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Lord is telling you right now my darling

child today God is telling you right now

I can see you I can pay attention you

you may additionally now not see me but

I am GIF I’ve listened on your cries and

I’ve accumulated all of your tears they

aren’t in vain be courageous and

consider me the ache won’t move away

immediately but I promise you I will

constantly be there to assist you

through the recovery system you are

stunning and you’re cherished you should

by no means neglect this in the Bible

verses Matthew the always says

therefore cross and Make Disciples of

all countries baptizing them inside the

name of the father and of the son and of

the Holy spirit and coaching them to

obey everything I actually have

commanded you if you believe in Lord

then you should like this

video my kids your plea for the

utilization of the gifts and talents

bestowed upon you for my glory and

provider reaches my Divine ears fear not

for I actually have indeed heard your

fervent prayer and and stand ready to

guide you in making use of those


endowments you are a vessel of awesome

competencies crafted via my Divine H for

a cause extra than you could fathom your

abilities are not random occurrences

however planned advantages intended to

polish brightly and service of my more

plan trust within the direction I

actually have laid before you

for it is intertwined with opportunities

where your presence can be unveiled and

used for the glorification of my call

whether it’s through your Artistry

intellect Compassion or any other

ability set I shall Infuse them with

cause and

importance my child understand that the

usage of your presence for my glory does

not require Grand gesture on my own it’s

inside the small acts of kindness the

moments of empathy the phrases of

encouragement each instance where you

permit the mild of your abilities shine

magnifying the essence of my grace God

declares if you want my blessings right

yes affirm money flows without problems

to me I am a money magnet every dollar I

spend Comes to Me multiplier I am in

Concord with the energy of cash I am

power money is strength money

continually reveals its manner to me I

am aligned with the energy of wealth and

abundance the extra cash I spend the

extra money I actually have and receive

I am thankful for money because it gives

me what I need

each day I attract and save greater and

more money I am open to money coming to

me from resources I never

imagined money continually Finds Its

manner to me I love cash and could not

surrender till La am surrounded with the

aid of all that I deserve every day I am

becoming richer and richer to confirm

type I am pleased

sweet kids stop judging and comparing

yourself for this isn’t your position

above all stop evaluating yourself with

different people this produces feelings

of pleasure or inferiority n and again

aggregate of both I lead each of my kids

along side a rout this is uniquely

tailor made for him or her compared

Shing isn’t handiest wrong it is also

meaningless don’t look for confirmation

in the incorrect

locations your very own evaluations or

the ones of other people the most

effective supply of actual affirmation

is my unconditional love many Believers

perceive me as an unpleasant judge

angrily looking for their faults and

disasters nothing may be further from

the fact I died for your sins in order

that I might clothe you in my garment


salvation this is how I see you radiant

in my gown of righteousness when I

discipline you it’s far in no way in

anger or

disgust it smiles to prepare you for

face to face fellowship with me during

all eternity immerse yourself in my

loving presence be receptive to my

affirmation which flows continually from

the throne of grace I want you to trust

me enough to loosen up and enjoy my

presence I did no longer design you to

stay in a state of hypervigilance

feeling and Performing as in case you

are constantly in the midst of an

emergency your body is wonderfully

crafted to tools up while necessary and

then to tools down while the disaster is

over but because you live in any such

damaged world you locate it difficult to

allow down your guard and loosen up I

want you to keep in mind that I am with

you all the time and that I am totally

worthy of your self assurance pour out

your heart to me committing all the

things which might be troubling you into

my sovereign care the greater you lean

on me the greater completely you may

Revel in my presence as you loosen up in

my restoration light I shine peace into

your thoughts and coronary heart your

consciousness of my presence with you

grows stronger and my unfailing love

soaks into your inner being trust in me

cherished with all all of your heart and

mind right I trust the divine plan to

agree rest in me my child forgetting

about the worries of the Arena focus on

me Emanuel and let my living presence

envelop you in peace tune into my

eternal security for I am the equal the

day gone by today and for all time if

you live on the floor of existence

fire specializing in Ever Changing

phenomena you’ll discover yourself

echoing the phrases of Solomon

meaningless meaningless everything is

meaningless living in collaboration with

me is the manner when still meaning into

your days begin each day on my own with

me so you can experience the fact of my

presence as you spend time with me the

way before you opens up grade by grade

rise from the Stillness of our communion

and step by step start your adventure by

the day hold my hand and plan dependence

on me and I will easy out the path

earlier than you if you are prepared

write yes and send this video to eight

believes in Jesus listen up the handiest

manner to stay on rooted to choose to

stay on root you will must make this

preference every hour of every day or

you will drift there are million

matters with a purpose to come your

manner to try to derail you distract you

disillusion you disappoint you or demean

you may need to determine to no longer

allow them to sabotage your future you

will need to fight the best combat of

Faith to fulfill your cause you will

ought to walk via faith and now not

through sight to get to wherein God is

taking you you will ought to preserve

directly to the promises of God whilst

you’re being bombarded by using the lies

of the enemy you will need to consider

God when you can’t hint him you will

have to agree with God while you want to

succumb to the information of your

occasions this journey is not for the

faint of heart you will must be robust

and very brave but worry now not on your

God is with you comment the Lord is

beside me trust in the Lord with all of

your heart and lean not in your personal

expertise and all of your approaches put

up to him and he’ll make your paths

directly Proverbs

– dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together and speak oh heavenly

father I bow my head and heart before

you I praise you to your Everlasting

Love and goodness you are patient and

your mercy is

Everlasting I understand that I make

errors as I try and live for you and but

you lovingly display me wherein I want

to grow thank you for extending

forgiveness after I ask God I am sorry

that my prayer existence has

occasionally been

one-sided please forgive me for now not

listening closely I confess that I want

to do higher and I ask you to help me

God I come to you with prayer request

quest for myself my family and my

buddies I ask you to hold everybody

secure and whome as I quiet my thoughts

now train me to pay attention your voice

sometimes I permit the hustle and bustle

of Lifestyles or the noise of the enemy

take my attention away from you and your

word I pray would you help me to pay

attention you more really when I listen

you talk I am comforted Dan lifted Speak

Lord I open my coronary heart to best

you like a sheep I need my shepherd as I

examine your word today let your words

feed me calm me and shed light on my

path I surrender in your will in jesus’

name I pray amen thank you for your

unwavering support our goal is to to

improve your life and develop devotion

towards God and if you want to show your

support you can donate to us through

super thanks

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