🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| I Humbly Want Your 2 Minutes…‼️

in this present moment God is saying to

you today creating my beloved child I am

opening a door for you that no guy can

shut doors of effect doorways of

opportunities doors to new worthwhile

relationships when the door opens it

will be clear and

obtrusive you will recognize for your

coronary heart that it is supposed T you

to walk through through it just keep

shifting forward and know that no Satan

in Hell or enemy that walks this Earth

may be capable of prevent you if you

have faith and Lord please like and

share this most critical

video in the Bible verses Peter to

always says to this you had been

referred to as because Christ suffered

for you leaving you an instance which

you have to observe in his

steps my little kids trust within the

path ahead for I Am with You guiding and

nurturing your adventure know that the

trials you face are part of your

increase shaping your resilience and

strengthening your spirit your consider

in my provision does not cross unnoticed

I see your religion and I am running

tirelessly to show up benefits in your

existence remember abundance isn’t

always merely measured in material

wealth but also in the richness of

Stories the warmth of

relationships and the depth of your man

or woman open your heart to gratitude

for what you’ve got as this opens the

floodgates for even extra benefits to

pour in I inspire you to continue your

efforts for religion without motion is

like a choke without wings work

diligently remain steadfast and permit

your moves align together with your

prayers seek possibilities so seeds of

kindness and Trust inside the Divine

timing of all things in moments of

uncertainty find solace in prayer and

meditation let peace fill your coronary

heart understanding that I am

orchestrating a beautiful tapestry of

abundance for you your wishes might be

met in ways unexpected consider in

miracles for they are just round the

Nook God says share this video and bless

others I am leading you step by step via

your line Styles hold my hand and

trusting dependence permit me guide you

through these days your destiny looks

uncertain and feels flims even and

precarious that is how it ought to be

secret things belong to the Lord and

future matters are mystery things when

you try and figure out the destiny you

are greedy at matters which are mind

this like any forms of worry is an act

of Rebel dotting my promises to care for

you whenever you find yourself worrying

about the future repent and return to me

I will show you the next Leap Forward

and the one after that and the one after

that relax and experience a adventure in

my presence trusting me to open up the

manner earlier than you as you go

be on guard and opposition to the pit of

self-pity when you’re weary or ill this

demonic trap is the greatest threat you

face don’t even pass close to the

threshold of the pit its Hedges

disintegrate without difficulty and

earlier than you understand it you are

at the way down it is ever so much more

difficult to get out of the pit than to

preserve a secure dist

from it that is why I inform you to be

on guard there are numerous methods to

defend yourself from self-pity when

you’re excited about praising and

thanking me it Smiles not possible to

feel sorry for yourself also the nearer

you live to me the greater distance

there may be between you and the pit

live in the light of my presence through

fixing your eyes on me then you will be

capable of run the staying power the

race that is set before you without

stumbling or

falling if you’re prepared write yes and

send this video to nine belev in God

seek my face and you’ll discover all

that you have longed for the private

yearnings of your coronary heart are for

intimacy with me I recognize due to the

fact I designed you to desire me do you

no longer sense guilty about taking time

to be nevertheless in my

presence you are in reality responding

to the tugs of divinity inside you I

made you in my photograph and I

concealed heaven in your coronary heart

your yearning for me is a form of

homesickness craving for your proper

domestic in heaven do no longer be

afraid to be distinctive from different

humans the root I even have known as you

tutour is extra surely right for you the

more closely you comply with my main the

more absolutely I can develop your

gifts to comply with me wholeheartedly

you ought to relinquish your desire to

please other people however your

closeness to me will bless others with

the aid of Permitting you to shine

brightly on this dark

International type I love you father

listen carefully often times God will

use our stories in life is stepping

stones to prepare us for what he has in

shop subsequent scripture tells us that

he’ll even take the things the enemy

tries to carry an opposition to us us

and turn them around and use them for

our good he is continually main us on

adventure of coaching that’s why it’s so

crucial to preserve our eyes focused on

him we must believe that when we are

submitted to him although we do not

recognize he is ordering our

steps if something is not occurring to

your timetable remind yourself God is aw

what he is doing he has my quality

interest at coronary heart God is

preparing me while you are ready do not

make the mistake of seeking to parot the

whole thing out if you’re continuously

seeking to discern things out that will

simplest frustrate you turn it over to

God declare God my instances are in your

palms I’m now not going to worry because

I’ll accept as true with that you are

leading me Adventure of instruction for

all the topnotch and advantages you

haven’t saved for me typa man if you

believe in

Christianity God is saying get ready to

grin again you aren’t on my own in this

let me assist you my angles are with you

trust me I I have extremely good plans

for you plans to prosper you and give

you a hope and a Destiny the pleasant is

yet to come it’s okay to be nervous at

tances I love you and remember that I am

always right here that will help you I’m

usually here to manual you I understand

you’re worried approximately the destiny

you worry approximately what what you

don’t know don’t permit your mind wander

aimlessly anymore rest on this fact I go

earlier than you so there may be no need

to worry approximately your destiny due

to the fact I have the entirety in my

fingers just permit pass and agree with

me God is sending rain from Heaven

prepare for a downpour of advantages you

will acquire the entirety you’ve got

been waiting and praying for this is

some time and

season type in if you

believe where there’s no guidance a

human beings Falls but in an abundance

of counselors there’s protection


dear listeners join me in prayer

and speak loudly heavenly father I

command earlier than you in prayer

believing that after I bow my head you

hear me you are the author of all

matters and you created me with a Divine

Purpose the plans you have for my

destiny are good thank you in your

loving kindness please forgive me for

whatever may also have stated or carried

out that did now not bring glory and

honor to you also for forgive me for

sins of omission once I must have done

or said something but permit fear or

pride get the first class of me as a

substitute I confess and repent would

you please make stronger me and help me

to do better God when things trade or

something doesn’t move as deliberate it

Smiles no wonder to you doe to the fact

you are unknowing and you re recognize

the end from the start I understand that

things have to alternate in order that I


evolve I ask you to help me be more open

to trade please help me face any fear

that arises through reminding me that I

do no longer come upon Whatever by

myself let your angels pass earlier than

me and at Thy word let them open the

doors you have for me and assist me now

not to be afraid to stroll through them

as I allow different doors to shut I

want to move forward with you and I ask

that you please help me do so

amen if you are still with me thank you

our mission is to elevate your life to a

new level of progress and

satisfaction and don’t forget that you

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super thanks

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