twist passed off Joseph become

given the position of second in command

over Al of Egypt all of a sudden he had

the electricity

he had cash he had Authority and what do

you understand the brothers needed to

assist they did not recognize Joseph

when they got here before Pharaoh’s

second in command to invite for food

they desperately needed to keep their

households alive

remember I made Joseph to attend I in no

way took the situations far from him

because I had a plan whenever I allow

something to manifest without a plan I

will never do whatever in your existence

you may be going through a few

conditions which you could understand or

might not understand why it is occurring

but permit men form you there is

nevertheless greater blessing and

advance of you is like what that but

Joseph’s existence so don’t lose your

religion by way of seeing you scenario

so trust in me move on Via trusting me

and with the aid of knowing who I am

always consider I am your God I actually

have a plan for you God says type on man

if you’re looking for my guidance

and bible verse Psalms for

says those who are righteous cry out and

the Lord listens he rescues them from

all their troubles the Lord is nearer to

the Brokenhearted and saves those who

are crushed in spirit

let’s pray dear Lord we’re grateful for

reaching me please guard our family and

friends in this month protect and watch

over us showering blessings health and

strength erase worry fear stress and

doubt from our hearts and tough times

help us trust you fully not relying on

our understanding dot thank you for

listening in Jesus name amen type Palm

man if you have faith in God till this

seven Bible verses loudly tochi

something great the Lord will now not

reject his people he will no longer

abandon his special ownership Psalm

he will pay attention to the prayers

of the destitute he will no longer

reject their pleas Psalm to even

if my mom and dad abandon me the Lord

will keep me close Psalm to . give

all your worries and cares to God for

hackers approximately you Peter to

. and don’t be frightened of the people

for he could be with you and could

protect you either Lord have a spoken

Jeremiah –

so don’t be afraid you’re more precious

to God than an entire flock of sparrows

Matthew . if the sector hates you

don’t forget that it had him first John

. type yes if you agree and share

this video with seven people who trust


God declares I recognize your physically

and emotionally drained however I need

to preserve going by I see you via

you’re going to make it you and your own

family could be just Pleasant just stand

and permit me fight this struggle it’s

possible that today you might not feel

capable of moving ahead of battling

illness or of raising your children keep

in mind that in moments of weakness he

provides strength I have faith that at

this moment God is infusing you with

unique strength I have faith that at

this moment God is infusing you with

unique strength the eviness that has

burdened you’s lifting this marks a

pivotal moment God is renewing you with

Newfound determination and free shot

look you will have the energy to run

without weariness and walk without

faltering type if you agree

today belongs to you a Divine Miracle

Bears your name a breakthrough Taylor Ed

for your situation awaits if you could

Glimpse to concealed workings you’d

celebrate and praise God knowing what’s

to come the Lord’s Supernatural

intervention is underway in your life

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end listen

carefully many individuals possess

undisclosed secrets from their past or

present leading to feelings of regret

and guilt they often struggle to manage

these issues carrying a heavy emotional

burden boot to a lack of knowledge on

how to cope

fear of potential betrayal gossip

manipulation belittlement or blackmail

as well as doubts about receiving

forgiveness contribute to their

reluctance to confide in others however

there is comforting news

despite being aware of our innermost

thoughts struggles and conceal

wrongdoings the Lord remains ready with

open arms filled with love he offers

acceptance forgiveness and the removal

of the weight of guilt and shame if we

choose to approach him the purpose

behind Jesus crucifixion was to Bear the

weight of our transgressions granting us

Liberation from sin and a life filled

with abundant Joy enter

if you agree

God claims trust in me with all your

heart don’t learn your own information

and each aspect of your life renowned me

and I will manual your path remember the

instances I visible you through before

the ones weren’t coincidences I’m the

identical God’s day past today and all

the time your anxieties and doubts are

not too large for me lean into my love

Rest in Me Grace and watch as I work

matters out in methods you could not

consider you’re now not on my own I am

right here with you and I am devoted

trust me for my guarantees never fail

type thank you God if you receive it you

may have things coming toward you now

and you do not see how you may hold

going you could live where worried

disillusion however God is pronouncing

to you today I’m going to carry you I

have you ever closed my coronary heart

he knows what you are going via the

struggles the lonely night and the

unfair situations you’re approximately

to Sensei electricity that you’ve by no

means felt peace while you will be

pressured and prefer in order to make

things happen that you couldn’t make

take place

you’re going to appear back and assume

how did I make it through that it

changed into God maintaining you God is

about to bring you out on the Eagles

Wings you’re no longer going to Simply

make it through you’re going to bounce

to stages you have never dreamed

comment amen if you receive today’s

words God has spoken l-a-m solving the

broken pieces on your existence get

ready for restoration dear no longer

alumni in this conflict I am with you

and I will by no means go away you keep

combating weeping may bear for a night

but Joe comes within the morning

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me dear Jesus thank you

for giving me a place to show

irrespective of where I am or what I

face thank you for being trustworthy

father you can’t lie in that alone gives

me an Indescribable feeling of Peace

within your word you remind us again and

again of your love for us and your power

that works on our behalf I picked to

dangle the one’s truths nowadays Lord I

choose to give up my control and accept

it as true within you I will hold my

thoughts on you on my own and Alternate

my tension for your peace the peace that

surpasses all know-how and guards my

coronary heart Lord you are my

electricity and my guard you are my

source of wish and with you my desire at

your will overflow I realize that even

inside the darkest of conditions you’ll

make all things new you will redeem and

renew what is broken and in which things

seem hopefully you will provide new

Lifestyles thank you for going with me

into every Warfare for celebrating in my

joy and comforting me in my distress

Jesus I praise you love yet and Believe

In You In Jesus call I pray amen

type thank you Father if you believe May

Lord Jesus bless you all today your life

will uplift mentally spiritually

financially may you get success remember

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