🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| God Is About To Give You A Victory..‼️| God Says

God is saying to you

today my precious child what need to be

the reason of your

existence why did I choose you for it

and how to perform it via your

Lifestyles I deliberate approximately

these earlier than I formed you it

doesn’t rely what happened or is going

on to your life it does not matter what

route you’re going you will come to the

vicinity where a want you to come best

instance is all he was recognized for

hating and persecuting

Christians but there was the plot twist

he became Apostle Paul that manner I

will accomplish me motive on your

existence I recognize how to make it

take place in the Bible verses Romans

to five always hope does not position us

to shame because God love has been

poured out into our hearts through the

Holy Spirit who has been given to us if

you desire Miracles watch this graceful

video through to the

end my dearest soon I care about your

well-being and safety you are not by

myself in this disaster for I am your

effective father and your trustworthy

protector I have heard heard your prayer

for the potential to find Hope and

reason in times of natural disasters or

environmental challenges and I actually

have no longer forsaken you I have

created you with a unique project and

vision and I will equip you and Empower

you to meet it I will by no means go

away you nor forsake you and I will

provide you with the peace and the

information to triumph over this

situation you are valuable and treasured

to me and I love you more than you can

consider you are my toddler and nothing

can separate you from my love you have a

desire and a Destiny and I will work all

matters together to your proper do no

longer be afraid for I am with you do

not be dismayed for I am dear God I will

fortify you and assist you I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand trust

in me with all of your coronary heart

and lean now not on your very own

information and all your approaches

acknowledge me and I will make your


immediately God Proclaim bless someone’s

Day by sharing this faithful video

affirm I am wealthy my Lifestyles is

full of abundance in all forms I usually

have more than sufficient I acquire

exactly what I want after I want it the

world is full of abundance and I appeal

to what choice into my life with these I

am continually within the per area at

the right time everything constantly

works out for me in the long run my

little kids I am the Risen one who

shines upon yahs you worship a residing

deity not some idolatrous man-made

photograph your courting with me is

supposed to be colorful and difficult as

I invade more and greater regions of


Lifestyles do no longer worry alternate

for I am making you a brand new creation

with antique matters passing away and

new matters continually at the Horizon

when you dangle to old ways and sess you

face up to my paintings within you I

need you to embrace all that I am doing

to your Lifestyles finding your

protection in Me by myself it is

straightforward to make an idol of

routine finding security inside the

boundaries you build around your

existence although every day contains

hours each single one gives a unique set

of circumstances don’t try to force fit

today into the day past M do instead ask

me to open your eyes so you can locate

all I actually have organized for you on

this F valuable day of life I am your

strength and field I plan out each day

and feature it prepared for you before

you Rise Up from mattress I additionally

offer the strengths you need every step

of the way instead of assassin our power

degree and wondering about what is on

the street ahead give attention to

staying in contact with me my power

flows freely into you via our open

conversation refuse to waste energy

disturbing and you’ll have strength to

spare whenever you begin to feel afraid

keep in mind that I am your Shield but

unlike inanimate armor I am constantly

alert and energetic my presence watches

over constantly protecting you from each

recognized hen and unknown

risks entr trust yourself to my watch

care which is the highquality security

system to be had I am with you and could

watch over you anywhere you go type how

man if you accept God

blessings the Divine scripture tells no

matter what may be taking place around

you these days you can nevertheless stay

in peace scripture encourages us now not

to allow our hearts be anxious in

different phrases do not meditate on all

of the bad matters on This Global to the

factor that it steals your peace if you

have worry worry or anxiety


whatever recognize that those emotions

aren’t from God due to the fact he has

promised to give you a spirit of

electricity love and a legitimate mind

there is Incredible strength and peace

when you are at peace internally you may

assume extra

virtually you can listen the voice of

God more effortlessly you’ll make higher

selections even your physical B responds

to peace the enemy knows this and his

aim is to scuss borrow your peace

he tries to set you as much as get you

to satisfy but whilst you pick to get

hold of God’s peace and no weapon formed

against you shall prosper typ he ask if

you believe in God and share this video

with people who trust

Lord God has spoken so many advantages

are about to come into your life due to

the fact you believed for goodbye you by

no means gave up you remain

faithful your determination ardor and

staying power helped you hold doing keep

trusting me it’s all approximately to


sense this world is packed with

disappointment pain and coronary heart

but it is also filled with joy wonders

and Beauty turn maximum of your

connection to the goodness that this

International has to offer and use the

pain of This Global for your benefit

allow it to help you

grow unexpected budget will arrive at

your private home these days also ass

sign a my unwavering guard for you a new

period of Liberty prosperity and

abundance is ready to begin for you a

new segment has has arrived and the hard

instances are coming to inquit I’ll take

extraordinary care of you and hold you

steady in unique

ways comment Lord is stand with

me news approximately him spread

throughout Syria and those delivered to

him all who had been ill with numerous

onuses the on suffering excessive ache

the demon possessed

the ones having seizures and the

paralyzed and he healed them Matthew for

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together and speak loudly oh heavenly

father as I bow my head and heart in

prayer I begin by using praising you you

are first St in all your

approaches you are loving type and

patient yet you’re robust and robust

there is none like you and there’s

nothing that I may want to ask you that

you cannot do father forgive me for any

sins that I even have

committed I need my life to convey honor

to your call but in spite of my nice

efforts from time to time I fall short

and pass over the mark please hear my

heart’s cry forgive me as I also

willingly forgive others as your baby

you do not want me to be involved

annoying or overwhelmed by way of any of


circumstances sometimes the enemy

attempts to distract me with the aid of

sending doubt condemnation and worry the

enemy wants to cause me to worry in

preference to pray but here I am father

with my head bowed I ask that you assist

Comm each worry that is attempting to

rise please fight all of my battles

Lord Whatever May Come allow your Holy

Spirit bring scriptures to my

remembrance as I discover ways to stand

on your word and Faith please display me

a way to keep on V each test and trial

thank you for listening to me when I

pray I’m I praise you earlier and claim

that no weapon shaped in opposition to

me shall prosper thank you for going

behind me before me and for living in my

coronary heart I need to stay consistent

with your will and thanks for helping me

on my adventure I realize that you

constantly hold to assist me as I

Surrender my will to yours I ask this

prayer within the call of Jesus

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